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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Imposter Claims To Be Real Ratan

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Diya keeps knife on the imposter’s neck and says this is Daata Hukum. Man says if you think that I will get scared seeing this katar, and says my truth is having so much strength that you will bend down your neck and knife listening to my truth. He calls her diya and says I am Maan singh’s blood, Ratan Maan Singh. Everyone is shocked. Man says actually this Ratan Maan Singh is an imposter. Ratan says I am Ratan Maan Singh. Bhuvan asks if you have gone mad or drunk or doing acting. He says how can you call yourself Ratan Maan singh, if you are Ratan then I am Amitabh Bachchan and asks who are you? He shows his Passport. Diya checks his name as Ratan Maan Singh. She reads it aloud. Everyone is shocked. Yash and others check his passport and are shocked. Meethi says he made everyone surprised

and asks who is the real Daata Hukum. Diya says I know the difference between diamond and glass piece. She says fake passport can be made with money.

CT says Daata Hukum is our Ratan and asks him to go. Man says I am reading your letters since 12 years and reminds about it. He says I didn’t see you, and is happy that you are brave 10 times more than my thought. He thanks her and says I am alive because of you, and shows the letters which she wrote for him. Ratan says this is all the letters which you wrote for me, and grabs the imposter’s neck and says it seems you are following me since years. Man says time will tell and asks Ratan why did you come to Surajgarh before she called her. Ratan says it was my wish to come here, and I know that Diya can’t do my pehredaari for long, I can’t be a coward. Imposter asks why your voice is shaking. Diya says I didn’t call you then why did you come here. She asks how did you know that I am diya as Baap ji Sa never told Ratan about me. Man says just because I….CT slaps him and says it is enough. Man says you will soon realize that I am your Ratan, and greets them bye. He leaves.

Bhuvan says imposter left because of me. Diya asks Ratan to come forward and do the rasam. Pandit ji is surprised. Bhuvan asks why you are shocked. Pandit ji says puja mahurat is over and Rahukaal started. Diya asks him to do puja and says when the matter is auspicious then everything will be auspicious. She says Ratan will honour Baap ji Sa with the garland which is locked in box. She asks him to open the box with his ancestral ring. He couldn’t open it and says I will try it again. He tries again. Imposter comes there and opens box with his ring shocking everyone.

Diya looks at Ratan. Imposter says this is a royal matter which can’t be understood by imposter. He tells Diya that he met Sajjan Kaku Sa in London and he told me that my parents’ culprits are caught and his daughter is married to Ratan, then I have realized that someone is betraying everyone with fake identity. He says I have to come here because of all this and asks her to talk to Sajjan Singh. Ratan says enough, you have nothing to do with my family, Suraj garh etc. Imposter holds his hand and says I am Rajput and that’s why I am not raising my hand on you. He tells Diya that this Ratan married you and I am sure that you will fulfill the promise given to my father.

Imposter comes to the room and takes his phone out. Yash and Diya see him in the CCTV cam live footage.

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