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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Bhim loses to Vishwas Rao!

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 27th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Vishwas Rao addressing that not everyone has to please with him as the represents. Some of the villagers supported Bhim. Bala informed that Bhim left the position. Bhim said that he stepped back from presenting Bala’s case, but he will not step back from presenting his community. He knew that Bala will not understand Maharaj’s loss and congregation at the same time. He proposed election and selection for the position of presenter. Ramji asked him to let go. Bhim refused as he has promised his late mother to defend what’s right. Gopal presented Vishwas Rao as the other contestant. Bala supported Gopal. The villager ever in confusion on whom to support. The Guardian suggested that the two contestant must rally their ideas and then let the villagers elect. The Red color represented Vishwas Rao whereas Blue color represented Bhim. Gopal asked for Bhim’s approval, Bhim accepted. Bala asked both the contenders to rally their ideologies. Bhim asked his father to support him. Ramji questioned. Meera asked Ramji to go with him, Bhim’ victory is necessary. Anand accompanied them as well. Bala supported Vishwas Rao, Vishwas Rao asked him to buy some sweets.

Bhim was addressing his ideologies for equality and justice. Puranjan came, asked them not to worry, Bhim has their support. Bhim was glad to see Puranjan, he informed him about the changes that occurred in his absence.

Vishwa Rao addressed the people for a new start, he opposed Bhim’s fight for equality and justice as it is of no use. Both rallied their ideas.

Ramji was disappointed questioning his upbringing capabilities. He was sad on how Bala is supporting the ones Ramji has always fought against. Puranjan asked him to be violent in this battle. Ramji refused, notifying from his experience he told Puranjan that violence has always been destructive, peace demands negotiations. Puranjan took him since its time for ballet.

Everyone voted, stamping the papers with blue and red ink, respectively. Everyone of Bhim’s family voted for Bhim except Bala.
Seth ji informed that it is difficult to conclude the results. Vishwa Rao’ win will be fruitful for the Upper cast. His victory will diminish all their hopes and dreams. Maharaj asked him to wait for the results.

Anand and Bala were counting the votes. It was declared that Bhim has 37 votes whereas Vishwas Rao had 77 votes. Vishwa Rao’s supporters hailed him for his victory.

The villager congratulated Maharaj for his plan as Vishwas Rao won with 77 votes whereas Bhim had only 37 votes. Maharaj was happy on Bhim’s loss in front of someone who came a day earlier.

Bhim thought of how he has supported his people and was about to leave, Ramji stopped him. Bhim congregated Vishwas Rao for his win. Bhim asked Bala not to ignore him as he did what he wanted to, he asked him to support the sole purpose of this election. Bhim left.

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