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Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-28)

The episode starts with Anita and Vikram getting a message.. Both standing at opposite side of the crowd looks to the phone and are shocked seeing Gitanjali and Abhimanyu’s pic..

Vikram goes to Lucky and snatches the mike from him and announces that the party is over..

All gets shocked by the sudden announcement … Anita goes to Payal and falguni , Informs them at goes to Abhi and gitu’s room.

Vikram and others waits for the guest to go.. and the others were so much confused..

Mehrotra’s and others goes to Abhi and gitu’s room..

They tries to open the door and realoses that it was closed from inside.. Arjun and Anshuman breaks the door

They are shocked to see Abhi and gitu in same bed..

Payal (crying) : Abhi..

She loses her balance and Falguni holds her..

An angry anita goes to them takes a jug which was on the sidetable of bed and she pours it on gitu..

Gitu comes in half sense..

Gitu : M..mo…mom..

Anita makes her stand and drags her to her car.. Vikram follows Anita..

After putting gitu in her car . She was about to enter the car.. vikram comes there..

Vikram : Anitaji I am really ashamed of what Abhi did..

Anita : I am also ashamed of what gitu and Abhi.. i .. now i pray to god that this news must not leak otherwise it will be a big threat in future..

Vikram : Even i am here to talk about the future..

Anita : I .. i don’t understand..

Vikram : I think its good that if Abhimany and gitu gets married.. by this the prevoius problems.. and people’s talk will be over..

Anita : Are you sure..

Vikram : Yes.. until you say yes..

Anita : I don’t know how to .. its a good descion they also love eachother na..

Vikram : Ji .. You make your way to home.. i will talk to pandit ji about this..

Luthra’s leave..

Arjun hugs Maya and asks her not to  worry he kisses her forhead and they also leaves..

Arjun opens his eyes he was in semi consious and Maya sits near him


Falguni : Where is naira??

Viraj : i had made naira sit on my room as she donot see whatever was happening..

Falguni : Lucky you go and ask her to sleep

Payal : I had trust on him.. even after his .. but he had made me shattered … broken.. I can’t even belive that its my son..

Vikram : Whatever has happened its past and now i have taken a descion..

Viraj : What decession??

Vikram : I have decided Abhi and gotu will get married as soo  as possible..

Payal : NO!!

Vikram : Are you not happy ..

Payal : No i am not happy and .. I don’t want my son to get married to a girl who sleeps qith someone before marriage..

Vikram : Your words would have been valuable if your son was a sanskari and loyableman but he is not..


Anshuman takes gitu to her room..and comes to hall

In hall Anita tells about the decission they made..

Anshuman tries to defend but Anita was not ready to listen..

Anshuman : I won’t let you do this marriage without gitu’s permission

He goes to his room.. Pakhi and aaryanwas in shocked to see Anshuman this angry..


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