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Hii frnds. After a long break I am writing now.  Sorry for all who are angry on me. Actually due to our records submission I am not having time to write. A big cholly to all….. Now let’s start the story…..


Next day swara got up. She felt a severe headache. Then someone forwarded lime water for her. She took it and drank in one go. She looked at the person who gave her lime water. It was ragini.

Ragini : uthar gayi teri nasha

Swara :laado what are you talking

Ragini : don’t u remember what you have done yesterday

Swara :(with puppy eyes) noo….

Ragini :wow yesterday u created that much drama and now madam remember nothing

Swara :(irritated) say clearly what happened

Ragini explained everything. Swara sat there burying her head in her palms.

Swara : itna siyappa kar diya maine aaj woh sanskaar mujhe pakka maar dalega….

Ragini : jaake sorry bol use….


She get ready and went for the college. She was searching for him. Suddenly sahil came and took swara to the back of the college ground. Swara : hey sahil why you brought me here

Sahil : swara I want to tell you something from many days

Swara: jaldi batao mere pass time nahi hai

Sahil knelt down and forwarded a rose

Sahil:swara I love you please accept my love

Swara is in shock. He stood properly and shook her.

Sahil  :swara kya hua kuch tho bol…

Swara : sorry sahil I always considered u as my friend I have no other thought.. So sorry

She was leaving from there but he held her hand .

Sahil :why u can’t u accept me

Swara : leave my hand

Sahil : do you have any other in ur life

Swara : that was none of your business

He was holding her hand tightly. She slapped him. He kept his hand on his cheek.

Sahil : iss tappad tere liye bhaari padega

He was dragging her from there. Suddenly someone shouted “don’t u dare sahil “. They looked at the direction of voice. It’s none other than Sanskaar. Sahil left swara hand and she ran to sanskaar and hugged him. Sahil left from there. Sanskaar find swara was crying by hugging him. He reciprocated and consoled her rubbing her back.  He made her sit on the nearby bench and broke the hug. 

Sanskaar: swara nothing happened just relax

Swara : how could he think like that I always considered him as my friend but he……

Sanskaar: shhh…. Relax

Swara wiped her tears and stand.

Swara : actually I came to tell you sorry for yesterday

Sanskaar : its OK

Swara : friends???

Sanskar : friends

They shook their hands. Both came to the class together. All are burning in jealousy mainly our cavity. If we pour water on her it will get evaporated in within minutes. Sanskaar sat on first bench. While swara was going to last, sanskaar dragged her and made her sit beside him. This made kavitha to burn more. Swara showed her tongue to kavitha and sat closely with sanskaar.

After completing classes both came outside. Ragini was already waiting for swara.

Ragini : so finally u both became friends

Swara : haa…

Ragini : papa called and told to come home early so we have to leave bye sanskaar

Swara : bye bye sanskaar

Sanskaar :bye! !!

Both swaragini went home. They found their father happily talking to their mom.

Ragini: papa kya baath hai tum bada khush najar aa raha hai

Dadi came there and stuffed sweets in their mouthes.

Dadi : laado tumhare liye ek acchaa ristha aaya….

Both choked sweets. Screen freezes on their shocking faces.


Precap: ragini ke liye rishtha…..


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