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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-8)


In Club-


Girl- Some great personality had said “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” 

Vansh- Then to what should I call you Darling, baby, Sweetheart!!

Girl- No…No… They’re too cheesy

Vansh- Tell me your name only then

Girl- Riddhima…… So Mr. Vansh tell me something about you?

Vansh- Mr. Vansh…. You can call me just Vansh

Riddhima- Ok Vansh… Now tell

They talk for a while

Meanwhile {(Ishani + Aryan) = Ishan}

Aryan’s POV:-

I very well know that she is Ishani…but feel she isn’t any normal human … She is something different. So, everyone is busy with someone of the four … Let me tease her

Aryan moves towards Ishani and ask

Aryan- Hii… I’m Aryan… only Aryan

Ishani- Hello…. That’s a Good name

She tries to ignore him and Aryan being Aryan can’t hold on his hormones

Aryan- May I know your name

Ishani- And may I know why you are too desperate to know it

Aryan- Just for General Knowledge

Ishani- Am I some famous personality that you want to gain some general knowledge by knowing my name

Aryan- So may I call you baby!

Ishani- Baby… My foot.. We won’t meet ever now so no need to call me anything

An Ishani saying this continues with her drink

Aryan- If you won’t tell me your name… So what should I call you while talking with you?

Ishani- And I’m not interested in talking to you

Aryan- C’mon

Ishani- Ok fine….I’m Ishani

Aryan- You had such a sweet name but why are you a hot chili…. Ohh I see

Ishani- What?

Aryan- They say that opposite attracts… that’s why you are like this

Ishani- Hey!! Listen

Aryan- Yaa.. I’m listening to you

Ishani- You are a complete idiot

Aryan- Thanks for the compliment

They talk for a while or should say fight for a while

Meanwhile {(Kabir + Sejal) = Kajal}

Kabir- Hii… I’m Kabir

Sejal- Do I know you?

Kabir- May be or may be not….

Sejal- Let me guess… I don’t know you.. So how should I introduce myself to you

Kabir- With your mouth beautiful?

Sejal- Was that a joke?

Kabir- No… I’m telling you a truth… C’mon it’s a club we come here to make friends

Sejal- Ok….. I’m Sejal…

Kabir- So Sejal…. What are you?

Sejal- Excuse me! Can’t you see? I’m a complete human Are you blind? It’s ok…. I’m sorry for that

Kabir- Hey… hey… It’s nothing like that… I’m asking your profession

Sejal- Ohkk… I’m a Party planner

Kabir- Ok!!.. So tell me something about yourself

They even talk for a while with some argument

Meanwhile {(Angre + Siya) = Anya}

Angre- Hii…

Siya- Hii… I’m Siya… U??

Angre- I’m Angre… So?

Siya- So?

Angre- May we become friends?

Siya- Let’s spend some time together… then we will look after friendship

Angre- Ok… Tell me something about yourself

They all talk with each other while a ray of friendship and trust pass through all the four couple’s heart

At 9:15 pm:-

A voice break everyone’s talk and

Voice- Hey.. Guys!!.. I’m the owner of this club… So today is my birthday….. and for that I organized something for all our guests…. Yaa.. A couple dance with a bit of game… It’s simple game as the song change couple will also change………. So are you guys ready?

Everyone- Yes

So the couple dance begans which was just a cherry on a cake for all those four couples who had already got into a relation of friendship

So couples were-

Riansh, Ishan, Kajal, Anya

Everyone dances on the song

Boond boond mein, Gum sa hai
Ye saavan bhi toh, Tum sa hai

Boond boond mein, Gum sa hai
Ye saavan bhi toh, Tum sa hai

Ek ajnabi ehsaas hai
Kuch hai naya, kuch khaas hai
Kusoor ye saara… mausam ka hai

Boond boond mein, Gum sa hai
Ye saavan bhi toh, Tum sa hai

Chalne do manmarziyan
Hone do gustakhiyan
Phir kahaan ye fursatein
Phir kahaan nazdeeqiyan

As the song changes the couple also changes…. This time they are-

Riddhima & Angre

Ishani & Kabir

Siya & Aryan

Sejal & Vansh

Teri nazar ne yeh kya kar diya
Mujhse hi mujhko juda kar diya

Teri nazar ne yeh kya kar diya
Mujhse hi mujhko juda kar diya

Main rehta hun tere paas kahin
Ab mujhko mera ehsaas nahi
Dil kehta hai bas mujhe

Ke thoda thoda pyaar hua tumse

Ke thoda ikraar hua tumse
Ke thoda thoda pyaar hua tumse
Ke thoda ikraar hua tumse
Ke jyada bhi hoga tumhi se
Ke thoda thoda pyaar hua tumse

With this couple dance all four couple came to know each other but as the dance progresses all couple got broke which means all eight were dancing alone with some unknown person and with that Riddhima was getting uncomfortable with the boy she was dancing…. As the way he was touching her waist made her feel disgusting with him all this was notice by Sejal who closed the fists by which she was holding the unknown person and he sensing her discomfort asked her

Unknown person- Are you comfortable with me?

