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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha fights shankachur.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with kanha and balram telling shankachur, you demon what you are doing is wrong and you will be punished for that. Balram goes and tries to wake up the gopi’s. kanha says shankachur, I will punish you for your sins. Shankachur says you are just a kid, don’t be too smart kid, you cannot do anything to me, go away and let me do my work otherwise I will have to kill you. Kanha gets angry. Shanakchur uses his power and attacks on kanha, kanha dodges and then kanha uses his powers and hits shankachur. Shankachur falls down and is shocked and thinks how did this kid attack me? Shankachur gets up angrily and says you don’t yet know my powers kid, shankachur picks his gadha and throws it on kanha, kanha is thrown back and kanha falls on the ground.
There balram wakes

up the gopi’s and radha comes. balram says radha why did you come here? I told you not to come, you should have waited with the peacock. Radha says brother, I was worried so I came here to help. Balram says okay and says take the gopi’s out and you go back to vrindavan, I and kanha will defeat this demon and come from behind. Radha says okay and all gopi’s follow radha. Suddenly they come back running inside the mountain again as shankachur follows them. Kanha comes to balram and says brother shankachur is not a simple yaksh, he has to be defeated in some other way. Balram says shankachur leave the gopi’s. balram takes his plough from kanha and says shankachur I will not leave you. Shankachur laughs and says you cannot stop me. Shankachur uses his powers and traps balram and kanha in a spell. Shankachur then holds the 4 gopi’s and starts walking around the fire to marry them. Balram uses his power and breaks the spell and says shankachur how dare you do this? The greatest sin in the world is to force a woman into marrying someone. Shankachur says enough now, I will kill you. Radha and balram look angrily at shankachur. Kanha says to balram, brother you stop shankachur from marrying the gopi’s, till then I will go and come back in some time with a solution to kill this yaksh demon. Kanha goes out of the mountain and sits on top of its peak.
Narad muni says what is this prabhu? A simple demon like shankachur attacked kanha? Lord Vishnu says devrishi, kanha knows there is a secret to killing shankachur, so that is why he is sitting on the mountain peak to know that truth, shankachur can be killed when the ruby on his head will be removed, until then he cannot be killed. There kanha prays for guidance.
In vrindavan, nand and all men come back to vrindavan and nand says see damodar there is no way from here to Malaya mountain. Yashoda and all women come. Damodar says you are right nand baba, that rishi lied to us, he did not wanted us to go to Malaya mountain. Yashoda tells kanha and balram have gone to Malaya mountain. Nand says what? Damodar says this means the gopi’s and even kanha, balram are in danger, there maybe kansa and his demons there. Nand says yes, we have to go back there and save the gopi’s and children. Suddenly rishi gargacharya comes and says no nanda! Nand says what rishi? The gopi’s and kanha and balram are in danger, we have to go. rishi says nand, it is not yours any of you people’s task to go to Malaya mountain, it is kanha and balram’s work to save them. Nand says so you mean kanha is not an ordinary kid? Rishi says I can just say that kanha and balram were born to free this world of all evil, nothing more can I say.
As kanha prays, his body glows golden light and in his mind, kanha sees his mother standing in darkness, she says kanha you can defeat shankachur, you need the help of shankachur’s wife, she will tell you his truth. Kanha opens his eyes and says I will have to call shanakchur’s wife. Kanha closes his eyes and prays and he sees in the texts of destiny written that vrinda was the wife of shankachur.
There balram uses his plough and fights shankachur will radha tries to take the gopi’s out of the mountain.

Precap: kanha says I have to bring shankachur’s wife vrinda here. Kanha calls shankachur’s wife vrinda so that he knows the truth to killing shankachur.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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