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3- together forever.


Twinkle Pov

I’m waiting in cafe for almost an hour. But this Uv is no where in sight. I sighed. I’m sure, he forgot again. I took my phone out of my hand bag and dialled his number. It started ringing but that person is not lifting it. I tried for other 3 times. Anger took all over me.

I reached his company within minutes. Without any knock, I opened his office room door with a bang. He looked at me. With him other two men were present but I cared least. I marched towards him.

“hi. ” Uv greeted me.

“what’s wrong with you? Why the hell you not came to cafe? I sat there for an hour waiting for you. You have not even attended my calls. ” I started shouting on him.

“Twinkle. I have a reason. ” he tried to defend.

“oh really! May I know it? ” without giving any chance to him to speak, I continued further.
“shall I say! You must had forgotten as always. Right? ” with that I continued to take my anger over him.

“Twinkle. ” I heard a whisper. By listening to that voice, a chill feeling ran through my spine.

“it should not be him! ” I prayed in my mind. With that I turned around only to see that man face who betrayed me two years ago, who played with my feelings and emotions without any mercy, for whom my money mattered alot, because of whom I’m in this state, whose face I never wanted to see again.

“Kunj. ” I whispered.

“you  both know each other? ” asked Uv jumping into conversation. I remained silent.

“oh yeah! How can I forget. Now he is a famous rockstar. Everyone knows him. ” concluded Uv. Oh! So finally he became what he dreamt of. Great!

“well! Kunj, she is most important person of my life, my life line. Twinkle. ” he introduced me.

“and this is Kunj. ” he said. I smiled at him professionally. He looked at me. His eyes conveyed many things. I looked in those eyes. I can’t take it anymore. Tears started to form in my eyes. I tried my best to avoid.

“Uv. I have work. I’ll talk to you later. ” with that I came out of office and sat in my car.

because I want to become a great singer and being from middle class family, I can’t afford it. To become singer, I need lots of money and I found I can get it by you. So, I thought about fake love. But, now I can’t withstand with it anymore. You are freaking annoying. I just can’t lie to you more. Let’s breakup.

His words pricked in my ears. I closed my ears to stop them. Anger took over me. I started driving to the place where I always found peace.

I reached church. This is the only place where I found peace. I went inside and sat in front of Jesus. I know I’m not in a state to say even a word, but I’m sure my eyes were. My heart started asking questions to lord. Finally words came from my mouth.

“why he came after two years now? “

“what does he want now? “

“isn’t he happy after playing with my feelings? “

With all those questions, and all the feelings and memories from the past started running in my mind like an unending picture. And most importantly, the pain in my heart. I felt suffocating, yet I had not moved from that place. I sat there staring Jesus. I have no more capacity to bear anymore pain.

Seconds passed to minutes and minutes to hours. I sat rooted in my place. My phone was in car. I not even dared to look at it. Right now, I want space from everything and everyone. I felt someone sitting beside me. I looked at source only to find Uv. He had not spoke a word. There was complete silence. He placed his palm over mine. I looked at him. That’s it. I lost my control. I hugged him and started crying. He had not asked me any question and I’m thankful for that. After a while I spoke between crying.

“why he came now? “

“what does he wants from me?”

“wasn’t he satisfied after breaking my heart? ” I poured my heart out. Uv knows my past. He is the only person who knows about my past, not even my mother is aware about it, but I had not said his name. He always stood on my side when I felt low and broken. Always consoled me like a true friend. After a while I calmed.

“Twinkle. ” I heard my mother’s whisper. I looked at her. She looked so fragile and is in tears. I stood to hug her and apologise her as this all happened because of my fault. Mom moved aside and there stood the person, who broke me. I felt all numb. What he is doing here? I don’t know why, after passing through lots of pain, still my heart loves him like a fool. Deep inside it always said that what I saw and heard was wrong. But I never had the guts to face it. Not when that person spat everything on my face. He took baby steps towards me. He raised his hand to touch me, but before he can reach for it, I slapped him. Yes, for second time in my life I slapped someone, someone who was very special and still he is. He looked at me. He was not at all shocked like he had expected this. I held him by his collar.

“why Kunj? Why? Why you came back? Aren’t you happy in your life? See, you have became a big rockstar as you wished. You got everything you dreamt of, then why are you back now? ” I spoke whatever came into my mind. I lost my control.

“aren’t you happy after breaking my heart? Or you want me to see whether I’m broken completely or not. If not then to break me completely ha? ” I questioned him.

“no Kunj is innocent. ” said my mom.

