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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Vishwas Rao Wins!

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Maharaj’s companion congratulated him on Vishwa Rao selection as the representor. Maharaj was thankful to his companion for their support, he as happy for how Vishwasrao will take Bhim’s place.

Bhim thought of how Bala distrusted him. Anand consoled him; Tulsa accompanied Anand. Ramji told Bhima that Bhim must not rely on blood in his battle for justice, the complains can be from anyone including family. Bhim questioned Bala and his complains despite being his elder brother, Ramji had no answer but ensured him of finding the answer when the time comes. Bala informed that he is leaving for dinner with Gopal. Meera told him about the food she prepared. Bala left saying that he has been invited by Gopal for Kheer.

Next morning, Gopal arrived to take Bala to the panchayet. He called Meera, everyone came as well as Bhim. Bala refused to take Bhim and locked him in a room. Anand retaliated. Ramji stopped him, he wanted Bhim to stay away from the lies, as Bhim will not be able to listen. Ramji asked Bala to leave, despite being his father he will not support the wrong. He told Bala that none of the family will accompany him today since they support what is truth. Bhim protested to open the door. Bala left.

In the punchayet, Maharaj asked for the presenter. Bala introduced Vishwa Rao. The Murti makers blamed Bala for theft as he was the only one present at the sight. Vishwa Rao denied the allegation in defense that the Murti maker might have hid the Murti for further sale and are blaming Bala for the crime. The murti maker pleaded for their innocence. Vishwasrao asked them to keep quiet, Maharaj is their representor and will speak on their behalf. Vishwasrao questioned the Murti maker’s intention. A man came informing that the Murti has been found in Seth ji’s land. Vishwa Rao argued that how can a member of a lower cast enter Seth ji’s land. Maharaj thought to lose, as it will strengthened Vishwasrao position.

Bhim shouted to open the doors, everyone sat outside and listened in agony. Meera asked Ramji to let Bhim out, Ramji refused.
Maharaj declared the Murti makers as culprits, he punished them to complete the Murti without any payment. Everyone hailed Vishwasrao for his victory. Seth ji took the Murti makers. The villagers invited Gopal and his brother for a treat. Vishwasrao turned to Maharaj warning him about any false allegation against the member of his community. He pledged to give his life and fight for his people. Maharaj praised him for his confidence and bravery. Maharaj put a deal in in front of him he said that in future he will represent the lower community and in return Maharaj and the member of upper cast will negotiate in peace. Vishwasrao was not sure since he is not the only one to make decisions. The villager standing their accepted the deal, making Vishwa Rao their representor to maintain peace. Pandit asked them to summon other villagers with them as well who support Bhim. They left hailing Vishwasrao.

The Murti makers were pleading to be released since they did not steal the Murti. Maharaj took of the Gold necklace from Seth ji’s neck and handed it over to the workers as a gift. The workers thanked Maharaj. Seth ji settled his mind considering the necklace as a sacrifice in his battle with Bhim.

Everyone came hailing Vishwa Rao. Ramji opened the door, he brought Bhima out of the room informing him about the miracles that happened today. The villager informed him on how Maharaj congratulated them on their victory, he also presented a way forward to peace. Ramji inquired. Bala informed him about the deal he cut with Vishwa Rao as the representor. Anand asked them to make Gopal and Vishwa Rao their representor, who will support whatever they given despite of right and wrong. Vishwa Rao asked Anand to support their win.

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