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Swasan- My true love (TS) Part -1

Swara’s POV

Here i m Swara Gadodia sitting in front of mirror getting ready for my engagement with the true love of my life.. getting dressed in the same dress which my love especially designed for me for this occasion..

After so many hurdles and twists in our life, finally i am taking my first step towards my new llife with my love with the blessings of both our families..

It was seriously a very twisted relationship with many ups and downs.. but still we together made it till here.. now i hope everything goes fine till eternity..

Oops! You would be thinking na.. why am i thinking about hurdles in my story! Let me tell u from the very start… I hope you would like to listen to my story and i wont bore u much..

Swara’s POV Ends..


Before 3 years..

Today.. Swara is stepping in new sphere of her life..

She is from a small town near New Delhi only.. Today she is first time getting out of her town and is gonna stay away from her family as she got admission in Delhi University and is going to live in hostel only..

The day she reached there she met a new friend RAGINI.. They were roommates in hostel.. Having different courses but still same field.. They got along too well.. Like soul sisters.. From different mothers..

Swara was a modern girl and extrovert… But Ragini was a little different… not too extrovert but not introvert too.. (Not traditional tough but their thoughts really didn’t match much but still they were inseparable)

After about 2 months of her joining the college, it was the day of her birthdayy.. (Swara’s) and her roommate along with their other common friends planned a surpise for her .. She was soo happy.. They danced.. they hooted and ate so much cake too along with making their faces to eat it too.. 😁😁😂

That day she got a messange on fb from an unkown person wishing her happy birthdayy.. She was confused but when she examined his profile.. she got to know that he was one of the common friend of her school friends.. She met her few times in school as he was senior to her..

She replied him.. they became friends.. Gradually thier friendship turned to attraction..

One day ragini caught her chatting with his new friend.. She confronted her.. Swara told her everything how they started talking.. n how this proceeded.. n confessed her that she started liking him.. Ragini made no comment to it but she was not pleased with the idea of her friend chatting with an unknown man on facebook n now she is attracted to him too.. But she didnt made any comment that time..

Gradually she fell in love with him.. after a couple of months.. The guy proposed her. N she too accepted..

Slowly their love story started.. she was in first year of her graduation and was just 18 years old.. The guy was 22 abd was working in an MNC in Gurugram.. (not too far from Delhi)
Slowly with the passage to tine, they started meeting…

No one knew about her love in her family.. Just her friend Ragini n few hostel friends were aware if this..

Everything was fine till one year.. Till she was in her end of 2nd year.. Ragini too was ok with it now as he seemed a gentleman to her.. Like every relationship, there’s too had ups and downs but one day suddenly Laksh (the guy) called to meet Swara in a restarunt..

Before leaving to meet him.. Swara told ragini that she was feeling too restless n uncomfertable.. Ragini assured him that everything is gonna be fine..

She left to meet him.. When she came back, she was not that bubbly, chirpy and full of life Swara.
She didnt talk to anybody that day..

Seeing her friend too lost .. Next day Ragini confronted her but she told everything is fine.. But was that so?? Dont know??

After a day or two.. Ragini along with their common friend kavita tried to cheer her up and planned to have a photoshoot on tge roof top of hostel as the rooftop of hostel was too classy yet modern.. After a full day of fun and photoshoot.. She vecame a kittle fine..

Her friends thought she was better now but tgey had no idea what she is going through…

After a week or so.. Swara was looking disturbedbut she didnt shared her problem with anybody.. ( Not with Ragini too as ragini nevet beleived in having relationships before making her career..)

May be due to fear of judgement or anything else.. she was quiet but one day when every dam broke she couldnt handle her sorrow anymore.. she cried.. she cried too hard that her friends were afraid for her..

That day Ragini confronted her.. she just hugged her and cried for about 2 hours before being able to tell someting..

That day, she opened up and and told everything to her friend about what is wrong in her relationship..

She told her that her boyfriend got engaged to sonebody else.. She was broken.. Broken beyind repair.. But still she had hope .. Hope that one day he would cone back to her because he has told her that he did the engagement due to the force of her mother as she was not ok. But he promised to make it all right..

But nothing as such happened.. her hope too broke when she got to kbow that he ot married and is enjoying his honeymoon with his wife.. She couldnt tolerate that and broke down in front of her friends..

Her friends tried to distract her.. comforted her.. asked her to think about her family her career and not to think about him.. but was that even possible.. No it was not.. But no one could do anything..
She just cried n cried on her fate for about a month or so.. Her exams were near but she couldnt concentrate.. Her score affected.. She was sad again..

But she sonehow managed herself or maybe acted so that her friebds wont worry or maybe she knew that they couldnt imagine what she is going through…

This year passed somehow.. Grades were not too good but not that bad either.. she was satisfied..

In her summer break, she didnt went home.. instead she joined a coaching centre for Banking coaching . Ragini too joined along with her.. Somehow, she got distracted and started concentrating on her career.. But tgere was a Void, a void in her heart.. which she was trying to fill through any means..

Then the miracle happened.. Then came the boy in her life named SANSKAR MAHESHWERI when she was starting her 3rd year.. They started talking in fb only through a common friend just like earlier.. she was too happy. He made her happy…

Ragini was concerned about her .. she didnt find it good as she was already going through a heartbreak abd didnt want her friend to get into another mess.. but was she going yo kisten??Nah!!

