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Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff (episode 48)

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Recap – Yagya get to know that Kaurwaki is not involved in misunderstanding between Raichands & Oberois …..Kaurwaki save kittu from goons.
Some of the dialogues are written in Hindi as they didn’t give that feel in English but still I give translation . Important dialogues are written in bold letters.
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Kittu look at her shocked with tears in her eyes.

Kaurwaki : Don’t u think to inform me.
Kittu : I am sorry….I want to inform u.
Kaurwaki : Shut up ! Just shut up. If something happen to u then….
Kittu : But I am fine . I just came here to see u . How is ur health now?
Kaurwaki : Kya zaroorat thi , Mar nahi gayi thi main.
She get shocked after listening her words.
Kittu : You are angry on me, then scold me. How could u say such words about yourself.
Kaurwaki : Don’t u try to show sympathy on me.
Kittu : Kaurwaki , It’s not sympathy . It is care for u.
Kaurwaki : Sit inside the car. We can’t talk on the road.
She nods her head & sit inside the car. Kaurwaki drive the car & they both reached in a same old mansion where she went many times.They both enter in the house .
Kaurwaki : What did u tell to Mr.Rajput before coming here.
Kittu : I tell them that I am going in a fashion show.
Kaurwaki : Wow….Ya toh tum apni family ko aaj tak samjhi nahi ya phir bahut badi bewakoof ho aur  mujhe bewakoofiyan pasand nahi na meri aur na kisi aur ki. ( You still don’t understand ur family or u are foolish & I don’t like the foolish mistakes of other as well as mine ).
Kittu : Why are u saying this ?
Kaurwaki : What do u think that they would’nt try to ask about u from the manager of show .
Kittu : I forget about it.
Kaurwaki : If u have this much mind to think , then u think about it.
She call the manager & refused him to tell anything.
She mutter sorry to her & then she notice her dressing hand.
Kittu : What happen in ur hand?
Kaurwaki : Nothing , You don’t have to care about it . Go back to ur home .
Kittu : I want to help u.
Kaurwaki : There is no need of doing favour on me.
Kittu : I know u are behaving like this because of my mom & dad.
Kaurwaki : I have no importance in my life for ur mom & dad. I don’t want to take guilt of one more death….Got it.
Kittu : If they get to know this, they never kill me. I am their real daughter .
Kaurwaki : Enough…Now, move from here.
Kittu : Fine, I am going. Just take this .
She gave her a pendrive.
Kaurwaki : What is this ?
Kittu : Information about Raichands which u want.
Kaurwaki : How do u get to know that I want this ?
Kittu : It’s nothing important.I know u have enough information to ruin us. So, u need this only.
Kaurwaki : Are u crazy? Why do u take risk. Where do u get this.
Kittu : I get this from the cabin of Rajveer uncle. I take this risk for truth & I am always with the side of truth no matter if my parents are culprit .
Kaurwaki : What ! Do u know what he do with u if he get to know. I don’t want ur favours. You trust on my words, that ‘s enough for me. Now, please leave from here.
Kittu : I will go if u take this. Please take this. It help u . I don’t do any favour on me . You help me , so this is just return.
She looks on.
Kaurwaki : Don’t u dare to take this type of risk again.
She keep the pendrive in her palm & start leaving.
Kaurwaki : Suno, Mere liye apne aap ko iss badle ki aag main mat jalao Kittu.( Listen , Don’t burn yourself in this revenge fire )
She turn toward her.
Kaurwaki : Driver is waiting for u outside because travelling alone in night is not safe for u .
Kittu : When u call the driver …Leave that. You say anything but still there is some place in ur heart for us.
Kaurwaki : Ye tumhari  galatfehmi hai. Jise tum Kaurwaki mein dhoondne ki koshish kar rahi ho wo mar chuki hai.( This is ur misunderstanding. The person which u  are trying  to find in me is already dead)
A thin layer formed in her eyes.
Kaurwaki : Aur mare hue logon par malaal nahi kiya jaata. Ab jaaon yahan se .
She leave from there while a lone tear escaped from her eyes. She swipe away her tears & leave for Rathore mansion in her car . She enter in mansion .
Aicchik : Now,tell me . Where were u?
Kaurwaki : Leave that ….I have something important to show u .
She said while showing pendrive.
Siya : Come for dinner u both….What are u doing here ?
They both nods their head & join others on table . Siya start serving them.
Kaurwaki : Siya , There is no need to do this . There are servants for this. You are also a part of this family.
