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Ishq ka khel Isqbaaaz khelte hai……epi 16 (Roop reveals all)


Let’s start!! Sorry for grammatical errors and typos. Previous update link
Episode 15

Real Aditi and ishan walks in with two people looking exactly like them as if they are twins

Anika – Aditi Ishan are both okay

They looks on

Anika – oh…so you are the one who plotted these fake ishan and Aditi

Roop – no dear there names are Varun and Khushi

All five reach that at  place

Shivay is shocked to see roop and Svetlana together and looking ishan and Aditi safe he got a releif

Shivay – anika………

Om -roop Bua please leave Anika bhabhi atleast

Roop – not this soon

Some goons came and holds gauri saumya and omru

Shivay is shocked

Roop gives some papers to shivay and tell him to sign the papers

Shivay – what these  papers are for??

Roop – isme yeh likha hai ki tum oberoi mansion humare naam krr rahe ho

Shivay – I’ll not sign these papers

Roop – okay….so you want me to kill then all

Shivay – no…no don’t do that main papers sign karta hoo but promise me ki app inn logo ko chod dengi

Svetlana – promise…..

Gauri- why are you doing this you are a member of this family

Roop – kyunki mere dono veerji ne meri life barbaad karr dii

Roop – they are murderes

All 5 were shocked including anika

Janna chahte ho na ki akhir kyun roop shinghaniya   ( mujhe roop k liye aur koi surname nhi mila 😜😜)  oberoi khandan ki sabse badi dushman kyun hai toh. Sunu .

Mere pati bhi veerji k saath kaam krte the


Mr singhaniya ( roop ‘ s husband)

Shinghaniya mansion

Tej – you are exporting drugs

Shakti – bhai shaab mene toh yeh socha hi nhi tha

Singhaniya – you are have misunderstoode there’s nothing like that

Shakti Hume koi galat femi nhu Hui hai humne tumhe khud, ek ladke se uske baare mein baat krte hue suna hai…..yeh dekho ( he shows a vedio in which he is talking with boy about drugs )

Roop – this video is fake

Shakti – bhai shab call the police

Mr singhaniya runs towards his room and locked the door from inside

When everyone rush there he is lying on floor in pool of blood

*flashback ends*

That day onwards i have only one motive to kill the oberois
I also duplicate of Aditi and ishan and send them to attack on everyone one by one.khushi and Varun luaghs
Now sign the parts dammit!!

He signed the papers

Svetlana – haa…..haa….haaa ( lauph) ab poora oberoi mansion hamara hai….isliye abb in sabka koi kaam nhi just shoot them all

Roop – exactly!! Finally my revenge will be completed

Some goons came and  hold shivay

Roop – sabse pehle shivay ki jaan ki jaan lenge uss k baad uski aur phir ek ek krke sabki

Roop point out gun at anika

No use…..because gun is not working 😜

A voice came from back and it is none another ranveer and priyanka ( they are happily married couple )

Ranveer – no use gun will not work because it is fake

All were shocked to see ranveer and priyanka there except anika

Now police came and arrested roop and Svetlana ( inki toh band baj gyi )

Tej shakti and pinkjhanvi also came there

Pinky – oh my Mata’s tum sab okkksss toh ho na

Shivay – yess mom we are ok

Pinky – keede pade yeh Svetlana aur roop KO kitna pareshan kiya isne tum logo KO

Anika – hum theek hai because of priveer

Shivay – papa bade papa why didn’t you told us about Mr singhaniya
Shakti – wait I’ll tell you thar what exactly happened



Mr sighaniya talking to a boy

Mr singhaniya – see……kisi KO bhi isk baare mein pata nhi chalna chaiye

Boy – Don’t worry kisi ko bhi nhi chalega

Tej came there and ask – what’s happening

Mr shinghaniya – nothing i am just in him to keep those box there

Tej – okk… ab ghar chale

They came out from godown

At that time tej and shakti saw that Mr singhaniya is talking about drugs and they made a vedio

Mr singhaniya – take your money

Boy – thank you

*flashback ends*

Shakti – aur uss time isliye uski vedio banakar usko police k havale krne ka socha tha  Parr…..

Jhanvi – that’s okk
Parr how did priveer got to know about you all

Anika – i have called them


Svetlana is coming with one dress in her hands

Roop – what is this ??

Svetlana – i will
Wear this when we’ll have our first Arty at oberoi mansion

Roop – just do it afterwards!

Svetlana went from there

Roop – stop Svetlana..
(Saying this she goes behind her)

Anika saw roop’s phone on table she somehow opens her rope and call ranveer tells him whole matter and tie her hands with chair

Pinky – are wah meri diamonds bahu

Rudra – haa bhabhi app toh bilkul chantimai nikle

Shivay – rudra its not chantimai its chantomai

Om – ab toh shivay ko anika ki language bhi achee se pata hai rudra be careful

Everyone laughs

Jhanvi – ab yahi par basera daal na hai ya ghar chale ( you all wanna live here only or what)

Shivay – one minute oberoi mansion……

Priyanka – no bhaiya…. don’t worry those papers were fake i have changed them

Om – very clever Priyanka

Priyanka smiles

They return to oberoi mansion with priveer

So guys done with my ff hope you like it comment

So, on 25th of april it’s been  one year of ishq ka khel ishqbaaaz khelte hai……i am on cloud 9 i still remember 1st epi was published at night i was Soo excited……i continued this ff coz i got a response thank you sooooooo much to each person who commented, read my story and even silent readers plzz comment today soon this ff is going to end so stay tuned
Loads of love ♥

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