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In Mishti’s room

Mishti comes out of bathroom after she finishes bathing. She gets shocked seeing Shashnak’s reflection in the mirror and turns behind.

“ Shashank , what are u doing here?”

“ Listen , I want to speak with u.”

“ But I have nothing to speak with u. So leave Mr.Shashank Srinivasan or else I will shout , then everyone will come here, then u know what will happen. ”

She is about to shout but her mouth gets cupped by Shashank’s palms. They share an eye lock.

“ Don’t think only my image will be ruined if everyone sees us together. Even yours will get ruined. Don’t forget you are Aryan’s bride.”

He slowly removes his palms from her lips.

“ I …. I came here to ask u a question? I have an answer but I wanna confirm it.”

“ what?”

“ Did u agree to marry Aryan bcoz of your family pressure?”

Mishti gets tears in her eyes. She  reminisces their moments and how she helplessly agreed to Pallavi  but gets angry on Shashank for not listening to her on that day. Shashank looks at her hopefully for reply  “ YES”.She replies.

“ NO…I agreed to marry Aryan at my own will.”

Shashank gets teary eyed.

“ okay, then…. I will leave, Ms.Mishti Kohli.”

“ yeah u should, Mr.Shashank Srinivasan.”

Tears starts rolling from both their eyes. He opens the door and turns back to look at her but Mishti turns back as she doesn’t want him to know that she is crying. Shashank speaks in mind.

” I know u lied Mishti. But I don’t want to force u. Bcoz of my stupidity I had hurt u once and I don’t want to do that again, so I didn’t ask u once again. I just hope u will be happy with whatever decision u have made.”Shashank leaves.

As soon as he leaves Mishti turns towards the door and breaks down. She starts crying bitterly.

“ why? Why did u this to me? I said that I agreed to marry Aryan at my own will and u believed it , Shashank? How could u be so stupid? You twit, I always loved u, and even now I love u and I will always do. I just wanted to test u ? I wanted to test what u will believe? And as always, u belived what u saw and heard. I sour so weak?”

Someone listens to her talk.

On the road

Ranbhir and Aryan are driving to the office.

” Aryan, why are we going to the office? we should search for Prachi and Shahana?”

” I know bro, but Arya di said that she will help us. So we are going to office to pick her up.”

” oh… what? Really she is gonna help us?”

” Yes, dude, how sweet, right? ”

“yes , u are right. Though she is not our family member she wants to help us. And she is little similat to Prachi and chieftess, so probably she can easily convince them to return.”

” I hope so and Ranbhir, I forgot to  tell u, mom and Rhea are the only one’s who doesn’t know the truth and until we find Prachi and Shahana we are not gonna reveal the truth to them. Mom will definitely help Rhea, so we can’t even tell to mu mother.”

” Okay , I just hop we find them soon.”

” Me too.”

In Purab’s cabin

Kiara is shocked to know that Sunny is Purab’s son. She thought Aryan is the only son of Purab. Sunny’s anger gets increased on seeing Kiara as she has listened to their entire conversation.

” Did u listen everything? “He drags  her and pins her to the wall. Kiara gets hurt and cries in pain but Sunny doesn’t care.” Shut up,I am warning u, if u tell whatever u heard to anyone, then that will be the last time people will listen to your conversation as u will not be anymore.”

Kiara gets terrified by whis warning and Purab also gets shocked listening to Sunny. Sunny leaves from there angrily. Aryan reaches office. Sunny also comes out of office. As Aryan enters, Sunny leaves.

In Ishaan’s room

A tensed Ishaan is walking from one end to the other. He thinks.

“ What am I supposed to do now. I am already embarrassed about the kiss and now one more problem. No.. I am not embarrassed about that kiss, it is just that I am confused. I mean I am just confused. I always wanted to get married to Abhigya, then… what is wrong with me? ”

Shashank while  passing by his room notices Ishaan tensed. He knocks to come in. Ishaan gets surprised as seeing a gatecrasher knocking for the permission to come in.

“What happened, Shashank? Did sun rise in the west today?”

“ what?”

“ I mean u are knocking to come in. so…”

“ shut up bro, I saw u worried so I came to hep u but u seem to be fine, infact u are mocking me so I am leaving.”

Ishaan remembers about his confusion. He stops Shashank who was leaving.

“ Stop, yeah u are right, Shashank, I am confused about something. I have done something which I have never done before.”

“ it’s alright. Mistakes happen in business. And I know u Mr. Perfectionist would have felt very bad about it…. ”

“ shut up, it’s not about business.”

“ oh.. nowadays my brother has time for things other than business…. Oh… I could I forget u and Abhigya? Well, how is it going on? Any progress?”

“ well, I think I and Abhigya… we don’t stand a chance. It’s not gonna workout for us.”

“ oh.. that’s bad. So when u finalized that it’s not gonna work out, then why are u so worried?”

“ well…. It’s …okay , fine, how will we know we love someone? I thought I liked someone but I did it with someone else?”

“ what? U did it? Oh my god, what will dad think that his elder son who is very naïve has turned to a hot seductive…..”. shashank sees a deadly look look on Ishaan’s face so he stops teasing him.

“ ok, I will be serious. I don’t know what u are speaking about but I clearly understood that u don’t want to reveal everything to me until u get clear, so I am not going to force u. Bro, always remember one thing. Decisions made by mind are safe and they might be true, but decisions made by heart are facts, whatever u do, u can’t run away from facts. And accepting facts will lead us to true happiness. So I suggest u to follow your heart, don’t listen to anyone. Just question yourself? Your heart? U will get all your answers. This is the lesson I have learnt form my life so I am giving u a suggestion.” Someone sneakily listens to the conversation.

Saying this Shashank leaves from Ishaan’s room who is still trying to comprehend Shashank’s words.

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