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I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 47- Rajput’s rest of the Past

Here i’m back with the next update hope you guys will like it.

Ignore all spelling, typo and grammatical mistakes.

“Dev opening the lock” After Aarohi… Anu  got alone and broken. On one side pain of losing Aarohi and on the other side pain of seeing Anu becoming Anika.

Sanjay came to factory give open threat that if i’ve  to throw Anu out my life.

I took it light and ask him to do whatever he wants but i won’t do this.

But after that attacks were held on Anu…. still then i didn’t comes under Sanjay talks…..

Dev with watery eyes gazing pictures. Place them back and takes some letter out off box……Forward it to Shivaay

Shivaay eyeing Dev with pain holds letter from him…….

“Dev caressing Kyra picture” That bitter truth  in which my sister was plotted i was falling weaking because none should believe what’s spoke but on what  they saw.

“Shivaay reading letter”…..

Dev Singh Rajput if this time you didn’t throw Anu away from your world. Then dignity of Rajput’s and Kyra will be stained. Whole world will split on Rajput’s name.

Dev” if this truth came out even today everything will get over.

Dev forward next letter to him

“Shivaay  takes letter from him start reading it”

 So DSR i’ve given you twelve hours but you took it a joke but  I’m sure you don’t want your Anu who has became Anika should become murderer Anika….

Yes DSR, Princess of Jodhpur death was not accident but plan murder and now if you want  Gauri and Bhavya alive. Make your decision and blow off the Noor.

 I still don’t want to make Anu away from me but finally i’ve to do. When Gauri was kidnapped a…n..d….Dev start breaking”

“Shivaay eyes gets more watery to see Dev breaking he runs and holds him before he can fall”

“Dev hugs him tightly brust out” Sanjay was about to scold her to Queans.

“Shivaay breaks the hug gazes Dev with shock”

Dev cries” Finally  DSR the chaser became helpless and he  promised that Sanjay that i’ll accept all his condition but give Gauri back to me”

“Shivaay hug him rubbing his back” stop crying. What Anu order that Anu’s baba no tears.

“Dev breaks the hug” first i’ve hope that i’ll find my Anu but Shivaay now from where should i get my Anu my Noor back…..He brust out.

“Shivaay consolling Dev”

“Dev requesting Shivaay that none should no about it. Never Shivaay never”

Next Day


Rajput’s Hall

Outside sky blissing but inside RM it’s still dark. None slept for a second all with dry tears gazing Anika picture except Vahni whose happy to do next blast on Rajput’s

“Jhanvi addressing to Gauri” beta go and bring Aarohi bhabhi g out from room. Since yesterday she has locked herself in room

Dadi” i can’t believe till now that”

“Aarohi stepping down addressing to all” That Anu is no more

“All leave their respective place gazing Aarohi with widen open eyes.

“Aarohi stepping down” don’t be suprise you all and narrow your eyes.

“Vahni pov” She’s gone mad…     ( Vahni laughing in mind) first Anu was gone mad and now jiji… it’s good that she’s getting mad.

“Gauri runs to Aarohi hugs her tightly” Maa!

“Aarohi  cover her in arms gazing Anika picture” princess stop crying i’m fine and where’s doll.

Devi g” beta how can you?”….

“Aarohi breaks the hug steps towards devi g with smiling lips and moist eyes”….. Maa g i know what yours…. )she turns her gaze to all)…. how can Aarohi be so calm….see what question  all have in their eyes Anu( Aarohi caressing Anika picture).

That look just yesterday this mis-fortunate Maa has lost her poor soul… not poor but loser soul

All gazes eachother with shock

Dev” Aarohi…..( he about to speak when Aarohi stop him by showing her hand)

“Aarohi smiles widely but watery eyes turning red fire start burning in eyeballs” Anika Singh Rajput or should i plateded her name Late Anika oopss sorry i forget her real name  “Anika the Clunker( complete failure)

Shivaay ” Maa please stop this why you are hurting yourself?”

“Aarohi passes smile to Shivaay” tough mine and your lovely uff i again forgotten loser wife( Aarohi strached on it) are abbrivated as ASR but both full forms are different.Sorry i’ve some stardard form but Anu she nods negatively…… Right Dev

Dev cries” Aarohi how can you say that?”

“Aarohi shows her tongue to Dev” with this tongue Dev i’m saying( she curves her lips)

Shivaay hurting myself is not my standard…… it’s her standard…    (Aarohi point to Anika picture). She lived poorly and died poorly”

“Pinky aunty cries pleading Aarohi ” barjaji please don’t say this….. Anika’s soul…….( Aarohi cuts her)….

Aarohi ” let me complete it for you…… Tadapati ho gayi Anu ki rooh… but rooh to insaano ki hoti hai (Soul are of humans ) pathar ki nahe toh phir tadap kesi.

All crying on Aarohi helpless

“Vahni enjoying this “

“Bhavya in low tone” Maa

“Aarohi turns her face towards Bhavya” Doll come Aarohi extended her hand towards bhavya.