She was just being friendly with him in starting but their late night talks were increasing.. Both had interest in music.. Both used to sing for each other on phones too at night…

On Swara’s 21st birthdayy, Sanskar send her a flower bouquetalong with the chocolate cake..

She was soo happy as somebody did so much for her happiness which laksh never did.. No she was not comparing him with Laksh… But she was just too happy to describe her feelings..

He lived in Kolkata and she was in Delhi then too he thought about her on her special day when they were not even in any relationship..

She asked him why he did soo much for her but he in turn proposed her.. Shw asked for the time n he agreed too..

This time before replying him. She consulted her best friend Ragini who told her to enjog the friendship phase first, get to know each other well n then to get into relationship.. She too obliged but when two people are ohh so in love with each other then could they stay away.. Nop.. Never..

Thats what happened.. But along with their relationship.. This time was most crucial for both of them for their careers.. Both encouraged each other to focus on their careers…

Sanskar was a struggling designer and swara wanted to be a Banker.. Both were struggling in their career and working on their relation too.. Though it was a long distance relationshio, they were happy..

Last year of her graduation was about to end when one day Laksh called her and asked her to meet him.. She denied him.. He kept calling her again n again .. she even blocked his number.. but he didnt stop.. she then decided to meet him and tell him clearly that she is over him and not to disturb her… But she did one mistake that she didnt tell about this meeting to Sanskar.. thinking he may be upset…

The day she went to meet him n clear his mind.. the same day Sanskar arrived in Delhi to surprise her.. but emwhen he called her she didnt pic uomo the call as her phone was on silent mode n she was talking with lakshy…

Sanskar was soo tensed as she never did this.. (not picking up her phone) Being worried, he called Ragini to ask about her whereabouts.. She told him that she went to clear off the matter with lakshy.. (as she had no idea that swara has not told about it to sanskar)

Sanskar was shocked to listen this n was tensed too.. as she told him how he was behind her to meet him but she told him that she denied..

He knew she was tensed with all this matter.. so as soon as he got time, he came to meet her to surprise her n to propose her too..

But her this act made him mad that she went without informing him.. He was too tensed n angry to listen anything ragini was trying to tell him..

He traced her location n reached the place where she was meeting that bastard but when he reached there she was nit there… May be she left..

As she reached back to hostel room, she saw ragini pacing here and there biting her nails..

She asked her the reason.. n she told him what all happened.. she immediately took her phone to calk him but she saw that phone battery was about to die.. she took it to the charging piont n without waiting for it to chrge fully she calked him.. but as soon as first bell rang… He picked up the call.. n shouted at her worried…

She cried n told him everything.. He was not there as she was in girls hostel n the hostel gated are about to get closed.. so he couldnt go there to console her. But he kept calm on phone n asked her to calm down..

She fekt releived that ge is not mad.. but who knows??

Next day.. instead of goung college. She directly went to meet him in the nearby park.. as soon as she reached there.. He hold her shoulders tightly n scolded her for taking a big risk going to meet him..

But as she started crying telking about yesterdays incidents.. he hugged her n calmed her down…

No matter how mad he was at her, he cant see her crying.. After a lot of manoying from her side, he was ok.. but he needed to keave that day as he got only a day’s off..

They bid bye to each other.. That day but were in contact with each other.. She apologied a lot of times on phone after he left n promised not to keep things from him …

A whole year went snoothly.. they met only 2 or 3 times in the year.. she graduated from college.. He was still struggling in career.. Ragini got admission in psst graduation n shifted somewhere else.. But still they were in contact with each other.. Met at regular intervals..

Its been 6 months to their graduation.. she was preoaring for banking exams..

One day out of nowhere.. he came to delhi without telling her n asked her to reach India Gate as he has surprise.. she to reached there in hope to meet him after long 6 months… as soon as she reached there.. she saw him sitting on his knees hilding a red rose in his hands…

OMG!! She couldnt believe.. he was there right in front of her in all his glory sitting on his knees n is proposing her.. she was soo lost in him that even after he asking her to marry him. She didnt say anything n was just watching him with tears in her eyes..

Sanskar becane nervous that may be she will deny but she suddnly bend n jumped in his embrace hugging him tightly.. People standing their started clapping n hooting for the couple..

They broke the hug n she nodded.. He suddenly sliped a gold ring in her ring finger.. (Gold ring because he is not that much rich n is still trying to reach heights of success in his career)

But did she cared about the price of ring!?? Nah!! She knew his feeling were invaluable.. She again cried hugging him.. he departed her from thr hug n wiped her tears nodding her not to cry…


Swara was thiniking all this sittinh in front of mirror and smiling ear to ear thinking about his confession..

The same time Ragini entered in the room and found her blusing n started teasing her with sanskar’s opps jiju’s name andsheturned scarlet..

Ragini n Swara’s Massi then made her ready for the engagement..

And.. there Sanskar was going mad waiting for her lady love who was taking a lot of time in getting ready n he was busy meeting guests in the function…

To be continued….

Hello friends!! This is my first attempt to write a two shot.. Didnt have any idea how to cover the story in just 2 episodes.. Dont know what i wrote.. hope u guys are satified.. if not plz do tell me..

Dont forget to vote n comment please.. hope to get some support.. thank u.. See u soon with next part.

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