Wednesday , September 23 2020


The episode starts with Aditya standing in the arrival part of airport with a board written as Mehrotra..

Mehrotras completes the security tests.. and they walks looking Adi..

On seeing Adi.. Mehrotra calls him..

Adi gets introduced to Maya and zoya also..     Adi takes them to his car..Maya and Jhanvi gets into the car.. Ashwin goes to make a call

Zoya was about to enter her car.. But she slip.. Adi holds her in her hips..They share an eyelock..

Zoya sits in car and Ashwin also come.. They start their journey and all those while zoya was avoiding contact with Adi..


The was talking to his friends and entering his classroom .. he collapse with a lady(preetha) wearing jeans and tops with tied hair and specs.. On seeing her..

Karan : Oh..! you can’t you just see..

Preetha : No.. i can’t .. if you have problem you walk carefully

karan : Oh.. you what do you think of yourself.. you know whenever in sees tou my day goes as bad as it can..

Preetha : Same here..

Sameer : Oh guys! Cutt it off.. Preetha pls.

preetha : Why should i be silent.. you tell him..

Sameer : Karan please!!

karan : Yaar i am your bhai.. and you should support me..

Sameer : Preetha..

Preetha gives him a impossible look and goes from there karan goes into the class and sameer follows preetha..

Sam : Preeta..  has srishti also came??

Preeta : I don’t know!!

Sam : Come on.. the whole college know she is your cousin..

preeta : Why are you so intrested in my cousin

Sam : You know .. that i ..


Abhimanyu was at hospital treating one of his patients.. Just then a nurse comes and informs him that Tanvi is calling him..

He goes to Tanvi’s room and he sees a girl(geeyhanjali) in jeans and red long top..

Abhi : Can I come in..

Tanvi : yeah abhi..

Abhi : Chotimaa.. You called me??

Tanvi : Ha.. Abhi meet her , She is geethanjali..

Abhi : Hai geethanjali..

Geethu : Hai..

Tanvi : She will be joining your team from tomarrow..

Abhi(shocked) : What!! but why you know na.. our team is the best.. and.. why..

Geethu looks him with a confused face

Tanvi : I know.. your team is best and didn’t fail in any of the surgeory that you guys have done.. belive me.. she is also best..

Abhi : As you say..

He takes geethanjali with him to meet other members..


Shivanya is shown dancing and her friends are watching her dancing. her teacher comes and asks her to stop..

Shivu : Whay happened miss. did i do anything wrong..

Teacher : No.. infact your the most talented stident we have and guess what you got the opporutinty that Yamini Raheja will teach you dancing..

All the friends of shivanya claps hearing this

Shivu : Oh my god.. ma’am you mean .

Teacher : Its good being excited but not forget to workhard .

She gives a chit to shivanya..

Teacher : Tomarrow you have to go to this address its.. yamini raheja’s.. Now practise ..

Teacher goes .. Shivanya dances in happines..


Adi arrives with mehrotra’s.. Kavya and Aditi invites them..Dada dadi also comes All mehrotras gets blessing from them..

They enters the hall and sits at the couch..

Zoya and Maya sees guns which was hanged in the wall..

Maya : Dadaji.. you know how to hunt..(pointing towards the guns)..

Dada : No.. infact i am a shayar.. who also has intrest in potery..

Dadi : I habe intest in hunting..

Zoya : Ha.. like seriously you..

Dadi : That because i have a royal blood..

They all laughs .Maya and zoya sits confused





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