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Ishq hai…ya kuch aur…Episode 10

If anyone missed previous episode..
Episode 9

Kunj is trying hard to compose himself and walk normally. But his face and body language clearly exhibited his nervousness. Kunj clears his throat while walking so that he can talk confidently.
Kunj: Hello Sir,
Tej: How dare you? You thought you can do anything with Twinkle and get away…Her dad is alive and I won’t spare you.
Kunj: Sir, please..
Tej: Just shut up. You know what she means to me…She’s my life, my everything…I left everyone in my life behind just for her. And you tried to hurt her. Mark my words…I will kill you if something happens to my daughter.
Kunj: Sir, try to under..
Tej holds Kunj by his collar and stops him.
Tej: You still have the guts to talk in front of me? I will make sure you go through the same pain which you have given to Twinkle.
Kunj is trying to get out of his hold. The more he tries, the tighter his hold becomes. Although he was getting hurt, he could see a father’s pain and care in Tej’s eyes. At the sametime, he could see fire in his eyes for the one who have made his daughter suffer. Kunj feared Tej might try to strangulate him.Kunj understood that he is trapped and no one can help him from this.
“What are you doing? Leave him” Sanjay came running and released Kunj from Tej’s hold.
Tej (still in anger): Your friend is in this condition and you are supporting him?
Tej tries to hit Kunj. Sanjay comes inbetween and holds him tight.
Sanjay: Sir, please…calm down…
Sanjay makes him sit down.
Tej: You are trying to stop me? You only messaged me about him and her accident. I received it late. The moment I got it, I started from there. I can’t do anything about my daughter’s condition. But I am not gonna spare the person who is behind it.
Sanjay (still holding his hand as he feared Tej will charge at Kunj again): Ohh..I am so sorry, Uncle. It was a misunderstanding. I thought Kunj has emotionally stressed her and that’s why she has done this. I messaged you on the night just after reaching hospital. I tried to call you several times.You were not reachable and I just thought I will message you. Later I realized that you didn’t receive that also. So I stopped messaging and calling as it was of no use. I didn’t update you anything further. It’s my fault.
Tej: What do you mean?
Sanjay: I met Kunj later and then realized that I was so wrong about him. It was an accident and I thought something else. He will never hurt Twinkle. After knowing him, I am 100% sure about it.
Tej: I don’t believe you. You are now cooking up a story to save him. But don’t forget, Twinkle is your friend. And your friend needs you at this time the most..
Sanjay: Sir, please…I shouldn’t have messaged you, till I am sure about it. I admit that I have done a mistake.
Kunj is just listening to their talks. Honestly, Kunj was afraid that if he utters a single word, Tej will pounce on him. He didn’t want to take that risk.
Sanjay: Saving Kunj…Why would I do that? I know him from past few days. Do you think I will prefer Kunj over Twinkle?
Tej: I don’t know. I can’t trust you.
Sanjay: Fine. Go ahead and ask anybody in this hospital. It is a military hospital and everybody out here is either your collegues or subordinates. They will be loyal to you for sure.
Tej felt Sanjay is making sense. He starts listening.
Sanjay: Doctors, nurses and even attenders have seen Kunj taking care of Twinkle. From the accident night to till this date, he was always here. I may have skipped coming hospital due to classes. But he always made sure that he or Yuvi is always there. He managed everything, eventhough he was crying inside. Never lost his control except once… when he realized that Twinkle is leaving him.
Kunj is shocked or rather surprised to hear such words from Sanjay.
Sanjay: Maine Kunj ko tadapte dekha hain Twinkle ke liye. Jab Twinkle coma me hain pata chala, tab humein hi pata hain, humne isse kaise sambhala hai…Paagal ho gaya tha ye… (I have seen the intensity of his love…We had a tough time handling Kunj, when he knew that she is in coma. He went out of control. He was weeping and yelling like anything.)
Kunj is perplexed to see the portrayal of him as a lover by Sanjay.He understood that Tej is getting affected by his talks. Tej is much relaxed now and still listening.
Kunj thinks, ‘Rulayega kya pagle…Itna toh maine bhi acting nahi ki, jitna tu bol reha hain…’ ‘(I am impressed with you; Sanjay…Was it my acting or you found something in me which convinced you this much…)
Sanjay: He loves her so much that he can’t even think of hurting her. He is a student and works part time somewhere. He has stopped everything and is always with her. Every now and then he goes and checks with doctor about her improvement and medications. He makes sure that she is provided with the best medicine available. He wants her to be back in his life that desperately…
Tej looks at Kunj. Kunj is in a dilemma of which expression to be kept on his face.
Tej: Pata nahi…Shayad tum sahi keh rehe ho…Per mera dil nahi maan reha hain…Me ek baar doctor se milke aata hun… (I don’t know..May be you are right…But I am not convinced yet…I will meet the doctors.)
Tej leaves.Kunj is looking at him entering Doctor’s cabin.
Sanjay (keeping his hand on Kunj’s shoulder): Don’t worry. He will be convinced after meeting doctor.
Kunj is still worried.
Sanjay: I am sorry. You had to go through this just because of me.
Kunj: That’s fine. I am happy at least you tried to convince him. Though he is not yet…
Sanjay: Don’t worry…You love her so much…Your love for her will make him change his opinion…
Sanjay leaves…
Kunj thinks, ‘Na main aisa hun jaisa Tej Sir soch rehe hain, aur na main waisa hun jaisa Sanjay bata reha hain…Per abhi apni bachav ke liye muje Sanjay wala Romeo banke rehna hoga…’ ‘(I am not that bad boy as Tej sir thinks and not that lover boy as Sanjay said. I will wear this Romeo image to save myself.)
Precap: – Tej and Kunj talks.
Jisha 😉

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