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Laado 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Anu hugs Shaurya surprising him

Laado 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka crying and telling that they all used to call her Laado. Komal says it is not your mistake. Anu says she has learnt a lesson from Veerpur, but…she cries. Komal says if Shagun and her brother comes to know about your truth. Anu says she will face them and stay in the house until she finds real Juhi. Komal says how you will find her. Anu says Dadi’s love is truthful and she will stay there for her and will bring her Juhi back, and will never let Shagun and Amrish succeed.

Bunty laughs seeing Shaurya as pizza delivery boy. Shaurya is wearing delivery boy clothes and says when we make this box reach someone then they get happy and peaceful. He says Juhi wants me to do respectful job. Bunty says this job is not for you. Shaurya says I have only one dream, to become Juhi’s

life partner and will do as she wants. He ties his hairs and goes to deliver pizza. Amrish tells Shagun that Anu is slipping from your hands. Shagun asks if she shall get GPS hang in her neck and says I made her understand in the morning not to go alone, but now she went to meet Shaurya. Door bell rings, Shaurya comes there as delivery boy. Amrish asks him to give pizza. Shaurya’s face is hidden with a cap, and he goes inside and sit on sofa.

Shagun asks Amrish if he ordered pizza. Shaurya removes cap and opens his hairs and asks about Anu. Amrish says she went to meet you. Shagun says if she is not here then where is she? Anu comes back home and thinks of shaurya’s love. She sees Shaurya waiting for her outside. He tells her that he came to give good news and says he got job. He asks why is she looking at him and asks if clothes are not good. Anu hugs him and cries. Rabba mere Rabba plays. She says I felt relieved seeing you, and says in this bad world, only you are very truthful.

Shaurya is surprised and reciprocates her hug. He says I can understand what you are going through and asks her to calm down. Dadi sees them hugging each other and gets happy. He says if you don’t like my clothes, then you don’t have to cry. Anu asks him to let her hug him for sometime. He says he is feeling as his old juhi is back. Anu realizes what he said and breaks the hug. She thinks he thinks you as Juhi and his love is for her and not me.

Shaurya asks if everything is fine. Anu says fine. Shaurya thinks to find out what is she hiding. She comes inside. Shagun asks where did you go and hugs her. Anu says she was feeling suffocated and that’s why went out. Anu thinks shagun is a black spot on motherhood. Shagun says Shaurya was looking bad in that dress. Anu says he was looking quite good. Amrish asks Shagun how we will separate them. Shagun says I know.

Precap: Shagun keeps party. Dadi announces Shaurya and Juhi’s marriage. Anu is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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