Siya : Vrisha, that’s why I do this because this is my family.
She said with a smile while she just nods her head. They all do their dinner & move to their respective rooms. She is checking the pendrive which Kittu give her when she heard a knock. She turn toward the door.
Kaurwaki : You both at the same time.
Aicchik : You only call me. What about u Swadesh ?
Swadesh : I want to say something to di .
They both enter in her room.
Kaurwaki : I want to tell u both something important . What do u want to tell Swadesh ?
Swadesh : Actually , I am sorry di . I tried a lot but I can’t find any information but still I have a week as u say & I will again try .
Aicchik look at them in confusion.
Kaurwaki : No need of that information .
Aicchik : Which information ? Anyone please tell me.
Swadesh : Di , but u only want personal details of Sanya Raichand.
Aicchik : What ! But why ?
Kaurwaki : I  changed my plan . Raichand’s destruction start from this .
Aicchik : What is in this Pendrive?
Kaurwaki : Raichand’s next business plan details.
Swadesh : How do u get this ?
Kaurwaki : Leave that ….Now, just wait & watch .
She smirk.
Swadesh : We also help u in this .
Aicchik : Yeah …
Kaurwaki : No, not at all ….This is just my fight .
Aicchik : But…
Kaurwaki ( said cutting his statement)  : Please now no arguments with me .
Swadesh : Okk…Good night .
They both wish her & leave from there .
In OM ( Oberoi mansion) – 
All are busy in their dinner .
Yug : Yo, Where is Bhaiya .
Yog : I too don’t know , he don’t come outside from his room.
They both look at each other & smile. They take their plates as well as Yagya’s plate.
Dadi : Where are u both going ?
Yug : P.d , We want to do dinner with Bhaiya.
Shivay : Why u both want to go . He have to come for dinner .He is so careless.
Gauri : Bade bhaiya , He might be busy in something.
Bhavya : Yeah , I remember his live concert is tomorrow . He is busy in practice.
Anika : It’s ok, I am going to give him dinner.
She took a plate & move toward his room. Yug & Yog also start leaving .
Rudra : Now, where are u going ?
Yug : Dad, We are going in Bhaiya room as we want to eat together .
Shivay : Yog , What about that deal with Raichands.
Yog : Bade papa, they are already in loss . They just want to make profit with our company & that’s why I refused for that deal.
Om : But what’s wrong in this . We can help them after all they are our business partners.
Yog : Dad, I can donate money but why can’t we take risk for our company .
Shivay : Right decision.
Yog : Actually, It’s not mine idea. Kaurwaki advice me.
Om : It’s like killing two birds with a stone . She is really good in business.
He nods his head & they both leave from there while other are again busy in their dinner.
Anika enter in his room while he is sitting on bed.
Yagya : Ma, You here.
Anika : You don’t come downstairs that’s why I bring your plate here .
Yagya : I am not hungry .
Anika : Stop being stubborn.Now eat .
She fed him by her hands.
Yagya : Ma, Can I ask something .
He ask in between.
Anika : Hmm…Ask
Yagya : If we hurt anyone , then what we can do to recitify that mistake.
Anika : Whom do u hurt .
Yagya : I am just asking.
Anika : There is no other option . You can ask forgiveness from that person.
He nods his head while composed himself when Yog knocked the door.
Yog : Sorry Badi ma to disturb u both.
Anika : Stop behaving formal.You are also my son.
She said while caressing his hairs.
Yug : We want to do dinner together.
Anika : Of course ….Why not ?
She leave from there while they both sat beside him.
Yog : What happen ? Why didn’t u come downstairs?
Yug : Bhaiya, we waited for u but u didn’t come .
Yagya : I did a  mistake .
Yug : You are talking about which mistake Bhaiya.
He said in confusion.
Yog : What are u saying ?
Yagya : Actually , that day when we have to came back to Mumbai .I listen Aicchik while saying that Kaurwaki is behind all this to Siya.
Yog : So, she also didn’t tell them.
Yug : I am confused . What are u guys talking about ?
Yog : Nothing , We tell u later.
Yug : No, I want to know.
Yog : Yug, I say that I will tell u later. keep patience. Do one thing , Guard the door . No one come inside , this secret is between us only .
Yagya : I thought that she tried to harm our family & I said many harsh words to her . I really hurt her.
Yog : What u had done ? At least u ask from her . You just listen anything & take ur decision without listening her.
Yagya : I don’t know what happen to me when it come on my family. On the top of that she don’t tell a single word in her support. What a complex girl she is ?