“mom. You don’t know anything. He is such a liar and is such a person who loves to play with peoples’ emotions. ” I said disgustingly.

“no Twinkle. You are wrong. It all happened because of me. I’m the reason for the rift between you both. I’m the reason for your tears. I’m the reason for every damn single thing. ” she said. I looked at her confused. Kunj nodded his head in no while mom ignored him and continued.

“Kunj said all those words because of me. Because I asked him to leave you, if not then I warned him to kill myself. ” I stood there numb. She continued that how she got to know about our relationship? How she met Kunj and threatened him? I stood like a statue.

“I regret doing that to you. I’m so sorry Twinkle. I tried to confess all these things to you long back, but whenever I tried, some or other thing came in between or I used to loose my courage after your denial to listen me. ” she said. I remembered how she begged me to listen something, which is quite important. I thought may be she will talk about some other proposal, so I tried to ignore my best. Never in my worst dream I thought something like this. Mom came in front of me. She folded her hands. I can’t take it anymore. I held her hands and hugged her.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry my child. ” she spoke guiltily crying. I rocked her back.

“it’s OK. “

“aren’t you angry with me? ” she asked me.

“no. Because of my anger, I stayed away from the person who I loved like anything, I don’t want to repeat samething. And I know how much you are regretting it. I’m sure while doing that, you must have thought about my bright future.” I replied.

“I’m happy dear. ” she said and kissed my forehead.

“aunty. Come. Let’s give this love birds some space. ” with that Uv dragged mom out. There was silence. I looked at Kunj who is already busy in staring me. His eyes showed pain, guilt and crave and most importantly love. I moved towards him.

“Kunj. ” he hugged me so tightly like his life depends on me. I hugged him back with same passion. He hid his head in the crook of my neck. I felt some tears on my neck. Yes he was crying and was I too. The love, care, promises and most importantly separation ran into my mind like a flood. We hugged each other for what felt like eternity. No one spoke a word.

We broke our hug.

“I’m sorry Kunj.” I said. He nodded his head in no.

“I’m sorry Twinkle because of me you beared….” before he can continue I kept my finger on his lips.

“shh. No more sorry. It was meant to happen and it happened. Let’s forget about it. Let’s start fresh. ” I said. He nodded his head. He kissed my forehead. His lips lingered there for a while. I carved for his touch. It felt like home. I closed my eyes savouring this moment. He looked into my eyes. My eyes travelled to his cheek where my hand imprint is there. I moved my head to his cheek and rubbed it slowly.

“is it paining?”

“no. ” I rose to my feet and kissed his cheek where my fingers got printed. We looked into each other eyes. All of a sudden, he left me and went on his knees. I looked at him confused. He opened a box in which a beautiful diamond ring was there. And it is of the same one which I said beautiful two and half years ago, when we went to mall.

“this ring. ” I mumbled.

“yeah. I bought it finally. I bought it with my first earning. I wanted to give it to you, but never got chance due to consequences. Now, I got that chance and finally ring will get it’s owner, in whose finger it will get adorned. I stood their admiring him.

“so miss. Twinkle Taneja. Will you marry me? Will you like to become Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna? Will you be with me in all my ups and downs? ” he asked. I nodded my head.

“I would love to be. ” I said and he adorned my finger with the ring. He kissed on it and stood on his feet.

“you will never leave me again. Right? ” I voiced out my fear.

“never ever. Till death part us.” he said. He cupped my face and leaned towards me. I closed my eyes. Our lips met. He kissed me ever so gently. It was not of attraction or some other thing. It was of promise. The promise, that we will never leave each other side, a promise that we will be always stand by each other and will face our ups and downs. We broke it and joined our foreheads.

We headed out hand in hand and there stood Uv and mom. They looked at our entwined hands and understood everything.

“so, finally our love birds met after long wait. ” commented Uv.

“I’m so happy for you both. ” said mom and hugged us.

“congrats baby doll. ” said Uv side hugging me.

“thank you. “

“it’s true. You both are NEVER MEANT TO BE APART. ” said Uv.

Kunj side hugged me and I rested my head on his shoulder. Finally, after lots of struggle, I met my love. I waited for this day for ages. Now everything is in its right place. Truly, we both are “NEVER MEANT TO BE APART. “

I looked at sky thanking silently for everything. I will never forget this day. I closed my eyes snuggling into my love, enjoying his warmth.


Here,  I end it.

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And my exams had already started and will end on may 14 and I can’t promise any update from me before.

Hope you guys will understand and support me like you all always will do.

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