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Belan Wali Bahu 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo’s ghost wants to go for holiday with Roopa

Belan Wali Bahu 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roopa calls her friend and says you are going to Switzerland, go, I will like your photos, she ends call. Roopa says my friend is going to Switzerland but we dont go anywhere. Laddo’s ghost says we can go too. Roopa says you never took me for even ice cream. Laddo’s ghost says I didnt have time when I was alive but we can go now. Roopa says let me ask family. Laddo’s ghost says why all? we can go alone. Roopa says they will think I am going alone, it will be good to ask them all.

Roopa and Laddo’s ghost comes to family. Family is talking about tours only. Roopa says I want to go outside, Lata says we can go to market. Roopa says like abroad to spend holidays. Lata says where we can go? Prem says we can go to Manali or Thailand. Lata says somewhere else.

Jitendra says we can go to Dubai. Dada says its hot there. Roopa says we can go to Switzerland. They all argue about it. Dada says lets take out chits. They write names different countries. Naren takes out a chit and its Switzerland. Dada says we will go to Switzerland now. Jitendra says why spend so much? Dada says I have property in your name, I will sell it, Jitendra is stunned. Roopa says we are going to Switzerland. Laddo’s ghost says we are till now but lets see.

Jitendra comes to his room and sees Shalini dancing in white saree. Jitendra hugs her and says wow. Shalini says I always wanted to dance in Switzerland. Jitendra sees her bare back and says dont roam like this in Switzerland. Shalini says you talk like husbands but if it was my boyfriend then he would have danced with me. Jitendra says you can get cold in thin saree. Shalini says heroines dont feel cold. Jitendra says okay do what you want.

Lata is packing her warm clothes. Prem says pack my kurtas. Lata says you will wear kurta there too? Lata says you will wear coats, jackets, jeans there. Prem says then you wont wear sarees there. Lata says I have already packed jeans, shirts for me. Prem says I have to drink wine there to treat cold.

Suzzi makes Dada have medicine. Dada says you will take care of me in Switzerland. Suzzi says yes, but Lata shouts so much, in Switzerland people talk in whispers. Dada says we will talk in whispers there. Prem comes there and ask if he has socks? Dada says I am not giving it to you, Prem asks if he has packed? pack all warm clothes, oldies can have cold more easily. Dada says I am not old. Prem leaves. Dada asks Suzzi to keep his hat, glasses, we will look most smart.

Scene 2
Roopa calls her friend and says we are going to Switzerland for 15 days, oh you are going for 7 days only, lets see if we can meet there, she ends call. Roopa says I should keep all masalas, spices, utensils, balens. Laddo’s ghost says no balen, Roopa says okay no balen, just be excited, we are going to Switzerland.

Family are playing with fake snow in house, Lata says we are practicing to go to Switzerland. Katori comes there. Roopa says we are going to Switzerland. Katori leaves and brings big utensil to take sugar for next 15 days, she leaves. Family keeps enjoying. Dada comes there and says we are not going to Switzerland. Jitendra says? Prem says we are sorry that we are playing. Dada says I am saying no because Naren told me that flight is for 20hours and I cant sit stay still in plane like that. All are sad. Dada says we can go somewhere where we can reach in 3-4hours. Naren says we can go to Thailand. They all get excited.

Roopa calls her friend and says yes we cancelled Switzerland’s trip, its just snow there but Thailand have so much to offer, she ends call and smirks. Laddo’s ghost says you dont care if its Thailand or Switzerland. Roopa says they are similar, both are foreign, dont be angry, its easier for Dada to go there. Laddo’s ghost says we were going to Switzerland to stay safe from hot. Roopa says its not about place, when whole family is together then its always enjoyable.

PRECAP- Lata asks Prem to arrange for his beach wear. Prem wears a tank top and shorts, he looks himself in mirror and tries to cover his shorts area being shy.
Shalini says to Jitendra that I always wanted to go to Thailand and act like Bobby from Mumbai.
Prem says to Dada that there is one thing serious, we cant go to Thailand. Dada is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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