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Shakti 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman begins search for Soumya

Shakti 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman coming home with Preeto and Jasleen. Harak Singh aims gun at him and says if everyone go against me then also I can’t give entry to that kinnar. Moti Lal says our happiness lies in our kids happiness. Harak Singh asks him to move back and tells Harman that he made him friend and shares his happiness or sorrows and says I have lived for you and asks him to give him share. Harman says I am loser now, and have lost everything. He says Soumya is gone. Harak singh says if you don’t give me my share then I will not let you come in my house. Preeto takes him inside and asks him to kill Harman and take his share. She asks him to end the matter for once and all. Veeran asks what you are doing and asks Harak singh not to shoot him. Harak Singh pushes him and recalls Harman taking

Soumya’s side, and shoots at him. Everyone is shocked. They all see Harman standing fine. Harak singh gives gun in his hand and says I love you so much that I can’t kill you, and can’t see you getting ruined. He asks him to kill him. Harman goes to his room. Harak Singh shouts and says Rabba. Preeto tries to give him water, but he refuses and throws the water.

Soumya comes to the temple. Pandit ji says temple is closed now and will be opened in the morning. Soumya asks him to let her stay in the temple. Pandit ji refuses and asks her to go. Preeto thinks everything will be fine once you accepts Soumya. Harak singh is much worried.

Harman tells Jasleen that he couldn’t understand his Gulabo. Jasleen says it is not your mistake and says sorry. Harman says it happened due to me, I was punishing her and she was bearing it all. I couldn’t understand what she was going through to share me from other. Jasleen says once you find her everything will be fine, I will not go anywhere until you find her.

Soumya thinks Harman is remarried now and says your Soumya is alone again Maa. I am again a kinnar, my world and my identity is all over. She sits near there and sleeps. In the morning, a woman comes there and asks Soumya to work for livelihood.

Harman comes to Police station and tells that he has enquired about the buses destination. Inspector says they have to search many destinations then. Veeran tells Harak singh that Jasleen and Harman went to Police station. Shanno asks Preeto, what to make as situation is bad at home. Preeto asks her to make normal food and asks not to make sad faces. Harman asks Inspector to paste posters at last stop. Inspector agrees. Jasleen asks Harman if he is sure that she will go to last station, Harman says yes as she wants to go far from me. Harak singh calls Inspector, but Harman takes call and says I made him understand everything, he will search your bahu. Inspector says I will search your bahu and ends the call.

Harman imagines Soumya on road and apologizes to her. Woman says she is not Gulabo. Jasleen says we thought her to be someone else. Woman’s husband takes her with him. Harman feels bad and guilty for not been able to support Soumya. Jasleen asks him to come home. Maninder and Bebe talk that if Panch members don’t have any work to do. Varun thinks they need to know many secrets. Sumit comes there calling Surbhi. Varun calls him shameless and says he comes without seeing time to meet his partner. His partner is my wife Surbhi. Nani asks Surbhi not to tell anything. Sumit says Surbhi is not picking the call since two days and that’s why I came here. Surbhi signs him to go. Varun says he came here and went and asks what is the matter between you both. Maninder asks him to clean his mind. Varun says if some stranger man comes to meet his wife daily then it feels bad.

Soumya comes to a shop and asks if he has any job for her. shop keeper says no. Soumya comes to other job and asks if he has any job and says she can work in house also. Man asks her to come after 2 months. Soumya says it will be too late. She asks another man and gets sad when he refuses her. Soumya comes to a toy shop and asks if there is someone in the shop. A man comes on his bike. He removes his helmet.

Update in ProgressPrecap:
Man (new hero) accuses Soumya and asks if she came to steal in his shop. Soumya says she is not a thief, wants to work and earn money, as she is hungry. Man looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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