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Tu Aashiqui 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Swami ji rescues Ahaan and Pankti

Tu Aashiqui 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swami ji asking about the tyre change. Driver says its done. They leave. Ahaan and Pankti get inside the truck and sit. JD looks on. Ahaan sees her bleeding leg. He tears his shirt and does the aid to her. He says nothing will happen to you, I m with you. She cries. He holds her. He says you have high fever, you will get fine. JD stops the truck. Driver asks why did you stop the truck. Swami ji says ask them the matter. Sinha says we have to check your tempo. He scares the driver. JD gets down the car. Ahaan hears them. JD says we are finding someone. He shows Ahaan and Pankti’s pics, and says they have run away from police, we want to check if they are in your tempo. Ahaan sees them. JD says we will just check and leave. Swami ji says there is nothing except ashram food and

things. JD says maybe, but we want to check. Ahaan thinks. Sinha goes to check. He checks the entire truck and tells JD that he didn’t get anything.

Ahaan and Pankti lie down under the truck. JD scolds Sinha and goes to check. He thinks how did they go so soon, its not possible. He sits down to check. He gets a call. Vikram says Kaira called, she said mom’s state is getting better, she has said first word, she took your name. JD gets shocked. Vikram says mom loves you a lot. JD goes away from the truck. Sinha asks what happened. Swami ji asks are you satisfied. JD takes the photos and asks Swami ji to tell them if they get them. He gives the card and says I will give so much donation that your ashram becomes a hotel. Swami ji says if they did any crime, you don’t need to donate, I will inform you. JD leaves. Swami ji smiles seeing Ahaan and Pankti lying under the truck. He asks them to come out, bad people are gone. Driver says Swami ji you knew all this. Swami ji recalls seeing them in mirror. He sees their injured state. Ahaan says we can explain everything, but her state is bad right now. She faints. He holds Pankti.

Aparna says Vikram told everything to JD, now JD will come here, he won’t follow Ahaan and Pankti. Doctor asks for Sheetal’s reports. Richa shows him. He checks. Swami ji treats Pankti at his ashram. The lady feeds her. Swami ji says apply the herbal lep to her legs, there is much bleeding, she has much weakness, herbs can end the pain and also her fever. Ahaan thanks him and says do anything, make her fine, I can’t live without her. Ahaan cries seeing her.

Aparna asks doctor what happened, is everything fine. Vikram comes home and says Manav has gone to talk to police. Doctor says I would like to talk to that doctor who is treating her, according to medicines, she should have got fine till now, but she isn’t fine. Aparna thinks. Ahaan smiles seeing Pankti moving her hand. He asks can you hear my voice. Pankti opens eyes and sees him. She sees people around. He says I was so scared, you know…. Swami ji checks her eyes and pulse. Lady says no need to get scared, she has some weakness, she will get fine. Swami ji says let her rest, come I will see your wounds. Ahaan goes with Swami ji to get the aid. Ahaan asks Swami ji not to touch his feet. Swami ji says you are like a guest, that means Lord for us.

Manav comes home and asks what happened, is Sheetal fine. Swami ji asks Ahaan to drink the kada. He pours plenty in the glass. Ahaan says enough, its full already. Swami ji smiles and says you are also like this glass now, full of dilemma and fear, until you empty this, you can’t get any new thought, just open your mind and then you will have all answers of your problems, then you won’t complain about the tough problems. Ahaan smiles and drinks the kada. Ahaan and Pankti get ready. Ahaan says Swami ji said you need fresh air. She gets sad. He explains her. Ahaan says you shouldn’t care for anything, world just sees our shadow, our soul doesn’t get hurt, its time to make your name right, get fine soon, we will together clean the stain from your name. She smiles and hugs him. Tere liye….plays….

Ahaan asks Pankti to have food to get fine soon. Ahaan talks to Aparna on call. He sees Pankti gone. Uday and Ahaan look for Pankti and ask someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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