“Bhavya runs to Aarohi”

“Aarohi hug her tightly peck her forehead” good morning!! doll

Bhavya” Maa di chali gayi, di chali gayi….. Maa please call her back. I know she will come back on your one call”

“Aarohi breaks the hug cup her face” stop crying doll enough . Be mature. Now go and get fresh i’m preparing breakfast i’m sure none had anything. She starts leaving when Dev voice fix her feet

“Dev crying” Maa why your are behaving like Anu. She did the same years back when……           ( Aarohi cuts him)

“Aarohi (excuse me) she turns her face to Dev” please don’t compare me with that Clunker.

(She cross her arms around)

Did Aarohi denied about her death?

“Shivaay staright looking in Aarohi eyes”

“Aarohi answer me did i denied?

All crying silently

Vahni” jiji it’s just a night passed and you believed that your Anu is no more( shading crocodile tears)

Aarohi” see you all are crying i’m too crying that she finally ended her life. But her  eyes became arid.

She never let you people to call me but see i’m calling her but she…… ( tears rolling from her eyes)

“Dev turns his face cries”

Devi g” Aarohi beta please don’t do this”

“Aarohi wipes her tears ” No maa g nothing is similar between us….So please its my request… Aarohi join her hand infront of all… Never again compare me with this girl……… Never…… Aarohi cup her mouth runs from there….. Never with this loser she did murder of my Anu.

Dev” Aarohi listen”

Scene shifts to Vahni room

I can’t believe that Queen will so soon will accept that Anu is dead. Anika was much better than her for years she never accepted that her Maa is dead but Aarohi jiji herself called her dead. Jiji you are really bad but don’t worry i’m with you and your lovely sister is really nice and i promise i kept you away from your Anu and soon i’ll send you close to your Anu.

But i’m unhappy with Anu she spoiled my whole plan.

I thought today when Anu’s Maa will come to know that Anu tried to competed suicide jiji will leave the RM and it will become easy for me to execute my plan but no….. jiji knew it before and i’ve to change my whole game plan…… first her daughter and now she herself.

Vahni fone rings…..

Hello! Who’s there?

Man” boss makhu is in police custody

Vahni ( shocked)what? When did this happened and you are telling me knowwwww….. Vahni shouts

Man” boss police was after us and i with much difficult got escaped from police custody and called you…. right after i got free from police clutches”

Vahni cuts the fone….. no i’ve to do something before makhu opens his mouth…… And still i don’t destory Rajput’s i won’t get peace nor my Indra soul.

Scene shifts to Shivaay room

Shivaay” Anika i oath you that SSO won’t let any one finger to touch your family as you always conisder my family yours from today’s your family is mine……

This is your Shivaay’s promise to you that your moon will always shine……

Shivaay Singh Oberoi have only one rule…. khud pe talwar bhi chal jaye koi gham nahe….. per merey pariwaar aur pyaar kisi nay ankh bhi uthai to phir……Shivaay did his signature steps walk out with mosit eyes

O jaanaa plays

After one hour

Khanna” sir chopper is ready”

“Shivaay instructing Khanna” not even a bird should fly near Rajput Mansion…… and i need report of every micro second of them. I’ll be back in evening.

Khanna ” nods”

Shivaay wear his shades get seated in chopper and fly

Scene shifts to RM 


Anika’s room

Vahni” jiji”

“Aarohi all lost resting on rocking chair”

Vahni pov” kehi maar to nahe gayi….. No how can she die her death is in my hands?

Vahni walk near Aarohi put hand on Aarohi shoulder and brings her out of Anika’s thoughts.

“Aarohi turns and gazes Vahni”

“Vahni kneel down holds Aarohi hand” thinking about Anika na jiji?

“Aarohi turns her face close her eyes” Vahni leave me alone

Vahni” when my maa died you didn’t let me alone than how can i leave you alone in your bad time”

Aarohi” Vahni why you came here? just say that and leave”

Vahni” first promise you will accept my condition”

Aarohi” you know very well that  without listening i’ve never accept  condition nor do promise”

“Vahni rest her head in Aarohi’s lap and smirks evilly” i know that jiji….. but it’s not actually condition but request please accept it. Jiji i know it’s not easy for you to forget Anika till you are alive.

Jiji yesterday our babu ji came in my dream and he was crying and saying that my elder Princess for years didn’t came to visit her Palace and nor she performed any puja for us. She has forgotten us”

Aarohi” yup i’m not good daughter nor good mother.

“Vahni pull her head up” No! jiji my sister is best and i promised babuji that today we both are coming to Jodhpur and i’ve already kept Maha puja for our parents

“Aarohi open her eyes gawk Vahni” Vahni how can i go my Gayu need me.

Vahni” and what about promise i did with babuji….. please jiji please it’s matter of few hours and i’m not saying that you alone come and do this puja…. Take Oberoi’s and Rajputs too and babuji soul will be really happy when his granddaughters will too perform it.

Aarohi” ok fine but puja will be held in RM”

“Vahni in mind” puja will held in RM but what about my plan soon i’ve to take her there before Dev comes to know about me.

Screen freezes on Vahni’s evil face


Precape  Shivaay in kankroli.


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Soon i’ll be updating the next one.

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