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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer Gets Shattered As Vishaka Gets Unwell

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Naina who is she? Naina asks if Sameer’s house is this. Naina says I am his friend from Ahmedabad. Dadi says I can figure it out seeing his clothes. Dadi says this is not Sameer’s house and asks Keshav to call Police. Naina says I will go. Sameer don’t see Naina as Deepika shows his drawing. Her voiceover tells that they couldn’t see each other, this is God’s conspiracy and laughs. Dadi and Keshav see Sameer behind the pillar. Sameer is about to go out, but Keshav stops him and says Vishaka is calling you. Sameer goes inside. Naina thinks I couldn’t give him surprise, but will meet him tomorrow in school.

Sameer thinks about Nanu and recalls his precious memories with him. He wakes up. Mr. Sumani calls Doctor. Dadi asks him to see what

happened to Vishaka. Mr. Sumani tells Doctor that she was fine in the night, then she got shivering and fever. Doctor says malaria is common. Sameer gets worried and asks Doctor to treat her. His voiceover tells that he saw Nana ji’s death in dream and that’s why he got tensed and feeling as if he will lose her. Doctor takes her blood sample and checks fever. Vishaka asks Sameer and Rohan to go to school function. Sameer says I will not go anywhere. Rohan also says the same. Sameer asks her to rest.

Kumud teacher asks Naina to take badge and sign on it. Naina waits for Sameer. Kumud says your Tai ji will be fine and asks her not to think of going. Naina thinks her Sameer will be infront of her in 10 mins. Sajan aajawo plays….Sameer makes Vishaka have apple. Vishaka asks Sameer to go and see the arrangements of the function. She then asks Rohan to go and write his unit test. Rohan says but. Mr. Sumani says your mamma is right and asks him to go. Rohan goes. Vishaka sends Sameer to school. Sameer goes to school. Sameer is giving badges to the participants. Naina’s voiceover tells that they were right infront of each other, but they couldn’t meet. Sameer sees Naina’s name and calls her name, but some other Naina comes there.

Sameer goes to talk to Vishaka when his friend gives badge to Naina. Naina gets ready for the dance competition. Kumud teacher tells her that she will give the cassette and asks her to be ready. Naina thinks to go and meet Sameer. She thinks if he got my letter and thinks he might have received. Sameer goes to bring the welcome board. Naina goes past Sameer, but they don’t see each other. Jaane jigar jaane man plays……Naina’s voiceover tells that they went to that school after many years to think why they couldn’t meet each other then. She searches for him, but couldn’t find him. Naina goes to the boy making an announcement. She asks him to call Sameer Maheshwari as she found his purse near the corridor. He calls Sameer. Sameer checks his purse and thinks if I left something. He comes there.

Naina folds her hand and hopes to meet him. Just then a man comes to him and tells that he has a call from his house. Sameer goes to attend the call. Naina gets sad when he don’t come. Sameer reaches home. Mr. Sumani says Vishaka’s condition deteriorated and called your name and that’s why I called you. Sameer asks Doctor to save his mother and cries saying he has nobody except her. Mr. Sumani asks him to call down. He recalls Vishaka’s love and concern for her and gets sad with the thought of losing her. He thinks your son can’t let anything happen to you. His voiceover tells that the day was bad, as he couldn’t meet naina even though she was near, and his mum whose love he has realized one day before. He recalls promising Naina to make himself strong.

Sameer breaks Amrita’s window and gets inside the house to get the letter. Keshav sees and informs Dadi. Dadi calls Police.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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