Tuesday , September 29 2020


Rag :ma
Jan:dont call me like that(angrily)before she says further sanskar holds her and eyes her not to convey
But janaki jerks his hand
Jan:(to rag angrily) see this idiot, even though u betrayed him, he is caring for you
Jan:looks at them with blood shot eyes, see u r not my child ,u didn’t have ma and Papa, today u made me to regret of considering u as my daughter
Rag is numb, tears are continuously coming from her eyes
Jan:dont ever try to show ur face to me by saying she closed the door and angrily goes towards her room

Here Ragini fell down on her knees and covered her face with her hands and cries badly
Guy:ragini plz, consoles her
After few minutes
When they turn to leave ,door was opened all family members cam towards them except janaki and hugs her and consoles her
Shek:in cracking voice plz beta don’t cry, I can’t able to see u like this
Ram:u know about her, she gets angry easily, after her anger vanishes definitely she will feel bad
Suj:plz beta
Lakswa:plz all r telling na, don’t worry, v will make her to understand
All the while sanskar were silent by feeling her pain

Ram:beta ur name (to that guy)
Guy:karan… uncle
Ram:u were studying with Ragini in same class
Ram:then it’s not correct (marriage), u people didn’t even finish ur degree,, till few weeks r there, I’m sorry to tell this, u go to ur home, after ur exam, v all will cum to ur home and ask ur parents, until then u just focus on ur studies
Karan:but uncle ragini
Ram:smiles don’t worry even though she didn’t marry my son, she is my daughter in law only, I will take care of her and will seek janaki forgiveness also
Karan nods and went to Ragini, eyes her that everything will be alright and hugs her to console her

San immediately turns his face to opposite side to hide his pain

Ram(to rag) :shall v go
Rag:stammers but
Suj:no but or vut u r coming,
Rag immediately hugs them and cries by saying sorry
Ramsuj :pats her

All went to sanskar home
San:smiles scarcitcally I’m alright ,I will cum within few minutes by saying he went
And went to Ragini’s college and investigates abt Karen’s character
(all the while he thinks abt Ragini’s teary face)
And went to Karen’s home and spoke with his parents abt mrng incident and apologized to them and got their acceptance for ragkaran marriage

As soon as he went
Karan parents called him and said everything to him, he nods and cuts it
Karan in mind how can he loves her this much

@ragini’s home
Sanskar spoke with janaki and tries to console her alot but fails
Before he leaves angrily I promise aunty one day u will regret for it(to Jan)

@sanskar home
San:ma how is Ragini now
Suj:i convinced alot but still she is
San:where is she
As soon as he entered Ragini’s room, saw laksh doing some funny things like dancing to make her smile but she is silent

San:laksh mom is calling you
Lak:nods by understanding and went
San goes towards her and sits opposite to her in bed
San’s heart pains to see tear marks in her eyes
San:in cracking voice don’t worry Ragini everything will be sort out, v all r there for u
Before he completes, Ragini immediately hugs him tightly and sobs
san who was shocked, don’t know how to react but felt bad by seeing her condition

San: hesitately hugs her back
Rag:hugs him more tighter, ma is not my ma she cries badly
San:hey plz don’t know Wat to say further She said it in anger, she loves u alot
Rag :cries and holds his shirt tightly
San:rubs her hand to soothe her
After few minutes Ragini get sense and broke the hug and looks down
San:confused by her behavior, silently went

Entire night he is thinking about the incident (hug)
In mind y I’m again thinking that she loves me but she didn’t,, she is married but that hug

He is rolling over the bed by not getting sleep

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