Sejal- Yaa.. Yaa… I’m just getting tensed about my friend as she is new here..

Unknown Person- It’s ok… Don’t worry… Couples are about to change may be she’ll get the partner with whom she will be comfortable

Sejal- Hope so…

As again the song changes even couple changes and this time the couples are back to it’s position i.e.,

Riansh, Ishan, Kajal, Anya

Haan.. Haan..

Meri na sune yeh dil mera
Tere peeche paagal hai
Roke na ruke yeh dil mera

Jaane kaisi halchal hai

Ki meri saanson mein tu
Ehsason mein tu
Har hansi mein meri bas tu

Nayan ne bandh rakhene
Mein jaare tamne joya chhe
Nayan ne bandh rakhene
Mein jyare tamne joya chhe

Tumhi tum ho meri saanson mein
Haan ho khayalon mein
Nayan ne bandh rakhine
Mein jyare tamne joya chhe


Vansh- May I know why are you making these type of angry faces?

Riddhima- Yaa.. Actually before you I was dancing with him (pointinng towards a boy)

Vansh- So… What happened?

Riddhima- He was touching me in a disgusting manner

Vansh (anger) – How dare he? Let me teach him a lesson!!!

Riddhima- Don’t worry… I taught him a good lesson

Vansh (raising his eyebrows) -What did you do?

Riddhima- Actually I…

Flashback starts:-

As the way he was touching her waist made her feel disgusting with him so to teach him a lesson she firstly hits his leg with her heels…. And then pins her nails in his neck… due to pain he hissed and hold her tightly

Boy- What do you think of yourself?

Riddhima- Loose your grip over my waist or I’ll teach you a much better lesson (pointing towards the crowd of people)

By listening to her he loosened his grip on her

Riddhima- Good… Now dare you to behave like this with any of the girl

After few minutes, song changes

Flashback ends-:

Vansh- That’s why I thought you aren’t any helpless women.. But we need to teach him a lesson

Riddhima- No way Vansh, You won’t

As the dance ends till 10:30 pm everyone gets back to the bar counter but this time all four boys were at one counter while girls were on the other

After sometime Riddhima go to the washroom after she exits from the washroom a hand drags her towards himself and them puts his hand on her mouth to stop her from speaking anything, Riddhima gets shocked seeing the same boy who was misbehaving with her

Riddhima- U??

Boy- Yes I’m… You were saying na you will teach me a lesson… Teach me I’m infront of you

Riddhima- Leave me now or…..

Boy- Or will you shout…. Shout no one will hear you… listen the loud music…. Your voice won’t even reach out of this washroom…. Who will save you now…?

Riddhima- Leave me now….

Meanwhile at the counter where boys were standing-

Vansh- Had you gained something after talking to all four of them for a long time?

Kabir- Gained we did friendship with them and somewhere there is a ray of trust even with them

Vansh- That’s great

Noticing towards the side of counter where girls were standing

Vansh- Where is Riddhima?

Aryan- She must be there only

Vansh- No she isn’t

They move towards the girls and ask

Vansh- Where is Riddhima?

Siya- She had went to washroom

Ishani- But it’s too long…

Sejal was looking around noticing this Kabir ask

Kabir- What are you looking around?

Sejal- Actually there was a boy who was misbehaving with her but he isn’t present over here now

Vansh- Yaa… she even told me… Are you sure he isn’t here?

Sejal- Yaa… He was here only but now

Aryan- I guess may be he went behind her just to seek revenge

Vansh- Ohh shit….

They all rush towards the washroom in middle

Siya- Vansh, It’s a girls washroom… you stay here will see

Angre- No if… he is even in washroom than he must be alone there won’t be anyone else rather than them….

Vansh- Ok…. So let’s go..

They rush towards the washroom, Meanwhile inside the washroom- 

Riddhima- I said leave me….. Help!! Help!!!

Boy- Shout… Noone will come to save you today

He moves towards her but before that he got a punch on his face

Precap- Vansh beats the boy and planning

Guys!!!!!! Do comment and tell me your guesses who gave the punch (hint- not vansh) and planning about??? and yeah sorry it’s bit short but i planned something so made it a bit short

I apologise for any grammatical mistake…………..

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