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Bepanah Pyaar: An unsurprisingly tale of love and longing (Chapter 9)

The episode start with

Raghbir is standing with Malkhan and enjoying Golgappe. Pragati is also in the market and buying some stuff.

Raghbir looks at Pragati with a peek and smiles.

Malkhan(smiles) : I think your love story get started. I am glad. Keep going. I had also done this things in love that is why I am here with this stall. Otherwise I would have got some government job.

Raghbir holds his collar.

Raghbir(angrily) : Come I will give you details.

Malkhan: No No you can do some other work like…

Pragati come near the stall. Malkhan looks at her. Raghbir turn back and get shocked after watching Pragati near him.

Raghbir(Pragati): You here? (to Malkhan) : Make one more plate.

Pragati: Why are you following me? I can see and understanding everything.

Raghbir: I know that you too had noticed me, so why didn’t you call me?

Pragati: Did you call?

Pragati goes from there. Raghbir goes behind her.

Malkhan : Oooo hello!!! Order ready, must pay.

Raghbir angrily look at him.

Malkhan: No problem, easy easy.

Raghbir goes behind Pragati.

Raghbir: Pragati, listen…

Pragati turns and look at Raghbir and start moving towards him.

Pragati: Now if you are saying this much, then I too can listen to you.

Raghbir: But I only asked once.

Pragati: Okay then.

Pragati turns to go.

Raghbir: No, I want to talk with you.

Pragati: Then tell me what you wrote in that letter?

Raghbir: Can I write again?

Pragati: By the way, you are a very talkative person. Can’t you tell what you wrote?

Raghbir: I am telling the truth. I didn’t write love letter. Think yourself that there is nothing inside you, so why would I like you?

Pragya: I have a really good personality and more, but tell me what you wrote in the letter?

Raghbir: I did not write much. But tell me how did you go wrong? If one person is wrong, if he has done wrong with another it does not mean that the other person is also wrong. What about love One can also love again. I think you should give yourself one more chance. You can’t blame yourself because of another. And the decision is in the hands of God. If God has sent someone for you, he will definitely introduce it to you. And I know that you have great faith in God. And so I think you should try again.

Pragati get impressed.

Pragati: Who wrote this? I bet you can’t have such a big thoughts.

Raghbir saw his reflection waving his hand and smiling.

Raghbir ignored his reflection and said that he had written the letter himself.

Pragati: For such a pity, Dad asked you to change your house. You have written a really good and right thing. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I was going to spoil my whole life because of that stupid boy.

Raghbir: Have I written so well?

Pragati: Yes, really good. For the first time, you actually said the right thing and good. Thank you…

Pragati hugs Raghbir.

Next scene,

Next day,

Near Pragati’s apartment,

After Pragati’s Dad leaves for duty, Raghbir arrives there.

He saw children playing cricket in the park. He snatches bat from Ansh’s hand and scold all his friends.

Raghbir: All of you play cricket here all day. What if someone gets hurt? Don’t you all have homework and can’t you all study? Go, go from here.

Raghbir respectfully touches the feet of Uncles sitting on a park bench.

Raghbir then saw Pragati on her scooty, ready to go to college. He ran and ask her to drop him also to the college as he came for clothes pressing.

Tillu was shocked as Raghbir was lying. As Raghbir and Pragati go to college, Tillu starts singing the song “do dil mil rahe hai, magar chupake-chupake …”

As Raghbir and Pragati ride on scooty, ‘Maahi Ve’ song plays in the background.

O maahi ve.. o maahi ve..

After reaching at college, Pragati heads towards her class and Raghbir keep on looking at her steadily.

Maahi mainu chhaddeyo naa
Ke tere bin dil nahio lagna
Jithe vi tu chalna ae
Maahi main tere piche piche chalna

Next scene,

When Pragati reaches her terrace, she sees that Raghbir is already painting on her wall. Pragati snatches the plate of her painting from Raghbir. Raghbir quietly went back from there.

But after some time, he took another brush and pretended to paint on Pragati’s hair. Pragati turns and tries to hit him. But Raghbir laughs and then Pragya also laughs with him.

Tu jee sakdi nai
Main jee sakda nai
Koi doosri main shartan vi rakhda nai
Kya tere baajon mera

Next scene,

As Raghbir and Pragati heads together to college on scooty, Ansh and Ankush saw them together and got shocked.

Sacchiyan mohabbatan ve
Ho maahi kithe hor nahio milna
Hor nahio milna
Jithe vi tu chaleya haan
Maahi main tere piche piche chalna
(Pichhe pichhe chaleya)

Next scene,

Raghbir and Pragati were drinking coffee in the college cafeteria.

Raghbir asks Pragati to look behind her.
As Pragati turns, Raghbir exchanges his coffee cup and takes a sip.

Pragati asks Raghbir what was behind her?

Raghbir says nothing and takes another sip from Pragati’s cup.

Pragati saw the mark of her lipstick on Raghbir’s cup and understood everything.

Then, she also takes a sip from Raghbir’s cup.

O maahi ve.. o maahi ve..

Dil vich tere yaara mainu rehn de
Aankhon se yeh aankhon wali gal kehn de
Dil vich tere yaara mainu rehn de
Aankhon se yeh aankhon wali gal kehn de

Another scene,

As Raghbir and Pragati were riding on Scooty, Raghbir saw his reflection which was waving at him and giving a thumbs up. Raghbir asked him to shut up.

Dhadkan dil di ae tainu pehchaane
Tu mera hai main hoon teri Rab bhi ye jaane

In other scene,

Raghbir and Pragati are eating Golgappa at Malkhan’s stall.

After it is over, Raghbir tells Pragati to move on and says that he will join her soon.

He returns to the stall and asks Malkhan to return both him and Pragati’s plate. He drank water from both plates one by one.

Pragati watched him from a safe distance and smiles.

Tu reh sakdi nai, main reh sakda nai
Tere bin yaara aur kitte takkda nai
Kya tere baajon mera

In another scene,

In college, Raghbir keeps staring at Pragati, she sees him doing so and smiles.

Rang tera chadheya ve
Ke hun koi rang nahio chadhna
Rang nahio chadheya
Jithe vi tu chaleya haan
Maahi main tere pichhe pichhe chalna
(Pichhe pichhe chaleya)

Next scene,

As Raghbir was coming to the terrace, Pragati saw him and start making painting. Raghbir arrives with a cup filled with red paint and accidentally drops the color on Pragati’s painting.

Pragati gets angry and angrily throws her brush and stands away from Raghbir.

After a while, she turns and saw Raghbir in a cocked position as a punishment.

Pragati smiles and fold a newspaper and starts hitting Raghbir. Raghbir start walking backwards and accidentally falls on the clay pot that Pragati had made.

Pragati now tried to hit him on the head, but Ragbhir’s head collided with a flower pot hanging there.

Pragati laughed seeing her.

Maahi mainu chhadeyo naa
Ke tere bin dil nahio lagna
Jithe vi tu chalna ae
Maahi main tere piche piche chalna

Few moments later,

Pragati taught Raghbir how to make pot from clay.

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