He said with teary eyed.
Yog : You don’t do right . You know she save our company from loss & u accused her in return. Nothing happen to cry on that . I know u are guilty . Call her & say sorry to her .
Yagya : She can’t pick up my call …I know.
Yug : I don’t think Kaurwaki didi give importance to these type of issues. She might be forget about it which u say to her.
Yagya : You are right . My words & I don’t matter for her .
He said hopelessly.
Yog : Okk…Forget it . I am really hungry . Let’s do dinner.
He hug him.
Yug : Obro moment without me.
They three hug each other & do their dinner. They both move toward their respective room leaving him in his thoughts & guilt .
Shree & Anusha are talking with each other .
Shree : Di, Let’s do video call to Sona & Siya di . I really miss them both.
Anu : Yeah , Nice idea .
She call Sona.
Sona : How are u both ?
Anu : We are fine . What about u both . We are really missing u .
Siya : Same here..
Shree : I want to tell u something Siya di .
Siya : Hmm…Tell na.
Shree : Yog bhaiya say that u are chatterbox . You talk a lot 😂 😜 .
Sona : That’s true .
She start laughing while she get annoyed.
Siya : Shut up Sona ! This is not the matter of laughing.
Anu : Relax Siya ,He is just joking.
Shree : Why are u lying di ?
Anu : Stop it . We call u later .
She cut the call .
Anu : What is this ? This is not right to tell everything.
Shree : Di , it’s just for fun.
She nods her head in disbelief & they move to their rooms.
Yog is busy in thinking about Yagya as he can’t see his brother like this. Suddenly, his phone ring & he smile seeing Siya ‘s name on the screen.
Yog : Hello , How are u ? So, u are missing me .
Siya : No, not at all . I talk too much . You become annoyed because this habit of mine…..Right.
She said while complaining .
Yog : Who told u this ? Ohh….Tum meri jasoosi kar rahi ho.
He said while teasing her.
Siya : Nope….Shree told me.
Yog : Hmm…I say that u talk a lot but who said that it annoyed me. I love ur all habits.
A smile smile crept on her lips . Her cheeks turn slightly pink because of blush.
Siya  : So , u are buttering me.
Yog : No, I am not buttering u . I miss u.
Siya : Hmm…Good night .
She wish him.
Yog : Just Good night …Fine,.Good night . I love u .
Siya : I love u too.
She said while blushing. She cut the call & they both smile .
In RM( Rathore Mansion)  –
Aavya is sleeping in her lap while she think of Kittu’s words. She covered her with duvet & leave from there. She enter in her room & closed the door . She sit on her bed .
On the other side –
Yagya is lost in his thoughts . Yog’s words are echoed in his ears .
Yagya : Why can’t I stop thinking about her. Why  her thoughts don’t leaving me.
He hold his head .
Background song – 
Tum jaane nahi ye dard mera ya jaan ke bhi anjaane ho – 2 
Ek pal ye lage ki apne ho tum ek pal ye lage begaane ho
Dil na ye paheli boojh saka 
Tum kon Piya , Tum kon Piya…
Ye bhed tumhi ab kholo zara 
Tum kon Piya , Tum kon Piya 
Tum kon Piya….Tum kon Piya …
He remind his harsh words which he say to her.
Yagya : Why are u not getting out of my mind?
Bin bole jo tum kehte ho , bin bole woh sun loon main 
Bharke tumko in aankhon main kuch khwaab naye se bun loon main – 2 
He start imaginating her .
Yagya : What are u doing here ?
He move forward & tried to touch her but she disappear . He realized that she is  his imagination.
Na apna aap dikhayi de , jab dekho khud ko darpan main 
Ye main hoon ya phir tum hi ho , man uljha hai is uljhan main 
Mujhe apne rang main rang liya 
Tum kon Piya , Tum kon Piya..
Ye bhed tumhi ab kholo zara 
Tum kon Piya , Tum kon Piya
Tum Kon Piya….Tum kon Piya…..
He lay down on his bed & closed his eyes . Her face start revolving around in front of his eyes . He open her eyes .
Dil se jude hai dil apne , kehne ko koi rishta hi nahi 
Iss Pakeeza se bandhan ko duniya main koi samjha nahi – 2
On the other hand she still in her thoughts . Her eyes start becoming wet & tears flow down from her cheeks .
Tears start shining in his eyes because of guilt .
