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Kriyam ff chapter: Love in Trip (Episode 8)

So there are some people who want me to continue, so for them I have decided that I won’t end it. Thanks for all your comments. Let’s start

The scene is in front of the restaurant

Everyone has gathered. A lady is crying and asking for help and on her lap another lady in lying unconscious in a pool of blood. A man standing nearby calls the ambulance and some people are talking about how badly the woman was injured by the truck. Meanwhile an ambulance arrives and takes both the ladies to the hospital.


Everyone is sitting in the hall. There is a call on telephone. Suhani picks it up and suddenly phone falls from her hand and she falls on the floor. Everyone gets tensed. Yuvani takes the phone and speaks, she cuts the call and everyone asks her, whose call it was.

Yuvani – There was a call from hospital we have to there as soon as possible.

Everyone leaves for hospital.

They reach the hospital. They ask on the reception about the lady who was admitted here a something ago. And from there they come to know that she has been taken to operation theater. They all go outside the operation theater. There a girl comes crying and hugs suhani.

She is reveled to be Krishna (A fb is shown in which Baby comes out from the restaurant and is shocked to see a truck coming towards Krishna in full speed, she shouts Krishna’s name but Krishna does not hear it and she is talking to Yuvani. Baby gets tensed as the truck is now very close to Krishna. The truck is about to hit Krishna but Baby pushes Krishna aside and she herself gets hit by the truck)

Krishna tells everyone about it and they all are waiting for the doctor to come out from OT.

Doctor – She is very critical, she has lost a lot of blood, we have to quickly arrange for the blood, but her blood group is very rare.

Suhani – Doctor what is her blood group.

Doctor – O negative.

Krishna – Even my blood group is O negative. (Everyone looks at her in a shock and happiness).

Doctor – It’s like a miracle, are you both sisters

Krishna – No.

Doctor – OK, but even you are badly injured look at your hand it’s fractured.

Krishna – Don’t worry about me I am fine I will give blood.

She goes with the doctor, while everyone prays for Baby. Krishna donates her blood and after that the doctor supports her fractured arm with the sling.

Baby is Operated while everyone is praying hard for her. Soon the doctor tells everyone that she is now out of danger. Krishna notices that everyone is present here expect Sayyam due to this she is soo angry that she decides that she won’t talk to him from now.

They all go to meet Baby. She slowly opens her eyes and asks for Krishna. Krishna comes and sits beside her both of them are in tears.

Krishna – Baby why did you put your life in danger.

Baby – Krish I have done very bad things in my life and I got a chance to mend my relation with you all then how could I miss it.

Krishna – (Hugs Baby) I have already forgotten all of our past and now you should also forget it.

(Everyone forgives Baby and the doctor comes to check her. Everyone pleads the Doctor to discharges Baby so he discharges her and asks them to take care of her.)

They are on their way to BM. Krishna is looking out from the window and is sad thinking about Sayyam that he doesn’t even care if she is alive or not, she is brought out of her thoughts as they reach the BM. (It’s 8 pm)

Everyone leaves for their rooms.

In Kriyam’s room

There room is in total darkness, when Krishna enters she switches on the light and finds Sayyam lying on bed she gets sad seeing Sayyam in this condition. She sits beside him and keeps her hand on his head.

Krishna – Why are you destroying yourself, I know you don’t care about yourself but at least care for your mom. (Sayyam is waking up seeing this Krishna gets up from there and is standing near the table)

(Sayyam gets up and is shocked to see that  Krishna’s hand is fractured)

Sayyam – What happened to your hand.

(Krishna doesn’t reply and behaves as sayyam is not even existing. Sayyam gets irritated by her behavior)

He pulls her from her waist and throws her towards the wall. She gets pinned to the wall and Sayyam comes close to her and holds her mouth roughly (She tries to remove his hand but he holds her more tightly). He then brings his face closer to her. His lips are just a inch away from hers. Krishna is fiercely looking in his eyes while he is looking in hers.

Sayyam (in a deep husky voice) – I asked you how you had a fracture. And I ask you something you have to answer me.

Krishna – Leave me Sayyam

Sayyam – I will leave first answer me.

Krishna – I won’t answer you anything what will you do.

Sayyam hits the wall and Krishna gets very much scared.

Krishna (in a scared tone) – okay I will tell you but please don’t get angry. (She tells him everything and he leaves her)

Precap – Krishna is going to tell Suhani about Sayyam. Sayyam hurts Krishna.





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