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Porus 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru is Coronated as Crown Prince

Porus 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Laachi reminds Puru that he does not have much time to tell what is in his heart. He says he remembers and he loves to be defeated by her. Laachi asks if he wants to be defeated by a Dasyu girl. Puru says even her win is his wife and he wants to spend rest of his life with her, he does not mind telling whole world that he is habituated to Laachi and wants her to be with him whole life. He keeps her hand on his chest and says if she can sense his heart beat, it says he is happy getting her, he wants her opinion now and extends his mouth to kiss her. She shyingly goes aside and asks if answer is necessary, though fate made him prince, for her he will be her life partner always. He gets closer to her again. She says she does not want to wear heavy jewelry like ranis, her back will ache. He says he will

get medicine. She gives him sword and says it is time to go among people, he may have to face challenges a lot. He says until she is with him, he can face any challenge.

Dancers dance in royal hall and entertain Bamni and his guests. Puru walks in. Dancers bend in front of him. People chant yuvraj Purshottam ki jai. Bamni addresses people that Purshottam proved that he is a capable king and can keep his people united, it is time to transfer king’s powers to Yuvraj Purshottam. People chant yuvraj Purshottam ki jai again. Kanishk, Shivdutt, and Kadika get jealous.

Alexander with his army attacks Farsi soldiers. He catches their spearhead and tells his friend Thesius that they should use enemy’s weakness in their favor, Farsi’s spearhead is weak, they should use it in their favor. He asks Atelus to attack Farsis in the middle of their herd and shatter them.

Puru sits for royal bath. Rajguru applies sandalwood and turmeric paste on his body and gives him royal bath with water and milk. Kanishk and Kadika fumes more in jealousy. Ambhi Raj and Ambhi Kumar smile. Bamni and Anusuya smile at each other. Rajguru then makes Puru wear jewelry and puts garland in his neck. People chant Puru’s name. Oracle’s aide walks to Pourav rastra and reminisces taking oath to punish Alexander for murdering Oracle and inform Bharath’s protector about Alexander’s invasion. Her friend asks how will she identify him. She says his identity will be revealed by fate. She hears people discussing prince Puru is really a boon for them and kicked out foreign invaders like Darius, he will protect our land. She thinks Puru is the one who will change Bharath’s fate. Anusuya does Puru’s aarti. Rajguru sees Alexander’s face in fire. Bamni hands over sword to Puru. People continue chanting Puru’s name. Puru takes oath t hat he will protect his mother land and keep its dignity always, he will punish traitors and will never misuse his powers, he will increase his motheland’s pride. Kanisk gets more jealous. Bamni ties pagdi on Puru’s head.

After ceremony, Puru asks Rajguru why he was looking tensed, what did he see, he wants to know. Bamni orders Rajguru to answer crown prince. Rajguru says during auspicious momemts, they sense upcoming problems, Pouraav rastra will feel trouble soon.

Atelus shows Farsi army chief to Alexander and says he wants to attack him, but is waiting for a chance. Alexander says let him come, when a big tree falls, all small ones get afraid.

Rajguru says a big problem is hovering on Pourav rastra, Puru will have to face big challenges and his fate is connected to a person whose face he saw in havan, he is a cruel ruler who just knows to conquer and he is heading towards Bharath soon. Puru asks how to handle him then.

Precap: Ephastian tells Alexander that Farsi soldiers’ dead bodies are all around the place. Alexander says once their bodies reach Faras, Farsis will be afraid.

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