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Falling for my so-called sister (RiAnsh Love Saga) Episode 6

(Recap : Vansh gets to know that he’s not the child of RaiSinghania’s, he’s sad but Riddhima consoles him) 

Episode starts with..,

In the evening : 

Deep : Vansh, what is your final decision?

Vansh : Dad, I would stay here but won’t use Rai Singhania’s surname..

Tara : Why are you saying this? You are our child..

Vansh : M…

Deep : No Vanshh..You are Vansh Rai Singhania..the great Vansh Rai Singhania, everyone in our family doesn’t get this name..Like, my brother didn’t, the intelligent and workaholic people get this name..

Riddhima : But dad, I don’t think Arohi mom is a workaholic or intelligent..

They all giggle while Arohi pulls her ears.

Riddhima : AA momm..

Arohi : Well, this way you are also no..

Riddhima : You all think I’m a fool, idiot? I’m crazy? Ainnnnnn..

Arohi : No, my child! 

Riddhima smiles. 

Deep : Now, can we continue??

Riddhima : Yaa sure!! 

They all chuckle. 

Deep : Where was I?

Riddhima : That Riddhima is the most workaholic and intelligent person in the whole world..

They all again start giggling. 

Deep: Riddhu! Stop itt…

Riddhima : What? Fan? AC? 

Deep : Ughhh…Arohi, what did you do in the morning before delivering her..

Arohi : Saw a circus..

Deep starts laughing while Riddhima gets angry and leaves for the garden. 

In the garden : 

Riddhima : Hh..What they all think of themselves? I’ll prove them , I’m not a joker, not a crazy, not a fool, not an idiot..I’ll prove it..I’m not talking to them, now you see what I’ll do..

She says making a face. 

In the night : 

Everyone is on the dining table waiting for Riddhima.

Tara: Riddhima..Ridh..

Riddhima (shouts) : I’m busy, will eat later on..

They all are shocked by the statement, quickly reach her room. 

Riddhima : What happened now?

They all remain stunned seeing her engaged with 7-8 books..

Vansh : Yo..u a..re s..tudying?

Riddhima : Is it a crime? 

She said in a serious voice. 

Deep : Let’s go, if she wants to study let her be..

They all leave for the dining table. 

Riddhima : Now, I’ll become a serious person..

A joke book falls from one thick book. 

Riddhima : From tomorrow..

She chuckles and starts reading her joke book. 

On the dining table : 

Deep : Arohi, make a check on Riddhima at several intervals..Something suspicious..

Arohi : OK Deep..

Vansh : Dad, maybe she’s changing..

Deep : I know her very well, she and change? Com’on Vansh..

They all have dinner and went to sleep. 

Precap : Riddhima’s changing behaviour….ignoring all…..meeting a new friend….jealousy…

That’s all I could give you today..I’m recovering and trying my best to update..Hope y’ll keep supporting me..From tomorrow, no delays..And apologizing for the all delays…And now the story will start on it’s main plot , the title..Stay tuned!! Thank you so much!


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