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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Season 1 Continued (Epi 8)

Episode starts with Kamini complaining about how she gets insulted every time infront of her guests and family members. Sumo tries to say something when shravan signs her.

Shravan goes and sits next to kamini and says that not this time. Kamini shuts him up and says nobody listens to her in this family. Nirmala comes down and says what is going on here? Lalaji says “parjhayiji ab aap hi sambhalo yeh sab”. Nirmala asks kamini what happened. When she complaints that in her pushkar’s marriage, she had to bear insults of her high class guests, this time too her family has to be part of that insult? Nirmala says its her family too, she won’t let it happen, i promise….. when Kamini says yes just like you kept your promise of not meeting aditya and aditi ever right? Nirmala is stunned.

Shravan and ramnath look at her with questionable looks. Nirmala stumbles and says yes, when did I meet them? Kamini smirks and asks her what were you doing in the police station last night then parjhayiji? Then innocently asks ramnath “kya apko pata hai bhaisabh kal hi raat un dono ki rihayi bhi ho gyi thi”

Ramnath stands up angrily and asks nirmala if she got them bailed? She nervously says yes.

Shravan storms out saying this is the limit!

Sumo is still processing everything when ramnath asks nirmala to meet her in their room right now. Kamini smirks and looks at her phone. She texts someone.

Nanaji then tells suman that they will talk about other arrangements later and asks her to come, its late now. She gets up to walk when lalaji tells her everything will be fine. She nods and takes leave from there.

She eyes shravan outside and tells nanaji that she will come later; right now she needs to talk to shravan. Nanaji asks how she will come. She says shravan will drop her.

He says okay and asks her to be careful. She nods and asks everyone to reach safely. Shravan is out walking and thinking about kamini’s allegation and nirmala’s acceptance when sumo comes to him and asks him to think of it from a mother’s perspective.

Shravan says you will take her side this time as well? Considering what aditya did to you?

She says no she isn’t taking her side but maybe she couldn’t see them both, whom she considered her very own children from past 10 years, in jail. If I was in her place then I would do the same thing. He says no his children at first place never do such a shameful thing. She smiles and says still thinking about your children huh?

He stops and looks at her, and tells her that now aditya is out of jail. He doesn’t trust him so she has to be safe at all cost. He tells her that for next 21 days whenever she is going out, she has to call him and tell him about it. She denies saying that she won’t do it since he will be busy in wedding chores plus handling his firm. He says he has time for her, and if he is busy somewhere then at least he would get to know about her location so that if anything bad happens he is able to reach her without any delays.

She says okay she will do it but first they have to talk about guests and their accommodation problem. Ramnath says that I will handle. He comes their and says suman,  tum baki tayyarion mein busy ho jao and yeh chiz mujhe handle karne do. Suman says no uncle yeh chiz hamesha ladki wale handle karte hain, aur hum apne reeti riwazon se pichha nahi hatenge. Ramnath shuts her up and says, aaj tak meine apne bête ki haan mein haan nahi milayi thi, uski khushiyon ke bare mein kabhi nahi socha tha. Tum dono ne mujh emery galtiyon ke liye maaf toh kar diya lekin mujhe abhi bhi sharmindagi hai. Mujhe iss sharmindagi ko khatam karne ke liya iss shadi mein kuchh karne do.

He tries to fold his hands infront of them when suman says, what are you doing uncle? He looks at her and says from now onwards call me papa. She smiles and says papa. He hugs her. She says aap sahi keh re hain papa, agar aapko lagta hai ki aap yeh handle karna chahte hain toh theek hai, aap handle kar lijiye. Mujhe koi problem ni hai.

Shravan smiles and says achha sumo, pehle meri maa ko apni maa bana liya, ab mere papa ko bhi? Ramnath laughs and asks him to join the hug.

Three of them hug. Nirmala watches this from a distance and smiles. She says bhagwan in teeno ko kisiki nazar na lagne de.

Someone is seen watching this from behind.

Precap: Nirmala comes outside after receiving a call. When someone grabs her from behind and hits her head. She collapses. Ramnath on the other hand gets photos of nirmala being kept in a dark place, with a warning note saying 25 saal purana raaz aaj bhi zinda hai. He gets stunned. The letter signs Priya Tiwari.

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