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Mere Sai 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Dilawar, A New Threat To Shirdi

Mere Sai 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pandari, his wife and kids wake up and see the farm land ploughing done. They are surprised and come to Sai. Pandari’s wife tells that they have plough their land to search the gold. Pandari says now I have to buy seeds. Sai says you had bought it. Pandari says Anta and Banta had thrown it in the well, it might have rotten by now. Sai says may be it is fine and asks what is the problem. Pandari says ok. He gets the seeds from the well. Pandari’s wife checks the seed and found it to be dry. Om Sai plays. Pandari says how can this be happen? Pandari and his wife folds his hand. Om Sai plays.

Pandari says Sai…you have saved our life, got your farm and seeds back. Sai says you got what you wanted, and for what you have worked hard even in difficult times. Sai teachings: if a person decides to

do some work and works hard then all the nature helps him and success can’t be away from him, and that’s why we shall never leave working hard irrespective of the difficult times.

A boy is playing with other boys when they make roaring sound and hides. Boy gets tensed, he sees smoke coming from behind the tree. A man is seen with peacock feathers and smoke bowl. Boy shouts seeing him and says ghost is here. Boy takes them to man. They see many men coming there and eying shirdi with bad intention.

Kumar comes to Sai and gifts him pot. He says you told me right, my karma is my work, I was using my time to do puja, but since I do puja of my work, I got money and peace. Sai tells that man runs after something without knowing. Kumar gives him pot and leaves. Sai thanks him. Jhipri comes there and says she came to spend sometime with him. Sai says I am going to get charity now. Jhipri says I will talk to you all. Boys laugh seeing the men. One of the boy tells that he is not a ghost, but a man. Man calls himself Dilawar and tells that he can make a person ordinary. He holds the boy hand angrily. Other boys run and hide behind the tree. Dilawar says I will punish him today that he will not do such mistake again. Man with Dilawar leaves his hand. Boy runs from there. Dilawar shouts at his young man for letting boy leave and says now you will be punished for his side of punishment. Dilawar tries to kill the young boy. Other supporter of Dilawar asks him to leave the young man. Dilawar asks shall I punish you. Youing man apologizes. Dilawar leaves him and leaves. Boys think if he is man or devil.

An Old man shouts at his family. His son asks why he is troubling them. Sai hears them. Man says his father behaves as if they are troubling her and scolds the people coming there, and shouts. Sai talks to the old man and asks what is your problem. Old man says my problem is you and says you are imposter and pretends as if you cares for everyone. Man asks Sai, did you see how is his behavior. Sai says if you have lived alone sometimes and tells that your father is alone and thinking his loved ones are getting far from him. He says may be your father feels home sick. He asks did you ever sit with your father and talked to him. He says your father is shouting as he wants you to be with him and spend sometime. He asks him not to feel bad if he shouts. Sai’s teaching tells that people stopped listening to others and wants to speak first, and when he starts hearing others then we will see their pain.

Dilawar beats the boy accompanying him. Sai comes and holds the stick.

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