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Hi guys, Part 6 that I posted earlier wasn’t Part 6. It was Part 7. I don’t know how I mixed it all up, but I have updated it now. Please go back and read Part 6 and Part 7. Here are the links:

Part 6 –
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I am really sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for the comments and votes. I am not able to reply to them because of my phone hanging.

Here goes next part:


Saumya was shocked when she heard ‘home’. Did that mean she had to goto Oberoi mansion ?. Tia and Dushyant completed the formalities while Rohit was helping them and Svetlana was packing her bag and Rudra was holding her. She complained that she was still feeling dazed and doctors said that she will overcome it within few hours so someone would have to hold her when she is standing or walking. Rudra took that responsibility and for the first she saw Svetlana and Rudra exchange pleasantries. Had something happened between them when she was unconscious ? She wondered.

“So Rudra…”

“Yes Saumya”, he said immediately

“Are you ok ? Any problem ?”, he continued.

“No no I don’t have a problem”

“Then ?”

“For how long was I asleep, I mean unconscious?”

His eyes glistened instantly and she noticed that.

He slowly kissed her side head as he stood near her to help her balance while pressing his eyes hard.

“Three days.” ,he said sadly.

“What ?”

“For me it felt like three years.”, he confessed.

She was shocked and couldn’t say anything.

Svetlana came with all her stuff.

“Let’s go we will drop you to the mansion and go back.” She cooed and hugged her baby sister.

“I missed you Saumya, and please don’t do anything stupid to yourself, please.”

She smiled, accepting her request.

The trip was silent one. Svetlana and Rudra were sitting on her both sides and squeezed her hand to make her feel a bit confident.

When she was at the threshold, the whole Oberoi clan was present.

As soon as she was entering with Rudra helping her, she heard a gasp which belonged to Bhavya.

She saw straight and saw the staircase and everything happened that night came back.

She started trembling and Rudra immediately sensed her.

“Saumya ?”

“I can’t .”

“I can’t what Saumya?”

“I cant go up, its coming back all of it.”

Everyone was shocked.

She was sinking down right now but Rudra held her.

And tears streamed down her face.

He immediately hugged her and she broke down.

“I don’t have the strength to go up there, I can’t please.”

“She is going to get a panic attack.” , Svetlana said.

Rudra rocked her like a baby while she clutched his shirt while crying and everyone was shocked to see his mature nature at handling such things.

“Its not working, shit.”, Rudra muttered under his breath.

“I wa..n..t, I… wa… hom…”

“Yes, yes Saumya we are taking you home.”, Rudra said immediately and signaled Svetlana who ran outside to tell everyone change of plan and make arrangements for Saumya at their home.

“I want to go home.”, and she cried. It broke Rudra’s heart but he put up a brave face and made her stand up while she still clung onto him and took her outside to the car and left with her for her home.

Here Oberois were shocked at the development.

“Obros and Obahus meet in my room.”, Shivaay said.

They went through all the footage of that day and found nothing except for seeing Rohan and Soham coming in and going out.

“Its mean whatever has happened with Saumya it has happened in Rudra’s room.” Shivaay declared.

“And Svetlana really wanted to kill them after we confirmed their identities.” Omkara said.

Now all were trying to think what had happened that day as there was no CCTV camera in any of the personal rooms of the family members. This meeting was sans Bhavya, thankfully.

Here, Saumya had fallen asleep in the car due to the break down. They first put her stuff out and tried to wake Saumya up but Rudra asked them not to and picked her up in his arms effortlessly walking in with her in arms.

“He looks like Jacob picking up Bella, look at Saumya I mean she is almost getting rocked by the way he is taking her in his arms and walking.”, Rohit said.

“I agree with you Bro.”, Dushyant said.

“No, it looks like the Incredible Hulk is taking an unconscious Black Widow in the Avengers : Age of Ultron, you remember that scene, exactly that one.”, Tia said.

“What makes you say so ?”, said Dushaynt.

“I mean look at Rudra’s physique he is not less than the Incredible Hulk himself and our Saumya is not less than Black Widow, is she ?”, she countered back.

“I agree.” both the men agreed.

“He loves her.” , Svetlana said suddenly coming behind from them.

They jumped in shock while Arya cried.

“Sorry Arya Maasi is sorry.”, Svetlana apologized.

“How do you know ?”, asked an amazed Rohit.

“The way he looks at her, the way he takes care of her and the way he spoke to her today, its confirmed that he loves her.”

“Wow” all three at once said.

“Yes I love her.”

They turned and saw Rudra standing there, that means he heard their talks.

“Even though-“, but Svetlana could not complete her sentence.

“Yes”,he said interrupting her.


“I have loved her regardless she is a Tendulkar or Kapoor, but I miss the Tendulkar one though, she was very sweet, cute, chubby, beautiful and everything.”

“She is a Tendulkar.”, Svetlana said.

He was shocked.

“Then why does she call herself a Kapoor.”

“After her brothers death she broke down and after that took up our surname. She is my cousin but much more than that, she is our baby, our life. She is my mother’s real sister’s daughter.”

Rudra was shocked.

“Don’t tell this to anyone, she wont like it and from now on we make a deal, you dont reveal your plan and we dont reveal ours, we will be even.”

“Deal”, he complied.

“Di ” Saumya’s voice from her room alerted them.

“Yeah coming.” And Svetlana and Rudra both ran to her.

“Where is Arya ?”

“Tia is bringing her up.” And Svetlana sighed.

When Arya was given both squealed in joy and began enjoying each others company while Rudra and everybody else watched them in awe.

“I’m sorry Rudra.”, Saumya said not able to meet his eyes.

“For what ?”, he asked confused.

“What happened at your home, for that.”

“Its completely alright Saumya you don’t have to apologise, that house is as much as yours as mine.”

She was shocked.

“Arya is really cute.”, he said sitting beside her and peeping at Arya hoping to change the topic.

“Of course she is, aakhir bhanji kiski hai ?”

“Pata nahi, ummm Sumo Wrestler ki jo yaha pe baithi hui hai ?”.

She gasped and was going to hit him but he pecked on her cheeks. She was completely shocked. Svetlana brought her soup and Rudra made her have it.

After that he again but this time kissed her cheek very deeply and let his lips linger there for sometime and then moves away while she was enjoying this pure bliss.

“I should be leaving now, enjoy your vacation.”,he chuckled while saying the last part.

She chuckled too.

“You too Mr. Rudra Singh Oberoi.”, she shouted back.

“I will, bye.”, he shouted back.


And both kept on smiling thinking about each other.

Svetlana signalled to the three of them, smirking as all were hearing their conversation from behind the second door of the same room.

“You were true, he loves her.”, all three said at the same time.

“I told you so.”, she said and smiled.

But she silently wondered will they be together after everything, after learning Saumya’s past and truth, moreover does Saumya love Rudra. Saumya was a very reserved person and her feelings could never be predicted. And that had always scared her siblings.

Okay so actually I’m having my holidays so I’m just watching MARVEL SUPERHERO MOVIES as I’m their big fan, hence added that Hulk line, I can’t wait anymore for

Avengers: Infinity Wars.

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