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You are my soul (Intro and a Peek into the story)

HI!!!! this is tashpre i am a old tellyupdate writer but i had to stop writing since i had many commitments like board exam ,shifting from one to state to another .So i  am back now i want to start a fresh story its shivika based. So let me give a small  character intro and a peek into the story

shivaay singh oberoi – nakul mehta

annika verma – surbhi chandhna


annika pov

finally i have completed my and got a job in one of the most Reputed company . I am soo happy but i have on one at home to share my happiness . My parents are in USA staying with my brother .Though they reluctant were to leave me initially. But I convinced them that I would stay fine. But unfortunately it was not true I am dying to see them . Urghhh . Ok anyways let me get ready to go to the cafe .Yeah by the i work in a cafe as a part time job just for pocket money till i start to work. Because i don’t want depend on my bro . Ok why the hell i am telling u my whole life story ???? .Urghh i have became mad staying alone.

With irritated face she got up from the bed and went to get ready for her work . It was a rainy day . If annika did not have any work she would have just watched the beautiful climate from the balcony . but still she is not jobless (like me).


Annika received a call from her Manager stating that they will be a business meeting held in our cafe so the company has reserved all the seats, so none disturbs their meeting . She assures him that she will manage and cuts the call. She feels relieved and thinks to enjoy the climate till the arrive .She prepared a coffee for herself and was about to sit on the couch when the glass door opened revealing few people in suits entering the cafe . Who was she kidding to think she can have a peaceful cup of coffee without disturbance!!!!!!.

The meeting went for nearly two hours . Annika felt very bored by just standing waiting to fulfill their needs .After what seemed like a eternity they completed their meeting and they left .But only one person was still siting there face palmed .He did not move or do anything .She felt bad for him and thought of offering him a cup of coffee . Annika went to him and kept the cup on the table he raised his head and said ” Sorry , i did not order a coffee ” . He was wearing a blue crisp suit and had beautiful pair of blue eyes .

annika pov

“hmmm i just hmmm” yeah finally great i stumble out of words his eyes are having a effect on me . ” No had a feeling you have a bad day so just thought of offering a cup of coffee ” Really annika i have a doubt in my mind whether it was to see his face . Whatever annika concentrate. He gave a genuine smile to me .OMG i think a waterfalls is flowing near my lips .NO NO NO annika you are here to work and not to flirt . ” Can i sit ???” he motioned his hands to the seat opp to him . ” So my name is Shivaay” ok so what is my name shit!!!! yeah yeah ‘Annika ‘ he again gave a trademark smile .”So having a bad day ??” he just grinned and said ”Not just a bad day very bad day , Maybe I failed terribly” Oh i felt very bad ,i was indeed Mother Teresa in disguise of a waitress. ”Maybe i should give up ” my eyes flickered to his ”No u should not. life has some bad news but some good one are also waiting for u ” ,he just shook his head lazily .I felt determined to cheer him ”Take my life as an example after studies i tried many companies but i couldn’t get a job .I was so much damned with my life .but i thought that more than crying the life out of me for not getting a job i thought of improvising my skills” .He kept his hands on his cheeks like listening to bahubhali story it was my godammn story well a fake one ” then i got a job”. I ended the story with a smile and the Award for the Best Actress goes to ANNIKA VERMA .I was overwhelmed on receiving a imaginary award. ”Your story is really inspiring” he said with a best smile .Yeah indeed i need the credits for preparing a fake story spontaneously and even the best writer award. ”I will surely try to improvise myself ” . He glanced at the watch and said ,”Well ,It is time to go ”. Yeah even I had other customers so I said a bye and left .Then I went to the other customers. when I returned to his table I saw a tissue and some money for the coffee. I opened the tissue it was a handwritten note which read ‘YOU MADE MY DAY’  with a smilie . I had a smile on my face as i glanced at the glass door .



so i completed my first epi

pls comment below .Your comments make my day too

Forgive for my grammatical mistakes

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