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Chandrashekhar 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra learns Manmath’s arrest

Chandrashekhar 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shastri ji telling Chandra that Prince is going to come, they will have a silent protest to make their demands. Chandra asks about silent protest. Shastri ji says you will know about it that day. Shiva comes and asks Shastri ji can he take Chandra along. Shastri ji says yes, don’t paste posters, I can’t save you alone. Chandra and Shiva leave. Shiva says I m taking you to wrestling place, but I m scared of the violence. Chandra says just come with me, no need to get scared. Chandra insists and says I m learning wrestling for self defence. Jagrani packs her bags. She gets ready. She talks to cows. Sitaram asks her to hurry up. He also talks to cows. She says I forgot the laddoos I made for Chandra. She gets the laddoos box. Sukhdev asks her to come out. He locks the door.

They leave. Shiva and Chandra come to see wrestling. Shiva asks do you want to learn this. Chandra says yes, its necessary.

Shiva gets tensed. Chandra goes to learn. He fights with some wrestler. Police comes there and asks them not to give any chance to catch any boy in wrong act. They all shut the shops. Chandra looks on. Police does their work. Manmath pastes the posters. Everyone reads the posters. Inspector catches Manmath and says you did this right, you try to become a freedom fighter right. He scolds Manmath and arrests him. Manmath is taken to police station. His dad comes to help and holds his hand. Manmath cries. His dad says don’t worry, I will go and arrange your bail. Manmath says no, you won’t do this, its my protest, I m ready to do anything to walk on Gandhi ji’s path. They go to the judge. The court says you are accused to provoke people against govt, you are termed jail for three months. Manmath sees his dad.

All the prisoners have a debate about Gandhi ji and start fighting. Manmath tries to stop them from fighting. Guard tells this to inspector. The britishers come to stop the fight. They beat the Satyagrahs. Britishers use the divide and rule policy and break their unity. Shiva comes to meet Chandra. Tikaram asks him to leave. Shiva tells Chandra that Manmath got arrested, a protest has begun, many students are getting jailed. Shastri ji tells Chandra about the silent protest and asks him to control his emotions. Chandra recalls Jagrani’s words.

Shastri ji takes the rally ahead. Police tries to stop them. The officer reaches there. They lathi charge and hit the people. Chandra gets arrested.

Update Credit to: Amena

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