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Its all that only Ishangre’s marriage and haldi is left. All the the other things are completed. I skipped because I didn’t want to make it boring.

Episode starts…..
Everyone was getting ready haldi in their respective rooms. In Riansh’s room; Riddhima came out of the bathroom and saw Vansh. He was looking very handsome. Vansh was also looking at Riddhima and didn’t even blinked.
Riddhima (smiled): How I am looking?
Vansh: The most beautiful woman I have ever met.
Riddhima blushed and went near him. Vansh grabbed her by her waist. They were about to kiss but alas! Siya again!.
Siya flash.opened the door and saw them in the weird position.
Siya: Oops! Sorry! I will come later.
Vansh: No siya.
Riddhima: Any thing you want?
Siya: Yes Bhabhi. I wanted a green duppatta.
Riddhima: I have at. Let me take it out
Vansh saw that Riddhima was busy again, so he went out of the room. Vansh(thinking): Not again, next time I will make sure to lock the room.
All of them were downstairs. Applying haldi to Angre and Ishani. They both were very happy. Aryan had decided to kill Riddhima today only. He had planned everything. The Rai Singhanias had a family time. Everyone was applying haldi to each other. It was a great moment. Vansh washed his face and came back.
Vansh: Oho, stop now. Go get changed. We have to do lunch.
Everyone rushed to their rooms. Vansh held Riddhima’s hand. She was really shy. But didn’t stop him. He took her hairline behind the ears. And the haldi got in Riddhima’s eyes.
Riddhima: Ouch!
Vansh: Are you ok?
Riddhima (irritated): No, I am not. You should have washed your hands too.
Vansh became angry( short tempered as he is 😑) and left. Riddhima also rushed to her room. Her eyes became red. She washed her eyes and came back. When she went out of the room. Someone grabbed her by her mouth. The next moment Riddhima wanted to shout, but she fainted. The man was wearing a Blue hoodie(black,red se pak gye😂).
Scene changes to a dark room
Riddhima came back to senses. She was tied to a chair and her mouth was tied by a cloth. She wanted to shout but she couldn’t. She didn’t know where she was. Riddhima was scared and wanted to go back.

Author’s POV
Riddhima has never been between guns, rivalries or something. She always had a simple life. It was obvious for her to be scared.
VR Mansion
Everyone in the house was looking for Riddhima. Vansh was very tensed. He himself looked the whole house but didn’t find her. Vansh gets a call.
Vansh: Hello?
On the other line: Vansh! Vansh please save me.
Vansh: Riddhima! Riddhima where are you. Tell me I am coming.
Vansh indicated Angre to track the location, but before he could the call was declined. The crying and scared voice of Riddhima made him more tensed. He had to find Riddhima as soon as possible. He got a message. On his phone. ‘15 mins, 10 crores at your gate’. Vansh was very angry. He threw his phone on the floor.
Angre: Boss? Who is it?

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