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Choti Sardarni 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sarab says yes to marry Sandhya

Choti Sardarni 26th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Sarab says what is it? Kulwant says I came here to talk about your wedding. Harleen says your and Sarab’s wedding. Sarab says how can you even think that? Kulwant says ho long will the kids live without their mom? Don’t they deserve to know the truth? Harleen says how long will you pretend to talk to the kids to calm them.

Meher’s heartbeat shoots. The junior doctor says we can’t operate now. The senior doctor says I was the organ right now. Sandhya says people have accused us already. Should we prove them right? Kulwant says how will kids feel when we tell them that Meher is no more? You’re keeping your kids on false hope. The senior doctor says to start the surgery. Harleen says this is a difficult time for you, me, this family, Sarab and kids. Sarab says Meher ji is alive and she’ll come back for me.

In the hospital fire alarm blares. All doctors run out. They ask the guard, he says it was a false alarm. They come back in, Meher isn’t there. They look around for her. Sarab comes to the kids and hugs them. Seher says are you missing mama? Seher makes Sandhya sit next to Sarab. Seher says papa is missing mama. Make him talk to mama. Karan says yes, please. We are all sitting together as a family. Please start it. Sandhya says Meher ji, Sarab misses you a lot. Sandhya says she loves you a lot. Sarab leaves in anger.

Scene 2
The doctor says that the nurse was helping her. Go look for her. 3 nurses have saved Meher. They try to make her conscious. Rekha says we have to make her conscious. She has to run from here. Let’s hide her for now. They hide her in a store. Rekha says turn on the TV so they don’t come here. They turn on the TV. The reporter says Sarabji has three kids with his wife Meher.. Let’s see what he said.

Kulwant and Harleen look at Sarab. Kulwant says he needs to accept that Meher isn’t alive. She will come back. Sarab says on TV my Meher ji is alive. She will come back. Meher hears his voice. She’s scared. She cries. She looks at the screen. The kids are also on the screen. Meher is shocked. Sarab said Meher and I are each other’s life. I won’t live without my Meher ji. She will come back and shut you all up. Meher cries and says Sarab ji.. On a piece of paper, she reads when you get conscious please run away from the window. Your life is in danger here. Meher looks at the window.

Scene 3
The kids ask Sandhya what happened to Sarab? Why did he leave like that? Sandhya says he has some work. Let’s leave.
Meher hops out. She runs on the road. Meher says I have to go to Sarab ji. A man tries to get in Sarab’s house. The watchman stops him. Sarab says let him in. The man says I am Sameer from a media channel. Sarab says I don’t wish to speak to the media. He says I want to tell everyone the truth. Sandhya says I called him. He has to tell your truth and your side of the story to people. He says I have news for you that will you shock you as well.

He sits with Sarab. He says we were all there when you were attacked. He tells the entire story to Sarab. He says this was about Meher. What do you know about it? sandhya? Sarab says she’s Meher’s friend. Sameer says no. He tells the entire story to Sarab. He shows him video when they came in front of Meher’s car. He says my family and I saw it all. He shows the videos to Sarab and says this will prove your innocence. Sarab says thank you.

Meher runs on the roads. Sarab comes to the kids. He says I am sorry kids.. They are asleep. Sarab recalls what Kulwant said. He recalls what Sameer told him. Harleen comes there. Sarab says I have no problem, start the preparations. Harleen says are you ready? He says I am not but I can do this for the kids.

Episode ends.

Precap-The wedding starts. Kulwant dances. Meher gets on
horse. She reaches the venuw.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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