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A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 21) SHOT !!!

Dear readers, I am busy today and tomorrow as there is puja in my family temple. So I couldn’t add pictures to this episode and may be I can’t post tomorrow still I’ll try to post tomorrow but I can’t give you guarantee.

Today’s episode starts…..

Siya in bridal attire reaches Vyom’s place. Vyom is super happy to see her like this.

Vyom : Oh!!!My Baby doll looks so cute 😍

Siya : I have come na, now leave Riddhu. Where is she ?

Vyom : I thought you’re eager to meet me but u still want to see that Riddhima….Okay she’ll be here in a while. (To goons) Get her here now.

After a while Riddhima is brought there with her hands tied and accompanied by two goons. Tears rolled from both Siya and Riddhima’s eyes. They ran to hug each other but Siya and Riddhima are stopped by Vyom and goons respectively.

Siya : Now I have come, so free my Riddhu.

Vyom : Not so fast baby doll. She is your best friend so she has the right to see your wedding.

Riddhima : Siya, why did u come to this monster’s place. Go away from here. Escape pls siya..listen to me…go…

Vyom : Why are always try to be in between me and my babydoll Riddhima ? Can’t u see she is here to marry me willingly. Come to mandap with me baby doll….The muhurat is coming.

Suddenly a Voice came from the door. Due to darkness no one could see who it is.

Voice : You’re right Vyom. The muhurat is nearing but not of your wedding but of your doom. Tumari qayamat ki vakth aagaya hai Vyom (The time for your destruction is here Vyom).

Vyom : Who are u ? How dare you come here ?

The man’s face is visible when he came forwards. Its our Vansh.

Riddhima : Vansh….l know you’ll come to save me.

Vansh : How can I not come if my Sweetheart is in danger.

Vyom : Sweetheart !! Vansh if u move a bit from there then both your Sweetheart and Sister will die. Don’t u dare.

Vansh : What will u do ? You will kill me….do u have the guts to stand in front of Vansh Raisinghania. I don’t think so Vyom. You kidnapped a girl and blackmailed with her….you are a coward.

Vyom (angry) : I am not a coward. Now see how my goons will beat u to pulp.

Vansh(mockingly) : Goons….Where are your so called goons ?

Vyom turned to see his goons but surprised to see all of them lying in floor and Riddhima is also freed. Angre is near Siya and Riddhima.

Vyoms seems to be confused.

Vansh : What happened Vyom….don’t understand how all this happened, right ? Don’t worry I’ll tell you.


When Vansh is talking with Vyom, Angre came from back and twisted the neck of goons and they fell unconscious. Then he and Siya untied Riddhima.


Vyom : Now I won’t leave anyone. Siya, you did a mistake by taking Vansh and Angre with you. Now no one will escape from here alive.

Vyom takes his gun from pocket and tried to shoot Riddhima. But Vansh kicked his hand and gun falls from his hand. Both of them went to a fierce fight. After a long fight Vyom fell unconscious.

Vansh : Angre, take Riddhima and Siya from here and go. I’ll come.

Angre : But Vansh….this Vyom…

Vansh : Don’t worry. I’ll come after police come and arrest him.

Angre : Ok.

Riddhima : Vansh take care and come fast after police arrest him.

Vansh : Ok sweetheart. (To Siya) Don’t tell anyone about this in house.

Siya : Ok bhai.

Just then Vyom get consciousness and somehow took gun in his hand. But Angre saw this from a distance.

Vyom shoots at Siya saying ” If I didn’t get you, then no one will get you “.

But Angre came in front of Siya and he got shot in his chest. Angre is lying in a pool of blood.

Vansh : ANGRE…..


Riddhima : ANGRE….

Just then police came and arrested Vyom and took him to police station. Angre is lying in floor in an unconscious state.

Vansh : Angre…open your eyes. Don’t close eyes. I’ll take u to hospital now.

Saying so he went to take car. Siya is crying inconsolably.

Siya(crying) : Angre..Wake up. Nothing will happen to u. I….I am with you. You can’t lose. Wake up. Riddhu, tell Angre to wake up. I can’t see him like this.

Riddhima : Nothing will happen to Angre. Nothing will happen….Don’t worry Vansh will take you to hospital soon.

Vansh suddenly came to Angre and took him to hospital. Siya is crying inconsolably and Riddhima is consoling but all her attempt is in vain. Vansh is also tensed about Angre and he thought that Siya is crying like this bcoz Angre saved her life but still he couldn’t understand the feelings Siya has for Angre.

Precap : Holiday Planning

I know this is not too long but hope all of you will understand my situation and will support me by commenting. I am very happy nowadays because of the response I got last three days. Thank you so much all.

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