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Hey guys ssup I’m avantika Avi for short … I love everyone of urs ff u all r exceptionally well writers .a big shout out to silent readers …
so’m here to write something …hope and wish u like it 🙂

As we all know according to current track more secrets ,more pain ,more fights ,more Rona dhona(cries) .and we all know we want some moments between Zoya and adii;(. .so I wanna represent my views..:)
In my story …. Zoya and Aditya are about to discover whether their spouses cheated on them or not so here I go

Venue :Aditya s birthday party

Zoya : hame sab kuch perfect chahiye( I want everything perfect)
Random girl 1: mam don’t worry everything is perfect .just we r waiting for sir

Random boy 2: mam please get ready as we wanna crack the deal by Mr hooda

Random girl 3: mam I know u r doing this for the deal…

Zoya in mind : I’m really doing this for the deal or something else is there ,tauba tauba

Random girl 4 : ever one pls get ready sir will come in 10 mins

Random girl 5: mam as the theme is western so some dresses are kept up pls choose between them
On the other hand : hooda mansion
Arjun was involved with Zoya

Arjun :Bhai there is a party of my friend at a hotel pls come with me
Adii .. arjun ur not a child go urself
Arjun Bhai ..
Adii ..accha koi ladki hai (is she is a girl)
Arjun …yes yes… in mind ( Bhai ke liye Kya Kya Karne padta hai)
Arjun … Bhai wear something good

Arjun c call Zoya … We r at entrance .

Zoya …. Guys Aditya will be here any moment

Random girl: turn off the light

Aditya come inside

Adiii…is anyone here hello… Arjun whr. R u
At the same time

Mithelesh jii along with the staff turn on the light and shout

Happy birthday sir !!!!
Adii gets teary eyed ….

Adiii… Who did this

Random girl 1 : sir zoya mam she did it
Adii in mind … I insult and hurt her everyday but she did this for me. And smiles

Mithelesh jii … But where is she

Zoya : guys hum yaha hai ( I’m here )
She came down with adiii s mom .Zoya was wearing a beaded sequin with Palenque neckline .looking no less than a angel

Adiii …?? In mind is she the same zoya I see everyday and was lost in her beauty

Anjana… adiii .adiii

Coming out of the thoughts …. Ha maaa( yes mom )

Anjana.?. Go and thank zoya she did a lot for u
Adii … Yes mom

Zoya was busy with a girl …
Random girl … Mam everything is perfect
Zoya.. still check once again
The girl goes
Adii comes …
Adii. Thanks Zoya this means a lot to me

Zoya ..? Isme shukriya bolne kee Kya jarorat hai aapki mam ke liye kuch bhi …( There is no need of saying thanks for ur mom anything )vaise happy bday angry bird

And she laughes and goes

Adii.. angry bird ha he smiles

As u guys know without party spoilers no party is complete

Mahii..bahut has rahi ho na Zoya aab dekhna mae tumari hasi duk me kaise convert karti ho ( ur laughing a lot Zoya nowsee how I convert ur happiness into sadness .. and she smiles evily

When Aditya passes by her

She pretends to be on call and talks loudly ….

Mahii… Ha maaa don’t worry as soon as soon as Aditya s bday finishes Zoya will trick him to sign the papers then the whole empire of Yash bhaiya will be on her name ….ya only we know that she fakes the drama of being innocent ….
Ya ok we will back till 12 take care byee..

And she goes

Aditya s anger knew no limit … He felt cheated again not by Pooja but this time Zoya .. he thought that she was the only one who understands his pain as she was facing it too… But no..

But this time he controlled his anger . Seeing his mom happy after a long time .

Anjana ..? Beta I’m going as it’s late u enjoy .
Adiii. Maa take care I will be back soon did this happen aditya hooda controlled

Out of Nowhere Sakshi appeared

Sakshi: it hurts seeing the person wh Om you hate  the most happy. Take this pen drive and and play it as the slideshow. Then see the mishappening

Sakshi disappeares

Mahii: fine let’s try this any ways I have nothing to lose

She replaces the pendrive givengiven to her by  Sakshi

Random girl one: everyoneeveryone pay attention there is a slight show created by Zoya mam . On Aditya sirs loved ones  hope it’s memorable

Aditya …looks on


She plays the slideshow

But it turned out to be a presentation on Yash and pooja s intimate moments . Actually the moments were of adi and pooja but the photo of adiii was Photoshoped ( edited)

Angle rose in Aditya s veins he shouted Zoya.. he comes close to her and grabs her by wrist .

Adiii … How could u and all that bla bla bla why did you how could u …emoto emot drama

Zoya was hurt very hurt by adii s remarks ..

Zoya … Aditya aap apni had cross Kar rahe hai ( ur crossing ur limits .) She takes her hand back

Adii … Yea I forgot ur the wife of Yash Arora the cheater …. ur like him a cheater … And dramatist  .

He takes the champagne bottle and uncorks it adii: cheers to my birthday   cheers to this this tamasha .. cheers to Pooja cheer to Yash

Two people r coming

They r none other than

Ashish with Zoya s mother in law appears there

So guys this was for the day I hope you like it

Drop your suggestions comments  negative or positive so that I could continue if you don’t like it please i I would close it right away take care.ur views matter a lot to me so plz do comment .take care



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