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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti to arrange 1 lakh

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Helan reading newspaper and saying I dont trust Anu one day she will do something like this to me, Vibhu comes with drink and ask why are you upset. Helan says after reading news that some women killed her mother in law made me upset.
Vibhu says you consider Anu that kind of women she is one in million she is not that type I know everything thing about her when she eat she sleep when wake up each and everything. Helan sarcastically saying nice when you build this kind of chemistry with her. Vibhu says if you take test regarding her ill get 100/100. Helan says what she will ask when she come. Vibhu says she will ask for hot coffee. Anu enters and ask Vibhu to drop her off to airport as she want to leave for airport. Vibhu asks all of sudden where are you going. Anu says I’m going to lakhimpurgiri. Helan says but you said you are going to lucknow. Anu says lakhimpurgiri dont have its airport so first need to go to lucknow then lakhimpurgiri. Vibhu says for how many days are you going. Anu says will be back in one or two days so please drop me to airport.

Tillu and Malkhan standing outside of Tiwari bedroom. Malkhan says to Tillu what happen to Tiwari he is not moving an inch. Tillu let him die I dont care, he didn’t paid me single penny for my work till now. Tiwari farted Malkan said that Tiwari is alive. Tillu says what you thought the he is dead,the way he is lying on bed I thought he is dead. Tillu explains that his tummy is upset because he eat all the money of poor. Malkan right we are feeling good in our tummy lets go out. Tillu says we can’t Angoori asked to wait and take care but I’m not able to see her. Malkhan she is making kaadha for him so that he feel good he is having gastric problem, lets kidnap him and open a gas station now a days gas is also expensive, Tillu says tries to enter the room Malkhan stops him to enter and tells him there scarcity of oxygen inside and you may die because of that. Tillu says I’m worried about Angoori how she bears him, Tiwari farts again, Malkhan says he is clearing his stock of many days, Tillu agree.

Vibhu says to Anu I’ll miss you alot. Anu says stop overacting I will be back in some days, I’m just going to attend the board member meeting. Vibhu says you says of two days but dont come early. Anu says you seems to be happy about that. Vibhu says I’ll miss you and I love you so much. Anu says Vibhu do you really love me so you should know for how much time I’m going and where am I going, I think its gonna rain if it starts raining I’ll miss my flight, Vibhu says you will not miss your flight, Anu says why so, Vibhu there are many business tycoon in kanpur so whenever they are late aircraft wait for them, Annu is someone there, A man with stick and lantern come and asks who are you. Vibhu first tell who are you. Annu do you live here. Old guy no my son lives with me he approaches a grave ans says here is my son. Annu where is he its a grave. Old man he sleeps inside. Vibhu i think so he is intoxicated he is talking rubbish. Annu cant you feel his pain. Vibhu i cant feel mine how ill feel his pain vibhu asks whats your name. The old man replied my name is Jon and my son’s name is Daddy whole goa knows him by daddy he was top class tantic in goa he was father of ghost so everyone calls him daddy. Annu its feels bad after listening about daddy. Vibhu my your son’s soul rest in peace. Jhon he is not dead he is sleeping my daddy will come. Vibhu he will come and says to anny lest go

Vibhu scolding on phone to someone and hungs up. Vibhu on call with Anu. Anu says to Vibhu its crucial time the landlord of lakhimpurgiri need 1 lakh rs. Dont know why and asks vibhu to arrange 1 lakh rs and hungs up. Vibhu gets another call scolded him again

Tiwari wakes up, Angoori when you will be free from gastric problem, tiwari i dont know when ill be all fine dont know what i had earlier. Angoori i only cook food for you if there might be any problem in that so i should also be having same problem. Tiwari i cannot control anything. Angoori calls ammaji and says he is not feeling good he is having gastric problem. Ammaji asks angoori to give churan to tiwari and he will feel alright. Angoori i already gave him but still he is not feeling good. Tiwari farts. Ammaji is there any bull in the house. Angoori no there is no bull its tiwari who farted and hungs up phone.

Vibhu on phone with annu and asks for time. Helan why are you so much tensed. Vibhu annu need 1 lakh rupees in urgent. Helan why urgent, she might need some new jewellery. Vibhu dont be so negative she need for rent and deposit or else it will be big loss for us. Helan I’ll not break my FD im saving it for my old-age days. Vibhu how much old you wanna be. David enters and vibhu asks for 1lakh rs urgently. David sorry i dont have any solution for this problem my wife is in love with some English guy he send me out of her home, so i took money from my friend book a ticket and came here. Vibhu says either you break your FD or i have an idea for the money. Helan and David agreed for the plan.

Boys doing cheers on tea, tillu congratulations, Malkan finally we win an lottery, Tillu we won lottery of 5000 rs. Tika you are right tillu, this proves one thing that we three still got some luck. Tillu yes we three are still lucky that’s why we won lottery. vibhu what happen why are you so happy. Tika we are happy because we won lottery. Malkan yes we won lottery of 5000rs. Vibhu you are celebrating like you won 5 crores rs. Malkan if we would have won 5 crores we wont be talking people like you. Vibhu teased boys. Tika mind your language. Vibhu says shutup to boys and speaks to someone on phone and asks boys to drop vegetables to his house. Tillu we will drop that vegetables but need to have snacks in your house. Vibhu gives vegetables and leaves

Helan asks did someone come. Davis asks helan to stop being so much in character if you are having trouble david heard the boys coming and asks helan to be in character. Boys enter and greets Helan. Tika says I brought these vegetables Vibhu has send them, Helan makes weird noises.

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