Jab ghao lage koi tumko , toh dard yahan bhi hota hai 
Jab nam ho tumhari ye aankhein , toh dil ye mera bhi rota hai 
Tumne bhi magar ye pooch liya 
Tum kon Piya , Tum kon Piya 
Ye bhed tumhi ab kholo zara, 
Tum Kon Piya , Piya
Tum Kon Piyaa…..Tum kon Piya
He stop thinking about her & tried to sleep , because of overthinking he drift in deep slumber while she take sleeping pills like always .
 In RM ( Rathore mansion) –
In morning 
Kaurwaki is leaving for office. She reached there, when she heard that employees are busy in gossiping with each other . They are not aware of her presence as she didn’t went office the previous day. She nods her head in disbelief .
Rohini : You know Shristi get divorced from her husband & her family want that she again marry with someone.
Neha : What about her childrens?
Rohini : I don’t know …infact we all know what will happen with the childrens whose parents got divorced .
Kaurwaki : What the hell is happening here.
She ask from behind.
Rohini turn toward her .
Rohini : We are discussing about my neighbours.😂 😂
She didn’t notice her & again turn toward Neha , then she realized her mistake . They both are sitting on the desk of her cabin. She get down while Kaurwaki give her deadly glare.
Rohini : Mam, You here ….Good morning .
They all realized her presence when Rohini wished her . All employees shut their mouth .
Neha : Good morning Mam…
She said in a low tensed voice .
Kaurwaki : Hmm… So, I am giving salary to u all for the live telecast of ur neighbours personal life ….Right .
Rohini : Not at all mam , We thought that u wouldn’t come. You are not well.
Kaurwaki : I am absolutely well but seems like u all forget about the rules of company in a day because of absence of mine.
They all get worried .
Neha : I thought she will throw out us.
She mutter in low voice to Rohini.
Kaurwaki : Now, Why are u all looking my face & standing here . Move to ur own work.
She said in angry voice.
They all flee away for their work 😂 😂 .
Kaurwaki : Should I give special invitation to u .
Rohini : No mam, but you have to tell me my work.
She said while bending down her head.
Kaurwaki : Did Mr.Rajput called u ?
Rohini : Yeah….they mail me the presentation .
Kaurwaki : Bring the file in my cabin.
She said & move toward her cabin.
Rohini : Thank God …..We are saved.
Kaurwaki is sitting in her cabin . She is not one of those person who give importance to others issues but still Rohini’s words echoed in her ears & unknowingly reopening her wounds.
Suddenly, Rohini knock the door breaking her chain of thoughts.
Rohini : Mam, This is the file which u want.
Kaurwaki : Keep here .
She keep the file on her desk & start leaving.
Kaurwaki : Wait a sec …Just give leave to everyone .
She said giving her 440 shock . She look her like she is alien & it didn’t  went unnoticed by Kaurwaki.
Kaurwaki : What !
Rohini : Are u ok mam ? I think I listen something wrong .Do u want to give leave to all staff.😜
Kaurwaki : What do u mean by this? Whose office is this ? Your or mine . Do as I say.
She nods her head while giving a hidden smile.
Kaurwaki : One more thing , This is not right to discuss someone’s private life with everyone . That matter is not lightly as u are telling everyone.
Rohini : Sorry Mam, I will not do this again.
Kaurwaki : This is very bad to get happy in someone else problem.
She lowered her gaze after listening her statement .
Kaurwaki : Now, Please go . Tell the watchman to keep the keys here before leaving .
She leave from there & after that watchman keep keys on her table & leave. She is now alone in office .
She is still thinking & thoughts are not leaving her mind.There are many unkowon voices which start echoing in her ear ( or u can say she is imagining those voice because of over thinking ) & make her restless.
Background song – 
Qurbatein bhi ajeeb hoti hain
Dooriyan jab naseeb hoti hain
Mujhse toh keh rahi thi tum ab jaakar ab apni Maa se pucho ki doosri shaadi kyun kar rahi hai 
( You are saying to me , Now go & ask from ur mother Why she is going to remarried) 
Dil ki parchaiyon se pali hui 
aarzooein raqeeb hoti hain
Tears start flowing from her light brown orbs.
