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Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh prepares for holika dahan.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with 4 princes of a king going on their viman to a place. On the ground, rishi durvasa is meditating. One of the 4 brothers starts singing a song with his sweet voice as the other 3 brothers enjoy it and appreciate him. The brother sings and as rishi durvasa meditates, he starts getting disturbed by a sweet song and he gets angry and gets up. Rishi looks in the sky at the flying chariot and with his powers attacks it. The brothers see this and says look at that, how do we save ourselves now? All 4 of them fall down from the chariot after being hit by the attack. They see get up in pain and see rishi durvasa. Rishi says how dare you try to disturb my meditation? The brothers say it is rishi durvasa, rishi says I will curse you. All of them get scared and say run, run now. The

brothers run away. Rishi sits back for meditation.
There ganesh is with mahadev and mahadev says ganesh you don’t need to worry about your mother. Ganesh says father, it is holi today and all gan, nandi ji are decorating the palace and preparing for tonight’s holika dahan, I saw mother’s anger in the morning at mansarovar lake, I am worried for her. Mahadev says ganesh, parvati’s form is arising and it is holi, she will soon take the form of mata kali that destroys evil, and you will know its story. Ganesh says mata kali? That is why there was anger as red in mother’s eyes. Mahadev says yes, don’t worry, just do your daily work and prepare for holika dahan tonight.
There nandi and all gan are doing decorations, they decorate the palace and then come on the front ground and start assembling wood logs. Ganesh comes and helps the gan and makes a holika dahan. Parvati prepares delicious food in the kitchen for the festival.
There at night, the festival starts and all gan, ganesh, kartikeya, parvati and mahadev come. Mahadev and parvati light the holika as it burns and nandi and all gan dance around the fire enjoying the festival. Ganesh enjoys the festival and nandi takes in ganesh for dancing too. Ganesh says brother kartikeya, come on join in, kartikeya comes and everyone dance. Ganesh looks at parvati and thinks mother looks all good now, even she is enjoying holi. Mahadev looks at parvati and smiles. Kartikeya says ganesh you called me for dance and you are only not dancing, come on. Ganesh and kartikeya dance too. Suddenly parvati gets angry as she looks at the fire and her eyes become red and some shadow of mata kali is seen. Ganesh gets worried and mahadev says in his mind, ganesh don’t worry, nothing has happened to parvati, it is just her process through which she will take the mata kali form! Ganesh says okay father in his mind and continues to dance.
There rishi durvasa is meditating and he gets disturbed by the swaying sound of trees and its leaves. Rishi opens his eyes in anger and says you tree, you are disturbing me in my meditation, rishi burns the tree with fire from his eyes.
Ganesh tells mahadev and parvati that I want to invite all gods and tridev for tomorrow’s rang holi and color play. Kartikeya says ganesh I know you are very excited, but inviting all gods and tridev will take time and we have to go according to rules and manners. Ganesh says brother it is holi, no one will hesitate and get angry, we will invite everyone.

Precap: as lord Vishnu and laxmi come in the palace, ganesh and kartikeya throw color and say happy holi. Lord Vishnu stops and mahadev comes and says are you both mad? What did you do? Is this the way to behave? Ganesh thinks mama ji is elder to me, I played as if he is a kid, I shouldn’t have done that.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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