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I Don’t Have Any reason To Reject You

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OS : I Don’t Have Any reason To Reject You

Maa!!! koun kahega aise library mein milne ke???

I am sure…i am gonna reject him…

No maa..i couldn’t marry this type of guy…

I said everything in a hurry and disconnected the call before my mom could say anything..

Come on guyz…how could i marry him

Oh am sorry..i still didn’t say what is going on ryt??

Hmm..okay i am Alya..

And i am a B.E graduate who wanna work..but obviously mere indian parents mujhe kaam karne ke liye mana kiya tha..

Aur ab mein ek library ka entrance mein hoon… iss library mein ek ladke ko milne ke liye aaye..

Ofcourse guys, this will be the next level for those girls who finished their studies..

Okay let me check whether he arrived or not…i took my mobile..

Oops 5 missed calls from unknown number..maybe it was him…i should call him

I called back the number…
He is so sharp..he picked up in the second ring

Hellooo..he said

Hello..koun hai aap??

Hmm…i am karan..i hope u reached library…he said

Karan..yes he is the one…Actually his tone sounds nice…

But alya look at the place..this is didn’t even come to this place when u was in college..

My inner-self screamed…yeah he could asked me to come for a coffee shop..

Hellllllooooo….he said in a high tone which made me to come back to the reality

Umm…yeah…i am in dis library…i came…wer r u….jaldi bathaiye wer should i come???

May be i didn’t saw his expression…but i am damn sure..he will definitely find out that i am not interested in this proposal by the way i replied him.

Hmm..i am in the upstairs…he said

Okay…i will be there..i said and cut the call before he speaks

So rude na…i am sorry kabir…but i don’t wanna marry some boring man….i thought to myself..

I entered the library…i could see the stairs in the last corner..

I walked slowly but that doesn’t mean i wanna irritate him…seriously not…yeah i reached the upstairs…now how could i find him…wait maa said that he will be wearing Red coloured shirt and black jean ryt??

I searched for that color…but here many of them wearing red…I sighed..okay lemme call him..may be i could identify him when pick my call

I called his number… instead of hearing the boring ring…i heard the song…may be it was his mobile ringtone…so he is somewhere near to me. I begin to search and i could hear the ringtone now clearly..

Aai ho kahaa se gori
Aankho me pyaar le ke

Aai ho kahaa se gori
Aankho me pyaar le ke

Chadhati javaani ki ye
Pahali bahaar le ke

Dilli shahar kaa sara
Minaa baazaar le ke

Dilli shahar kaa sara
Minaa baazaar le ke

Jhumakaa bareli wala
Kaano me aisaa dala

Jhumake ne le li meri jaan
Haay re mai tere qurabaan

I could see a man who is standing without blinking his eyes. May be he is the one i am looking for…i tried to bring him to the reality

((Karan is standing like statue who got mesmerised by alya’s beauty…those lines suits her perfectly…her kajal showed her eyes clearly….she is wearing White wid yellow color salwar kameez…without any make-up she looks absolutely good.))

Hello Mr..Mr..karan…i waved my hands in front of his face which brought kabir from his world..

Umm..Ms???? Karan asked

So you didn’t even know my name…i wanna ask him..but i didn’t….

I am Alya… i said with a fake smile..

But the way he looks doesn’t seems like he will be boring…because he is too perfect…his dressing sense…that style…and moreover the ringtone he has…actually it was lovely….my inner-self stated..

Actually na we will always have a lot of opinion on one person…

Excuse me??? He called me..….i asked him just because i don’t know how to start the conversation….

Hmm Alya..Actually i had a small work here…and yeah your home is also near this library…so i thought it will be easy for you to come here…

He begins to explain why he called me here..

Dats so sweet Mr.Karan…. i said with a sheepish smile on my face….and i have a doubt too…which made him to get confuse

He stopped his explanation by my reply and raised his eyebrows by asking what

Voh..voh…kya aap library bhi aathe hai??? I asked by biting my tongue

I could clearly see him…that he is trying to control his laugh…yaar he is laughing at me…how dare he laugh at me..

But he is laughing at your stupid question…my inner-self replied..

I just wanna justify my stupid question…

Mr. Karan….actually…i am an average student…so library, books..these are all not my cup of tea…that’s why i asked…

He is still controlling his laugh which irritates me more..but he looks cute while laughing

I stared at him…

Okay am sorry….ur so honest…

I got a smile in my face..

i already said that i had some work here…so i am not here to read books..and yeah i won’t come here often but i do read books….he said

Hmm I asked again in the confusion of what to speak..

Hmm alya…i too wanna be honest like you…i like you..he said

I don’t know what to say…how could he say this in the first meeting itself…now i am confused

I know you are in a confusion…i just came her in the mind set of saying no to you…but after meeting you i couldn’t…he said

What made you to say that?? I asked

The question you asked…aap library bhi aathe hai?
It showed your honest…it showed me that u do only what you loves….that thing made me to like you….he said

So he likes me???

But why he wanna say no to me then…

Umm min…why do you wanna say no then?
I asked him

His smile gone from his face after hearing this.

Voh ..i wanna share something with you…you could decide after hearing this…Decision is up to you..

You are scaring me…i said in a husky voice

He continued with a little smile.

I was in a relationship few years back..he said

Yes, i was…but not now..i couldn’t understand the exact reason why she broke our relationship…sometimes she said her parents won’t accept..sometimes she said she wanna go abroad….

And at last we had a break-up….. he finished his own sad love story

So….aap faisla kijiye..i am leaving now…he said and he is about to go.

I stopped him…..hello Mr.karan
..kahan jaa rahe aap???…i asked

He looked at me with a confusion.

We came here to decide ryt?…den wer r you going…

Pehle aap yahan baitiye…i made him to sit in one of the stairs..i too sit behind him

Okay…you loved a girl and obviously you had a break-up ryt?? I asked by raising my eyebrows

He nodded his heads…

So what’s the big deal yaar…aajkal na 10th grade ladke se bhi break-up ho raha hai…aap toh handsome aur s*xy lagrahe hai.

He looked at me …i bit my tongue

I mean stylish…so u will definitely have a break-up story…so it is not big deal….i said

Aap kehna kya chahthe hai?? He asked

I stood and turned to other side…maybe i feel shy on seeing his face

He too stood and came behind me…

I don’t have any reason to reject you…i said

I knew this will confuse him more…

Karan shrugged my shoulders and turned me towards him..

I couldn’t understand what are you saying?? He asked me still his hands are in my shoulder.. i smiled by seeing his hands

I took his both hands and hold it very tightly which helps me to get some courage to speak

Voh…You too seems to be honest…aur aap hot bhi lagthe hai…again biting my tongue…little smile appears on his face…mein aap ko kaise mana karun???

I said and i don’t know how to make him understand better than this.

I saw his face to find whether he is happy with my decision…he didn’t react for a while which gives me a mini heart attack..

Mr.karan…..what is your deci….before i could complete i got his answers by seeing his adorable smile….


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