Apne Apna nahi sake humko
So gale se laga liya gamh ko -2

Meri baat to suno beta( Listen me once Beta)
Kya sunoon ye ke mere Papa nahi Ma le aaye hain aur ab meri Maa mere liye naye Papa leke aane waali hai ….Bahut lucky hoon na main.(What i should listen that my father brought a new mother for me & now my mother will brought new father for me….Such a lucky I am)
Door rehte hai ab ummedon se 
Door rehte hai ab ummedon se 
Ab toh aahein qareeb hoti hain
Mujhe laga tum in teen saalon main bahut samajhdar ho gayi hogi . Abhi tak naraaz ho mujhse.( I thought that u grow up a lot in theses three years. You are angry with me till now)
Bahut samajhdar ho gayi hoon nazar nahi aata aapko . Narazgi apno se ki jaati hai aur aap meri apni nahi hain.( Can’t u see I become much intelligent . We become angry from our loved ones & u are not my relative)
Loriyaan sun ke bhi na soti hain
Haye ri Mai ye aankhein roti hain -2
Ye kaise baat kar rahi ho ,  Main Maa hoon tumhari ( How are u talking with me ? I am your Mother)
Thi …..Kuch saal pehle tak meri Maa hi thi lekin ab Mrs.Raichand hain.( You were ….You were my mother some years ago but now u are Mrs.Raichand)
Tu na ro maa naseeb mere hain
Tu na ro maa naseeb mere hain
Betiyaan toh naseeb hoti hain
Tum samajhti kyun nahi ye sab maine tumhare liye kiya hai ki tumhe ghar mil jaaye ( Why can’t u understand that I did this for u that u got a home)
Mera toh ab bhi koi ghar nahi , mere liye kahi jagah nahi na yahan na wahan. Mujhe hamdardi dikhane ki koi zaroorat nahi hai ( I have no home , there is no place for me. You have no need to sympathy on me)
Qurbatein bhi ajeeb hoti hain
Dooriyan jab naseeb hoti hain
You say anything but still there is some place in ur heart for us.

Jise tum Kaurwaki mein dhoondne ki koshish kar rahi ho wo mar chuki hai( The person which u are trying to find in Kaurwaki is already dead)

Dil ki parchayion se pali hui 
aarzooien raqeeb hoti hain
Qurbatein bhi ajeeb hoti hai .
She hold her ears as there are many voices who are echoed in her ears . She stamp her hand in table for getting rid of her thoughts . Suddenly, her phone start ringing & she is somewhat control herself after reading the name on screen. She swipe away her tears & received the call.
Aicchik : Where were u ?
Kaurwaki : I am in office . Do u have any work ?
Aicchik : Ohh..What are u doing alone in office ?
Kaurwaki : How do u get to know ?
Aicchik : I have some work with your P.A & she told me . Now, come back home.
Kaurwaki : I am coming .
She cut the call . She take deep breath to compose herslef . She locked the office & leave from there. She reached at the mansion.
In RM –
She enter in the mansion when Sona stop her .
Sona : Di, Look Siya refused to come with me for shopping .
Siya : No , I am not going . You know she take a lot of time for shopping . You don’t give her a single penny. She do shopping four times in a month . Can u believe it ?
Sona : Di, Please u are my best sissy na…. I want money for last time ….Please .
She give her debit card from her handbag & Siya is amazed by her behaviour .Though she is not a typical miser , but she don’t like to waste money on rubbish things & that’s why Siya is looking her like this.
Siya : Vrisha, You are in ur senses na .
Sona : Yeah , You don’t give lectured to me for wasting the money .
Kaurwaki : Sab kuch tumhara hi toh hai.( Everything is yours)
She said in her cracking voice.
Sona : I love u so much di….Thank you . You are world’s  best sister.
She said & jump in excitement .
Sona : Come Siya , We have to go .
 She dragged Siya with her .
Siya : Let me take Aavya na .
She go upstairs & they both come downstairs.
Aavya run toward her & hug her.
Aavya : Mumma , You came so early ….Wow, Now we all go for shopping.
Kaurwaki : I am sorry ….I am really tired Aavu…..We can go together some other day .
Aavya : Okk….
She said with her little cute pout . Trio leave for shopping & she move upstairs for her room.
Aicchik : Are u fine na .
He asked from behind & she turn toward him.
Kaurwaki : Haan…. Why are u asking ?
Aicchik : Seriously, You didn’t do argument with Sona.
Kaurwaki : Aicchik, My head is aching a lot .
Aicchik : What ….Why were u alone in office if u have headache ….What are u doing there….
Kaurwaki : Talking with walls….😂
She said sarcastically .
Aicchik : Oh Shut up ! Now, tell me What happen to u . You are not behaving like Kaurwaki .
Kaurwaki : So, u want to say I am behaving like Aliens…..Stop it , I am fine …I am just a lil bit tired.
