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Waada raha sanam _ twinj episode 4

Hey Guy’s ! It’s Rhea here 😊 Sorry for posting episode late as there are exams going on
.. And as you guys want me to post a longer episode.. I am so sorry guys actually i also post this ff on my instagram page so because of insta space issues it is lil difficult for me to post a longer one because I just copy paste the episode from there and 10 episodes are already posted there so after 10 episodes only i will be able to post the longer ones.. I hope you understand and as my ff translator have exams till 18 may.. Next episodes will be posted after 18.And I am really sorry for not replying anyone! Hope you guys understand! 🤗 And And And Thank you for your lovely response towards this FF 💝 as this is my first FF i am really overwhelmed by the response
! Keep loving keep supporting!  Loads of love.

RECAP : Twinkle Angry with Kunj , Kunj trying to pacify her)

Episode starts with Kunj holding twinkle’s hand asking for forgiveness 😉

T : sab kuch bhi samaj rahe hai kunj
(Kunj people are taking it in a wrong way)

K: you know I don’t care about people,.. Ab jab tak tu muje maaf nahi karegi tab tak nahi chodunga
(Till the time you don’t forgive me I won’t leave your hand)

T: Acha theek hai maaf kiya ab toh chod..
(Okay fine ! I forgave you now leave my hand)

K : ( intense) yeh haath Maine shodne k liye nahi pakda senorita
(I didn’t held your hand to leave it senorita)

And they laugh whole heartedly 😍


They reach their destination and started exploring the places there!

T: look at that flower.. So beautiful na kunj !

K: haan !

[ Mobile phone rings, kunj pick up the call… Leela maa is on call ]

L: Arey twinkle itni der se phone kyu nhi utha rahi hai puttar?!
(Why weren’t you picking up my call twinkle ?)

K: Maa twinkle nahi kunj.. Vo phone silent pe tha isliye..
(Maa I am kunj not twinkle.. Actually phone was on silent)

L: Arey, kunj puttar.. Chal theek hai.. Maza aa raha hai ki nahi Vaha?
(Oh Kunj puttar you , it’s okay but are you both enjoying there ?)

K: maza toh aa raha hai par maa aapki beti ne na Naak Mai dum karke rakha hai.
( we are enjoying but your daughter is irritating alot)

{ twinkle looks at him angrily }

T : de muje de
(Give me phone)

K : Nahi dunga Mai baat kar raha hu na! 😒
(Nope I won’t 😒 I am talking 😏)

Leela to herself : phirse shuru hogaye 😬😟
(They started again)

L to K : Arey speaker on kar de
(Kunj keep phone on speaker)

K : ji Maa
(Okay Maa)

L : Ab bolo kya hua?
(Now speak what happened ?)

K : Subah Subah Isko jagda kiye bina chain nahi aata 😬
(Its impossible for her to start day without fighting 😬)

T : Aur jagda hota issi K vaja se hai 😏
(And we fight cause of him only)

K : Meri vaja se? 😈
(Cause of me ? 😈)

T : haan

K: Meriii???
(Cause of me 😫)

T : haannnn!!!

L: Arey Chup Karo Tum dono.. Aur meri suno Ek Dusre se jagda Karna bandh Karo Aur khayal rakho ek dusre ka!
(Stop fighting you both and listen to me carefully , Don’t fight with eachother and take care of each other)

K – T : ji Maa! 🙂
(Okay Maa)

L : Chalo Mai rakhti hu bye!
(Okay I will cut the call now)

K – T : bye Maa!

T : Meri nakal Matt Karo irritating kunj sarna! 😒
(Don’t imitate me you irritating kunj Sarna)

K : tu meri dubbing kar rahi h Mai nahi 😣
(You are dubbing me 😣)


S : Tum dono dostt Ho ya Dushman… Kabi ladte rehte Ho toh Kabi ek dusre ko manate rehte Ho.. Kabi ek Dusre ko itni care karte ho!!?? 🤓
(You both are friend or enemy ? Some times you both fight and sometimes you both keep pacifying eachother , sometimes you both care for each other)

( Twinkle left )

S : isse kya hua? 😕
(What happened to her)

K : pata nahi… Vo Kabi Kabi gussa ho jati hai agar humare bich mai…… Vo sab shodo Ye lo flower tumhare liye! 😋
(Don’t know… But sometimes she becomes angry if someone… Okay leave it and here this flower is for you)

S : Awww … That’s so sweet of you kunj..!! Pulls his cheeks and goes away!

[ kunj blushing ] ( Twinkle is watching all this)

Teacher : C’mon  students get into the bus we need to leave!!


Precap : * Karvachauth things*

K : Ohh toh Iska matlab twinkle ko mere liye vrat rakhna padega! 😳

L – T : 😳😳😳😳😳

Here I End this Shot 😊 Hope you guys like it 🤗

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