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Siddhi Vinayak 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi clears doubts over Mannu

Siddhi Vinayak 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vin and Siddhi leaving from the event. Commissioner says Vin is safe, we didn’t get the shooter. Manjiri cries and says who is after him. Shankar says once I know about the culprit, I will not leave that person. She thinks will you kill me, no don’t think of this. Vin asks Siddhi to calm down, everything is fine, they are going home. They come home. Manjiri cries and asks are you fine. Vin asks Commissioner what’s happening, why didn’t you catch the shooter. Manjiri thinks my secret would have come out today, I can’t let this happen. Commissioner says we will get clues soon. She acts.

Shankar says why didn’t you find Kanta and Vaibhavi. Commissioner says we got Laxmi’s dead body. Shankar asks what. Commissioner says this case isn’t simple, we got her

dead body in dust bin, we got fingerprints on her body. Rajbeer worries. Vin gets angry and asks do you want me to hide at home. Commissioner says stop your film promotion. Vin argues. He gets dizzy. Siddhi asks them to call doctor. Manjiri asks him to open eyes.

Doctor checks Vin and asks him not to take stress, take care. He tells Shankar that Vin’s BP is high, take care of Vin, he has a clot in his brain, any shock can be dangerous for him. Shankar says we will take care of him. Manjiri thinks why did not I think this before, I will use his weak state and higher his BP. Siddhi cares for him. Vin asks her to leave him alone. She says we will find the person who wants to kill you, please take rest. She does his foot massage and says my Dadi taught me acupressure well, be quiet. She asks him to say about Siddhi. He says I don’t talk to anyone about her. She says I know, but still I want to know about her. He says she is my life, she taught me meaning of friendship, I knew love when I loved her, she knew all my secrets. He tells about Siddhi and cries thinking of her. Siddhi cries. He sleeps. She says I m glad seeing you remember our childhood incidents, I didn’t forget anything either. She stares at him and cries. She goes.

Siddhi comes to Mannu and gives the good news about the sharp shooter, he is found. He gets glad and says we will find out the culprit soon, our problems will end. She thinks Mannu’s face doesn’t have any fear or worry. He says we should tell this to Shankar, he will be glad. She stops him from calling. He says its imp to tell him. She says its not true. He says it means you lied to me, why. She says forgive me, I misunderstood. He asks what’s the matter, you are behaving weird. Manjiri says Vin got saved again. She drinks wine. Shankar comes home. She hides the wine and sits chanting. He says your prayers worked. She asks what happened, who is trying to kill Vin. He says Commissioner got CCTV footage, we can find the culprit now. He goes. She calls Kabir and says maybe police can reach you soon. He says don’t worry. She says get underground, I will send you money. She gets message on Shankar’s phone. She reads about marriage certificate. She thinks of Vin and replies deliver it today itself, hand it over to Vin. She deletes the message and smiles. She says Vin will get angry knowing about his marriage, anger will kill him.

The lawyer gives the papers to Vin. Siddhi worries that Vin will see their marriage certificate.

Update Credit to: Amena

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