Aicchik : Just look at me …..Why are u lying ? Tell me , What are u doing alone . You might be hurt yourself .Isn’t it .
Kaurwaki : No , I don’t . There are enough people to hurt me . I don’t have to hurt myself .. Please ,Aicchik I want sometime alone .
Aicchik : I am not leaving u alone . You have to tell me ….Tell na.
Kaurwaki : Don’t force me . Why are u so stubborn?
Aicchik : You are stubborn . Tell me I said otherwise I am not going anywhere .
Kaurwaki : Samajh kya rakha hai tum logon ne mujhe …..Jisko dekho laga hua hai meri zindagi main dakhal dene main…..Sukoon se kyun rehne nahi dete mujhe….Aisa lagta hai ki ye zindagi meri nahi tum sab ki hai ….Nahi dena hai mujhe koi jawab .( What are u all thinking about me ….Everyone want to interfere in my life ….Why can’t u all leave me alone….Sometime, I thought that is ur all life inspite of mine …I don’t want to give any answer)
She burst out in anger while losing her patience. He is shocked more than hurt as he know she never become angry on him. He understand that she want sometime & start leaving . She realized her mistake & hold his hand .
Kaurwaki : You are leaving me ….Please don’t leave me…You are angry, then scold me.
She said with teary eyes in her chocking voice. She kneel down while he hold her after looking his sister condition.
Aicchik : I am not going anywhere .I just thought to give u sometime …..Please, don’t cry …..Main tujhe chodkar jaaunga bhi kahan.( Where I should go after leaving u )
Kaurwaki : I don’t know What is happening with me . I get broken….I get completely broken Aicchik.
He is hell surprised on her words . He hug her .
Aicchik : Tum kamzor  toh pad sakti ho par toot nahi sakti. Now, tell me What happen ? Why are u saying like this ? Tell me What do u want ? ( You become weak but u never get broken)
He ask her while holding her face.
Kaurwaki : I want my Baba.
She said while demanding like innocent child with tears. Her tears roll down from her cheeks & drop on his hands.
He swipe away her tears & make her sit on bed.
Aicchik : Why can’t u accept that Baba is no more in our life . You are  strong girl of ur Baba . Why are u behaving like this ?
He said while caressing her face with teary eyes.. She just nod her head.
Kaurwaki : Why are u crying ?
Aicchik : Because u are crying.
Aicchik : Kaurwaki , You have fever. Why didn’t u tell me before ?
He said while checking her .
Kaurwaki : No, I have not much fever . I will take medicine.
Aicchik : First eat something .
Kaurwaki : I am not hungry …
Aicchik : Shut up….You sit here , I am coming .
He went downstairs & come upstairs while holding the plate. She is crying while holding his father’s photo . Tears escaped from his eyes after looking her but he immediately swiped them & enter in the room. She keep the photo back . He fed her & give her the medicine.
Aicchik : I am going to keep this . You don’t think about anything especially about Baba & Don’t take stress.Now, take some rest.
She unwillingly  nods her head in affirmative .He leave from there while she is still thinking . She is angry from herself making Aicchik sad. Her eyes fall on sleeping pills & she took many pills in her hand. She is about to swallowed them & then she recall a statement of her father that cowards are trying to take their life & his daughter is not weak. Aicchik enter in her room.
Aicchik : What are u doing ?
He noticed sleeping pills in her hand.
Aicchik : Are u gone mad ? ….Leave that . You are trying to commit suicide .
Kaurwaki : I am not going to do these type of stupid things . I am just taking for sleep.
Aicchik : Shut up….I am not blind,.I told u to take some rest .
Kaurwaki : I want to discuss something with u & Swadesh .
She said while keeping the pills down .
Aicchik : Okk….Let me call swadesh.
Swadesh : I am here only . How are u di ? Aicchik told me that u have fever .
Kaurwaki : Better …Actually I have to share my next plan with u .
They trio get busy in discussing with each other .
PrecapYagya’a concert …… Kaurwaki & Raichands face off…
If u want to listen the song which I include in article , here is the link- 
( Author’s note –  First of all thank u for voting & making me the best author. Thank u to all for giving love & support to my ff . I promise that this story is much different from others & u guys don’t disappoint with this story as this is social based thriller. I didn’t reveal the mystery . So, u have to guess her past from those voices or u can say dialogues. U have to write ur guesses on ur comment .)
Hope u guys like it. Kindly ignore grammatical & spelling errors . Do comment & like/dislike. Be happy & Keep smiling . Take care & stay safe .
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