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Episode 9,Theme: Will love you till my last breath.

Scene 1:Road.

Neil calls the ambulance and tells Ali and Reha to take Avni inside the house,while he takes Mowgli (Avin) to the hospital.

Scene 2:Avni’s house.

Ali picks Avni and takes her inside while Reha calls a doctor to check Avni.

Doctor: Nothings serious,but keep in mind that you all don’t give her much stress and I have given her the injection,so she will regain her consciousness in almost 6–7 hours.

Scene 3:Hospital.

Neil:Doctor ,How’s Mowgli.

Doctor:His, condition is very critical as he has lost much blood and the blood group he has is not that rare but still no one can donate that much blood. we need two donors and we have got only one.

Neil:Than I can donate my blood.

Doctor:That’s great.

Neil donates his blood ,and Mowgli gets discharged from the hospital as gets better after getting the blood.

Scene 4:Avni’s house.

Neil takes Mowgli to his room and himself goes to Avni’s room.He sees that Avni is sweating heavily and murmuring something (while asleep).Neil goes near her and wipes her sweat.

Avni:N..Neil Y..you cant snatch M..Mowgli from me ,no.M..Mowgli….Ne…Neil please.

Avni suddenly hugs Neil.

Neil: Avni calm down ,its ok ,its ok and relax I will neve snatch Mowgli from you after all he’s our son.

Avni wakes up and looks around.
Avni:Where is Mowgli .
Neil:(puts his hands on her shoulders)Calm down,he is ok now and he is in his room.
Avni:Don’t touch me stay away.
Neil:Avni please forgive me please I love you very much and will love you till my last breath.
Avni: N..Neil but ….
Avni cups his face into her hands and says ok but on one condition,Neil wipes her tears and says I will accept any condition.

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