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AANKHON MEIN TERI – Episode 17th

  Aankhon mein Teri

Episode – 17th

Recap : Ahil saves Naina from Drowning , SINHA’S have guests – Ahil’s school friend Nitya

Ahil kneels down and Holds Naina’s hand , He spoke ” So will you be my girlfriend , I mean My best friend ”

Naina faintly said ” YES ”

ɪᴛ ᴡᴀs sᴡᴇᴇᴛ ʙʟɪssғᴜʟ ʟɪɢʜᴛ ᴇᴠᴇɴɪɴɢ , Naina and Ahil were sitting on stairs , In front of them was flowing river slowly .

Naina : Ahil ! can I ask you a question ?

Ahil : Yes !

Naina : Didn’t you thought just for once that you’re having a girl in your life and she’s blind , Didn’t you ever thought that you could find some other girl for you ?

Ahil : You know what , the day I met you , I had never thought even for once that who you are ? what your are ? I just only knew that my heart needs you , I need you and nothing else I know .

Naina : Don’t you think I could be a big load on you , Don’t you think that of ,  if  I came into your life then it’ll be full of pains

Ahil : The only thing I know is after I met you , Every single time I used to see you , I was mesmerised , I was totally into you , I just want to love you more and more .

Ahil : The day when I saw your eyes

, I was totally fallen into love and when I got to know about your truth I want to love and support you more .

Naina : Are you sure !

Ahil keeps his hands on her face ” How can I explain you , I really Love you ”

[ Background music : Morey jiya, main kya tere bin
Morey jiya, tu mera palchim
Likhun main tere naam saari umar
Main chahun tujhko hi aatto pehar
Basaon teri galiyon main apna ghar ]

Naina ( Keeping her head on his shoulder ) : Ahil do you know every single day I used to think that I can’t never see light again , Always I’ve to be in darkness , But truly you turned my thoughts wrong

Ahil : It’s the happiest day of my life , Because you’re sitting with me , And we both are holding each others hands and Now I promise to you that I’ll make every moment of your life the happiest one .


ʀᴀɪ’s ʜᴏᴜsᴇ…..

Kamini was standing in front of Naina’s room , She banged the door hardly .” Eh ! girl , Open the door , Hurry up ”

Pinky opens it , Kamini : Hey , Where’s Naina ?

Pinky got panicked : Aunt she’s not at home

Kamini : She’s not at home ? What does this means ?

Pinky : actually she said that she wants her whole day to be spent at Temple , So she’s there

Kamini : wah wah ! This girl is really is big moron , If she wants to spend her days with God then why dosen’t she dies , She’ll be with god forever .

She murmurs and leaves . Pinky huffs ” Oh god , Naina come back fastly please ”

Kamini goes back to her house and she’s seen walking up and down , She’s babbling ” Oh God why’s this Riya not calling , I hope everything is going with Plan ”

Her phone rings , ” Riya ” – Kamini exclaims with surprise .

Kamini : Riya ! Does it happen

Riya : Don’t worry mom all’s set , Photos are ready , Our Plan is on right track

Kamini to herself : Get ready Ms.Janki Sinha , My daughter is going to be your daughter in law very soon , And this time you can’t do anything , Haha !!!

Kamini : Good girl , Just come back hurry up .

Naveen is shown coming down from upstairs , ” Kamini Ji , What’s the matter , Why are so happy ”

Kamini : Oh Ji , Just in few days our daughter is going to get married

Naveen : what ? What are you saying , With Ahil , Don’t you remember his mom said NO

Kamini : Don’t worry now she’ll say yes , This time I’m Playing a big game and Whole SINHA’S family will never dare to say NO !

Naveen : You know Genius says correct , No one can understand wives , Leave it , But now tell me what shall we do , That old man is again Alive , Next month is coming what about the hospital fee .

Kamini : I’ve a brilliant Plan see , First we’ll marry off Riya with Ahil , Later we’ll send Him to some old age home where the amount is less . Then we’ll live life happily.

sɪɴʜᴀ’s ᴍᴀɴsɪᴏɴ

Nitya : Janki aunty Ahil hasn’t come till now

Adesh : Don’t worry he’ll come

Janki : wait I just call him once

Rupal ( Nitya’s mom ): Don’t take tension he’ll come for sure , Till then let’s talk about arrangements .

