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Kasam 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir and Kritika’s first telephonic conversation after rebirth

Kasam 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balraj talking to his Tau ji and telling what Doctor had said and tells that he is worried about Ranbir. Tau ji asks him not to worry. Balraj tells him that Mahima is teasing him. Tau ji says it is her right. Balraj comes to Ranbir and gives call to him asking him to talk, but his phone gets off. Balraj asks him to talk to Tau ji from his son and speak casually. He asks if I am not your father? Ranbir says no and says we are buddy. Balraj asks him to talk and gives phone in his hand. Boy takes Tau ji’s phone to Mayuri and asks her to check when will the jija ji will come. Mayuri tries to talk to him. Tanuja is kritika in her new birth and takes phone, says call is disconnected. Ranbir calls again.

Kritika picks the call and says hello. Ranbir also says hello. He asks her to give call to Tau ji. She says she is his Saali. Ranbir asks him to become his girl friend. Kritika is surprised and says I am getting strange feeling in my heart. Ranbir says just like we know each other. Kritika says are you here? Ranbir says moon and says it is beautiful. He says we both are looking up in the sky and says I am seeing you in this moon, and asks will you fall in love with me.

Kritika is surprised and calls mayuri. Akki says conversation was long. Ranbir tells Akki that he likes the girl and says her voice was good. Kritika goes to Mayuri and tells that the guy is not right. Her mother comes and calls her. Kritika thinks Mayuri shall not marry such guy. Ranbir thinks of kritika’ words and thinks her words are still echoing in my ears. He thinks india and girls are good.

Kritika’s mom asks her to go and get ready. Kritika says I am not getting married, but it is Mayuri’s marriage. Her mum asks her to marry. kritika says I will not leave you. Her mum blesses her. Kritika asks her to go and watch news. Mum sits to folds clothes and says petrol rates are increased. Kritika says we don’t have car, and we have organic food. They hear news about GST. She sees old man giving interview and is shocked. She sees her dead husband alive on the TV. She notes down the address and says he is alive in Mumbai.

Ranbir’s father Balraj tells him that he loves India and he found him there. Ranbir asks what? He tells the truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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