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Story of my life- new ff (Shot 1)

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Somewhere around 5 yrs back:
A lavish mansion is shown with a posh garden and swimming pool on its either sides and in front there’s a pretty fountain can be seen…..
Travelling inside we come through a well decorated hall with everything just in place and prefect looks like we entered a palace of a king. Climbing the staircase right in front of the hallway we come towards a lavish king size room where we can see happy memories captured in pictures on either walls of room and in right front there is a lavish bed and look there in the balcony seems someone is starting his day we a fitness enthusiasm doing workout…. A young dashing and handsome man in his early twenties is seen all bathed with sweat still looking hot wearing his workout cloths coming towards bedroom where one of his servant his carrying towel and other a glass of fresh juice for him. He takes the towel and wipes all his sweat out and then takes his juice and asks his servants to leave… now his face is shown he is revealed to be Vivian.
(VIVIAN- the most eligible bachelor and best businessman of year who is more than strict at work still loves and cares for people who are close to his heart lil introvert doesn’t allow people to enter his personal space easily except his best friend cum brother and partner in crime abbas urf Abby)
After taking a good shower and getting ready for office his comes down the stairs and reaches dining table where his family is already seated for breakfast. He wishes everyone a very good morning and gets seated on next to his brother Abby. They had their breakfast discussing about normal family talks and then dispersed of their respective works…
(Vivian’s family- his dad Mr. Rohit and mom Mrs. Gaytri and brother abbas)
After breakfast both Vivian and Abby drive away to office in their car. In car
(Will be using a for Abby and v for Vivian)
A: bro, I heard u are in search of a new secretary after richa left because she shifted to some other place after marriage. Have u find any yet????
V: not yet…
A: ohh so when are the interviews for the post going to held??
V: tomorrow morning at 10 am… (confused) by the way why are so interested suddenly ???
A: nothing bhai bas ese hi!!!! U know for general knowledge
V: acha bachu general knowledge.. thik h then emme me ask u something for my generak knowledge where were u last night when u said ur were in office completing the presentation for tomorrows conference (asking while getting down of the car as they reached there office)
A: are bhai office mein hi tha bataya toh tha presentation bana raha tha…
V: achaji then toh ur presentation must be ready..(giving one eyebrow wala look)
A: woohhh bhai (stamring) bhai woh kya h na (cutted by Vivian in middle)
V: I want u in my cabin in next 5 mins with presentation (stressing on last words)
A: bhai ( was about to say but suddenly his phone rang and seeing caller id a broad smile came to his face) looking at his smile vivian understood and went away giving a iska kuch nhi ho sakta look??
He directly went to his cabin and called his assistant inside..
After sometime a cute girl came but a look like she is afraid of going inside. She knocked at his door seeking permission and after getting she went inside and stood infront of his desk…
Let her name be isha (i for isha)
I: sir u called (trying to be confident)
V: ya may i know about my schedule for today ??
I: sir today you have two meetings with (x and y person) and a conference with all the managers of company for briefing about upcoming projects and their specification. And so on…
V: ohk anything else. (asked questioning)
I: no sir
V: then u may leave…
After this isha started moving out smiling that she got saved but suddenly she heard someone taking her name she turned back to see and saw Vivian calling her.. she cameback to him. He looked up from the laptop he was working in and asked isha about an important presentation which was to be made by her for todays meeting with xyz company….to which being scared she replied sorry sir, its yet not done bcz it got deleted by mistake before hearing any further Vivian blasted on her and scolded her in very high tone which made her cry at last Vivian shouted to get out after which she went running to her table and start sobbing to which her friends consoled her….
Now taking a look what abby did :
On Phone call:
Other side: hlo
A: hey beautiful!!
Otherside: i landed here when are we meeting??
A: in an hour at abc cafe..
Otherside : ohk see u soon
A: and ya babe u are gonna have a tough day tomorrow as tomorrow is ur interview and as u said i didn’t reveled ur identity so u will be going as normal candidate.. be ready at sharp 10am u need to reach there. All the best…
Otherside: thank u so much Abby ….( in excitement) see u soon…bye!!
A: bye!!
Call ended and abby went inside office and straight went to Vivian’s cabin and seeing him angry he asked the reason to which Vivian narrated all the happening…. after which abby went to isha and asked about presentation to which she told it got deleted from system yesterday while sending .. listening this abby got a solution as all the files of the all systems of company are available tilla week in server after deleting…. so he searched the backup and restored the presentation after which Vivian also calmed down and said sorry to isha which also understand that it was very important to him…
Isha left the cabin after saying sorry once again.
Now abby told Vivian about his friend who will be coming for the interview tomorrow but didn’t reveal her name aur any information as he was strictly told not to do as she doesn’t want to get job by any approach aur surname…she wanted to create her own identity……

To be continued…….
All the comments likes and dislikes are welcomed
See u soon until then take care stay safe
Love u all

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