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Gods Most Beautiful Gift SIBLINGS- Episode 2

[The person who entered courtroom was Abhay Singh Oberoi grandson of Prithvi Singh Oberoi’s elder brother]


Abhay Singh  Oberoi,28,Abhay completed his law when he was 23 after two years of practice he started his own law firm. He is considered one of the best lawyers of country and his firm maintains interesting clientele of business tycoons and as legal counsellor to Agnihotri industries one of the top industries globally,Abhay never fights a case for person who he thinks is truly guilty which is also one of the reason he has never in his career lost a single case except one which he still thinks as biggest defeat of his life and blames himself for putting someone innocent behind the bars.Currently Abhay is single but he had a serious relationship in past but he broke his engagement with his girlfriend and he doesn’t look forward to be in a relationship any time soon and as person.Abhay is cheerful,positive,energetic and happy with is life


Lawyer:[in usual manner]I am really sorry your honor for being late again but this time it was really important work[while the lawyer was busy talking to judge as if talking to his friend entire Oberoi family had expression of shock visible on their faces]

Rudra:[voiced his thoughts which was basically everyone’s thought]How the hell he could be a lawyer?

Judge:[he warns Abhay about his recklessness in courtroom]Mr.Oberoi we are in a courtroom here you don’t come late when you are the one who asked for an emergency date

Abhay:[he slightly bend and expressed his apology]I am really sorry your honor but I had an important work related to this very case your honor

Defence lawyer:[he turned towards Abhay and said]Mr.Oberoi we are already running late so if you’re done with your apology then shall proceed[Abhay noded in positive and asked for roop to be present in witness box judge granted him permission]

Abhay:[he walked towards Roop who was standing in witness box]don’t worry Ms.Roop this is just gonna be finished as soon as it starts I will ask you some basic questions about the case and all you have to answer is either yes or no that’s it and we’ll be done[Abhay showed her a video clip that was 25 years old which record Roop entering in the Kalyani mill factory and he started asking question like a teacher asking a student true or false]Do you agree that the person who entered the factory is you?[Roop said “yes”]You might not remember very clearly but the time stamp on camera says this was recorded at 7:30 p.m. can you confirm that[Roop again replied positive Abhay handed a report typewriter which was handed to judge in turn]your honor what I just handed to you is the original copy of Mr.Kapoor’s postmortem report when Mr.Kapoor’s body was found most of it was burnt but the reports said that he died at between 7:40 to 8:00 p.m. that was almost 30 mins before fire started [Abhay showed another video clip which showed Tej,Shakti,Pinky and Janvi entering the factory and asked Roop]Ms.Roop do can confirm that people who entered the factory are your brothers and their wives[Roop was getting frustrated with Abhay’s yes or no question and with every question frasutation was raising but she had no choice she said “yes”]your honor I would like to bring a point to everyone’s attention that time stamps when my clients family members entered factory says they entered around 7:50 to 7:55 which means they entered when either Mr.Kapoor was being murdered or when he was already dead[Abhay handed another paper to judge and said]this is post mortem report of factory foreman[Anika became sad hearing this but Shivaay consoled her]according to the Police report Mr.Trivedi committed suicide but the wound which caused Mr.Trivedi’s death was inserted upwards which highly unlike in any case of suicide in case of suicide that wound should have been downwards my point here is your honor that Mr.Trivedi didn’t committed suicide he was murdered

Defence lawyer:[he stood up and objected]I object your honor Mr.Oberoi is just wasting time[he turns to Abhay and says]Mr.Oberoi proving that my client was at the scene during the murder doesn’t proves that she murdered Mr.Kapoor and Mr.Trivedi

Abhay:[He looked at defence lawyer and had a grin on his face]it seems Mr.Batra that you already think that your client is murderer I mean I never said that she committed those murders I only proved innocence of my clients family members[objection was overruled defence lawyer recognized his foolishness and Roop was more angry and frustrated now he showed another video clip which showed Roop with murder weapon getting out of factory he turned towards Roop and said]Ms.Roop you know what I actually don’t have question regarding this clip because I can narrate the whole story from when you entered to kalyani mills till this clip to start with,you entered kalyani mills found Mr.Kapoor and killed him then waited for your brothers to arrive there you took their suspicious pictures and then you showed yourself and acted like messiah to them[Roop was getting really angry and Abhay was waiting  for perfect moment to break the ice]then you asked your brothers to leave and said that you will take care of the body and you certainly did you set the factory on fire and left from the factory with murder weapon to murder Mr.Trivedi because you knew he saw you commiting crime so you forced him to write suicide note and killed him but I didn’t get one thing[Abhay goes close to Roop and says in calm] I mean I know that you needed someone to help you spy on Oberois and make sure that they enter the factory that night but you could have hired someone why did you involved Gayatri’s husband in all this he was never worker of factory[Roop’s frustration and anger blasted out and all the truth with]

Roop:[shouting and crying at same time]I didn’t hired him we planned it together  he was my husband not Gayatri’s we planned it together but he had to go underground because police  was searching for him so i promised him that we will enjoy destruction of oberois together so I waited for  24 years[everyone in courtroom was gossiping except Oberois who were happy knowing that they are gonna win the case and Roop was still crying because on the day of maha aarti it was her plan to burn her own husband alive but she didn’t wanted him to die and she still regrets her decision more than Oberois she was angry on herself that only person who loved her was dead because of her own vengeance against her siblings]

Judge:[he silences the court and then asks Roop]Ms.Roop Oberoi do you accept that you murder Mr.Kapoor?[Roop says yes]Ms.Roop Oberoi do you accept you set kalyani mills on fire and also murdered companies foreman Harshvardhan Trivedi[Roop nodded in yes judge passes his verdict and announces life imprisonment of Roop everyone moves out of courtroom Roop see Abhay asks permission to talk to him for few seconds and she walks towards Abhay with two lady constable surrounding her she was close with hands reach of Abhay notices a red dot on Roop’s forehead he gets confused for a moment but the shot gets fired and Abhay pulled Roop on ground with himself but gets himself injured in process]


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