ᴀᴛ ᴛᴇᴍᴘʟᴇ …

Naina : Oh I think it’s too late now , We should go to home

Ahil : Ya ! opps , I was lost into you , And oh god I forget you’re wet , You must be feeling cool , Wait !

Ahil removes his blazer and covers shivering Naina with it .

Naina : Thanks Ahil

Ahil : Ah ! no In friendship No sorry !

Naina : And no thanks ( She smiles sweetly ) Right !

Naina turns back , Ahil holds her hand , ” Wait ! I’ve something to say ”

Naina : what !

Ahil : will you marry me

Naina : Ahil I’ll say that ….( Suddenly Ahil’s phone rings )

Ahil : Hello

Janki : Ahil beta ( son ) where are you , It’s turning dark .

Ahil : Mom I’m with Naina

Janki got little angry , ” Ahil what are you doing with Naina , Come home urgently ”

Ahil : Mom I’ll come

Janki : No just be here Now , Very important guests are here

Ahil : Gusts who ?

Janki : Mr.Mukesh and his wife and Nitya and we’ve decided your and Nitya’s Ring ceremony , So just be fast and be here .

Ahil : Mom ! Mom ! Wait ( she cuts the phone )

Naina innocently asks ” Ahil , Your mom is asking for you ? then you should leave now ”

Ahik : Listen Naina I don’t want to go but I have to , But remember I’ll never leave you , Never .

Ahil drops Naina to her home . And goes back to SINHA’S Mansion .

sɪɴʜᴀ’s ᴍᴀɴsɪᴏɴ…

Everyone is sitting on Sofas and Ahil comes and stood at threshold , The whole group sees towards him . Ahil could see The girl’s family on one side and his on other , Two diamond rings were placed on Table .

Nitya stood up : Ahil ! Hi , She goes And hugs Ahil

Nitya : Ahil ! I’m Nitya remember , We read at school together .

Ahil : Ya ! I know .

Janki : Come , Come son , Meet Mr.and Ms. Mukesh

Ahil comes and greets the guests .

After some time ….

Mr.Mukesh : Okay Adesh ! Soo we’ll take your leave now ,

Ms.Mukesh : And yes tomorrow we’ll come and will decide the date for engagement .

Janki : Sure ! The rings are decided already , It’s so exciting

Nitya : Bye ! Ahil

Ahil : Bye .

The moment they left , Ahil rushed to his room .

ʀᴀɪ’s ʜᴏᴜsᴇ…..

Naina enters the house , She was wet and She was wearing Ahil’s blazer . Kamini peeps from inside the window .

Kamini mutters : Where’s she coming from at this late evening and why’s she so wet and what’s the matter , Let me find out ?


Pinky sees Naina ” Naina are you Okay ” .

Naina hugs Her ” Ahil loves me and I said what I feel for him ”

Pinky : Did you ?

Naina : Yes ! I did it

Pinky : But Why are you so wet and what’s all this .

Naina dictates her story , Pinky : what ! you tried to suicide , Naina are you crazy

Naina : So what should I’ve done , I couldn’t think of anything

Pinky : Thanks That Ahil reached there on time and Saved you .

Kamini was standing at door , And she claps ” Wah ! Wah , Naina , what a game you’ve played , It’s wow ! ”

Kamini : So it means that you really don’t love your Grandpa , Ha ! so I can call doctor and can say that we don’t need Pavan Rai ( grandfather ) .

Naina : But Ahil loves me and I love him and that’s it .

Kamini : wow how cool for you love you’ll let your grandpa die

Naina : No I’ll protect both , Ahil and grandpa , Ahil from being married forcefully to Riya and Grandpa from your evil intentions .

Kamini : Wah ! Now a Little feeble , Coward girl will stand against me , Listen at once Riya will marry Ahil , Okay !

Naina : You didn’t want grandpa to live just because till he’s living all the property is mine and not yours , Just for this trivial material things and money you can kill your own Father in law , Wow !

Kamini Shouts : Naina ! , She raised her hand to slap Naina , But instantly her Ahil’s and grandpa’s love and affection made her strong and she grasped her hand .

Naina : You’re my Aunt ( Mami , mom’s sister in law ) not Mom , Right !!!

Precap : Naina tells Kamini that she knows the truth , Ahil’s decision for Nitya , Riya to execute her Plan  .


Good night buddies , Hope you liked it , Soon a new twist will come to story and we’ll move on to our Avenil or NAAMKARAN fan fiction .Please put thumbs up 👍👍👍and do comment ..💖💖

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