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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Indra kills Devendra

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thakur and others seeing the news about minister and Rudra’s death. Lakhan says there is curfew in city, how will we go out, where did Gauri go. Thakur asks Devendra about the car to leave from here. Devendra says we will get police car in morning. Thakur gets Rahul’s call and asks how are you. Rahul says I m fine, Gauri and Namrata are with me, Gauri risked her life and snatched Shivlings from Indra. Thakur says its good, where are you. Rahul says a noble man gave us shelter, we will meet you near temple in morning. Thakur says fine, take care of Gauri. He says both of them are fine, Devendra, Rahul told us he will meet us near the temple. Devendra says I know, don’t worry. He calls someone. Its morning, Gauri, Rahul and Namrata reach some place. Rahul says we

should wait here for them. They see Indra coming. Indra gets down the car and loads the gun. They get shocked.

Rahul asks Gauri to run. Indra shouts and shoots. They stop. Indra says I knew you will risk life and save Gauri’s life, let me see Shivlings once. He aims gun at Rahul and Gauri. Namrata looks on. The goon takes the bag and opens it. Thakur shoots at the goons. Indra hides. Rahul and Gauri run. Namrata sits in Indra’s. Indra tries to get the bag. Rahul sees Thakur shooting at Indra. Indra shoots at police. His gun’s bullet get over. He holds the goon in front of him and escapes. Devendra shoots at Indra and says I won’t let him go today. He follows Indra’s car. Thakur and Gauri take the bag. Devendra says Indra is injured, this is the chance, drive faster. They see Indra’s car hit somewhere. Devendra goes and sees Indra unconscious. He says you are under arrest Indra, come out. Indra gets up and comes out. He stabs Devendra. Constables get shocked. He scolds Devendra and stabs again. He threatens constables and asks them not to get sighted again. He takes their guns and drives off. Namrata looks on and hides inside the car.

Gauri asks Rahul will he take shivlings to police. Thakur says we will take them to village and then discuss. Rahul says no, this will go to Yashpal. Gauri says we will place shivlings in our temple, else there will be Lord’s wrath. Rahul says its nothing like that, many people died because of these blind beliefs, try to understand, if Shivlings are placed there, anyone like Indra will come and kill people again. Latika says Rahul is right, someone will be always after Shivlings. Gauri says no, Thakur you say something. Rahul asks Thakur to think being a devotee and village head. Thakur says I agree with Gauri, I won’t want Lord’s wrath on our village. Lakhan says Devendra got late, he should have caught Indra and come.

Indra comes back and looks for them. They hide behind the bricks. Gauri says we should leave. Latika says how did Indra know about this. Thakur says Rahul called us and told about the meeting place, I told this to Devendra, he may have told this to anyone else, till Shivlings reach Siddhpur, we won’t talk on call. They leave. Rahul says they won’t understand, you have to help me, we have to give shivlings to police. Latika says when everyone sleeps at night, we shall see. Everyone reaches somewhere at night. Thakur says we shall rest here and leave in morning. Latika says Gauri everything is decided, why do you want to be awake, sleep now. Gauri refuses. Everyone sleeps. Gauri looks on and goes with the Shivlings bag. Indra looks on and says how did they sleep, did they think I can’t reach them, Lord is Lord, Lord can reach anywhere.

Indra meets with an accident. Thakur checks him. He says that devil has died…. we were scared of him and running away.

Update Credit to: Amena

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