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Half Marriage 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandani exposes Maya before everyone

Half Marriage 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya asking Chandani to keep the plate out and says she will bring more food. Chandani goes. Maya opens the bottle and thinks everyone will sleep after eating this drugged food then I will kill that old man, it is your last day today. Everyone is having food. Maya asks about Surinder. Chandani says Kusum gave him food in the room. Sulochana asks her to sit and have food. Maya says she had soup sometime back and now don’t want to have food, mood swings is common. Sulochana feels dizzy and says if someone mixed anything in food. Maya says why Chandani will add anything and asks her to go and sleep. Sulochana goes. Maya thinks everyone will wake up after 12-15 hours and then she will pretend to wake up after them. She says everyone will doubt on Chandani as she made food.


comes to Manohar’s room and says mad guy, why can’t you sleep peacefully and asks am I your favorite that you call my name Maya Maya…She tells that everyone is sleeping peacefully now. She says after you death, everyone will forget you, and your stupid wife will handover Arjun to me. She acts crazy and says half of your family is in my control…She takes a pillow to suffocate him to death, but Manohar holds her hand. Maya gets shocked. Manohar asks if she don’t believe her eyes. He takes her to hall. Everyone comes there shocking Maya. Sulochana asks are you surprised to see him fine, seeing him out of coma. What do you think that only you can play games? Chandani says even we have played a small game, Papa never went in coma, it was necessary for us to make you confess. Maya is shocked.

Chandani tells that we have done a small drama. A fb is shown, Chandani takes Sulochana to ward, she sees Manohar fine. Sulochana says are you fine? Manohar says I want to tell you big truth. Chandani says if I had told you then you will not believe me. Manohar tells Sulochana that everything is done by Maya and tells her everything. Sulochana gets angry and says she is Dayan. Chandani says we have no proofs against Maya and tells that old man’s address is wrong. She tells that we have misunderstandings between them and tells that they will also do drama. Fb ends.

Chandani tells Maya that even Doctor was with them. She says they acted to argue and tried to pressurize her, and that why Manohar took her name. She says you are trapped and tells that she had seen her mixing medicine in the food. A fb is shown, Sulochana and Chandani see her mixing it and changes the gravy bowl. Fb ends. Sulochana says women is having bad image because of woman like you. She says you kept baby seed in your womb to get Arjun and says she is ashamed to keep her at home. Janki says we will kick her out. Sulochana asks Janki not to act and says your truth is right infront of us.

Chandani asks Maya, you told that half of the family members are at your side, and tells that when Maya attacked Papa, that day Janki was outside Maya’s room and made sure that nobody knows that she is not in the room. Janki says I didn’t know that she had attacked Manohar. Chandani says but you knew that the baby is not of Arjun, but then also supported her. Sulochana asks her to get out. Chandani stops Sulochana and says thank us that we are not getting you arrested, as you had taken care of Arjun in the past. She says you would have learnt some goodness from him. She says your one mistake and is all saved in video diary. It is time to say good bye. Chandani closes the door after throwing her out. Maya thinks you did a mistake that you didn’t get me arrested and made me more poisonous. She will bite her and ends her life.

She comes to Police station and gets Saheb ji bail out from jail. She tells him that she needs his help to get Arjun as Chandani is coming in her way, and says I know you hates her. Saheb ji says it is good that you also hates her, I don’t think you have done a favor on me by bailing me out and asks what did you think to take revenge. Maya says why would I have bailed you out if not thought about my plan. She asks him to do what she has decided. Surinder gets fine and stands on his face. Sulochana prays that Chandani shall get pregnant soon. Mannu comes there and asks them to switch on TV. They watch the news that drugs is found in sanskar sena’s office, and tells that Maya Oberoi revealed that Arjun’s factory is having drugs. Maya gives interview to media that she asked Arjun and Chandani not to do drug dealing, but they kicked her out of house. She says arjun acted to love me and Chandani sent her own father to jail as he came to know that Chandani is involved in Mafia, but as truth always win, Saheb ji is bailed out. She tells that they will unveil Chandani and Maya’s truth in the press conference in the evening.

Sulochana praises Chandani and says you have always fulfilled your duty as a bahu and says she is proud to have bahu and wants every family to have beti and bahu like her. Arjun and Chandani gets intimate.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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