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Jiji Maa 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Suyash finds Falguni

Jiji Maa 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suyash checking the dead body in morgue. He gets relieved seeing someone else. He goes to Jayant. Jayant says Niyati’s child, we lost the baby. Suyash gets shocked. Jayant says Vidhaan needs you. Suyash runs to Vidhaan and hugs him. Niyati gets conscious and screams. She says I m not feeling my baby. She shouts to Vidhaan. He runs to her and hugs. He says we lost our child. She asks him to say its a lie. They cry. She faints down. He shouts for nurse. Jayant comes to Suyash and asks about Falguni. He says Lord can’t be stone hearted. Suyash says Lord is a stone, where did Falguni’s Lord go when she needed him the most, how will we get Falguni, police believes she is dead, if there is Lord, let him get Falguni to me. He cries.

Falguni gets admitted in the hospital. They

get shocked seeing Falguni on the stretcher. Suyash says Falguni…. They wait till she gets treated. Uttara gets shocked. Vidhaan comes to them. She asks how is Niyati. He says she is sleeping, how is Falguni. Uttara says doctors said operation will go for some hours. He asks her to sit with Niyati.

Uttara goes to Niyati. She asks Niyati to have some food, she has to stay fine, its long life. She says I can understand your pain. Niyati asks how is Falguni. Uttara says Lord snatched everything from us, you were pregnant, why did you sit in that hot air balloon. Niyati says don’t know why did I get adamant, I didn’t think about the risk, I was foolish. Uttara says its fine, don’t cry, calm down, why did Falguni drop your hand. Niyati recalls Falguni’s words. Doctor says we can’t say anything, I m shifting Falguni to ICU. Suyash sits with Falguni and talks to her. Uttara comes there and says Falguni is sleeping, no need to get scared, she will get fine, we can take her back to Jaipur, Jayant booked a chartered plane, your room has become ICU, it will be good that we return. Suyash says I will meet doctors and come. He goes.

Uttara sees Falguni and says I feel bad for you, its your mistake, you got against me, I did a lot to kill you, lets end this game. She removes the oxygen mask. Suyash comes. Uttara lies and says she was taking deep breath, call doctor, do something. Doctor stabilizes her. He calls Uttara careless. He shows the blood clot in reports. He says Falguni has won this battle, she is fine, but she is in coma. They all get shocked. Niyati asks Falguni is she fine, what happened. Uttara says please go to your room, Vidhaan take her. Suyash asks till when will she stay in coma. Doctor says we can’t say, it depends on patient’s will power, all the best. Suyash says I m not coming Jaipur, till I find the truth. Uttara asks what truth. He says whatever happened with Falguni. She says that was an accident. He says no, I had done balloon ride many times, but I didn’t hear of base moving out, I will find out who did this, I want to know who is behind Falguni’s accident, Niyati lost her child, who is responsible for it.

Suyash beats Dilip and fights. He asks who gave you money to blast the balloon. Dilip says your family member…. Suyash gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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