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Anupama 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Falls Unconscious Confronting Vanraj

Anupama 26th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Anupama confronts Vanraj that he is hiding at ate he of taking up responsibilities and asks what is he doing here. He says he wrote everything in the letter. Is this an age to write a letter and run away. He couldn’t understand anything between Kavya, responsibility, divorce, so he wrote letter and run away tensed; he met with a minor accident on the way and was dropped by someone here; he told that person not to inform about him to his family, but he didn’t listen to him. Anu claps and asks Anu what do they call a master who whistles in sports ground. Toshu says sports coach. Anu says Vanraj should become sports coach in Pakhi’s school and teach children to run away from problems, responsibilities, or truth. Vanraj shouts that he is very tensed. She asks when he cannot bear the problem, why did he create it; he never bothered about her, but he should have informed Kavya; She shakes him and says they are all worried for him and are tensed, how can he do this. He asks her to control herself. Toshu backs Vanraj. Anu warns him not to interfere and says control should be on mind, being a father of 3 children, why didn’t he remember to control himself when he wrote a letter and ran away; he was getting whatever he wanted, even then he ran away and pointing at her now. He says he was having a lot of pressure. She asks who doesn’t have pressure, Kanhaji lifted a whole mountain on his small finger and he cannot handle a small responsibility, he brought this pressure on himself; Pakhi is crying inconsolably continuously, Toshu came from Dubai leaving his job incomplete, Samar is madly searching him in every hotel, Kavya is blaming continuously her as usual, she is lying Baa and Bapuji and handle house and children alone and even her sautan. She continues that its only her divorce but them both, she will be blamed after divorce, but never ran away from her responsibilities and will face her problems firmly; he should look at her and speak and never call a woman weak as he is the one who ran away from his problems, but woman stands still whatever comes in her way, etc. He asks her to stop. She asks him to stop and come home. He says he will not come. She asks what will she reply Baa and Bapuji. He says he will not come home until he finds answers. Vanraj turns and finds Anu unconscious on floor. He rushes to her. Toshu also rushes to her. Vanraj asks him to bring cart and shakes her to wake up.

Kavya thinks Anu and Toshu went since long and didn’t even call her, girls wait for their wedding day and she is waiting for divorce. Nandini asks her to relax as uncle is in wellness center. Back in wellness center, Toshu brings cart driven by Advaith worrying for Anu. Vanraj lifts Anu and gets her into cart. Kavya continues yelling that she had asked Anu to inform her once she finds Anu, but she didn’t as she doesn’t want divorce and is playing games with her. Nandini says Anu wouldn’t have asked Toshu to inform me if she didn’t want to, this situation is like a bottle and it depends if she wants to see it half empty or half full. Kavya shouts she doesn’t care about situation and just wants to go to V right now. Nandini thinks maasi is very stubborn and she needs to go with him.

Kinjal video calls Toshu who informs that mummy was taking all the pressure on herself and he always blamed her without realizing her condition. Kinjal says he is thinking of himself even now, its time to take care of mummy and not blame himself. He requests her to come here. She says she will come book cab for everyone and will come after finishing her conference, he should use their credit card for all the bills and not put the burden on papa. He reminisces yelling at her that she supports only mummy and considers papa as villain. She asks what happened. He says he was a fool to not only blame mummy but her also, he didn’t understand her way of reacting to the situation spontaneously, and requests to be the way she is always. She disconnects call saying she will shee him soon.

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