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Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th March 2021 Written Episode Update – Mata Rani blesses Shridhar his wish.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shri Hanuman is insisting Mata to move ahead & will take care of Bhairav while she thanks him but also tells him that if he is able to move away from you then think that his end is nearing.
Mata moves & sits on a stone to for meditation while Bhairav is moving ahead chanting his mantra & also Shridhar is meditating for Mata.
Ganeshji narrates Pushpadant that whoever disobeys God invites his punishment but Mata sat for meditation while Bhairav was stopped by Shri Hanuman.
Shri Hanuman is stopping Bhairav telling him that you won’t be able to cross–over me who is the main guard of Mata. They fight together with their weapons but Bhairav is unable to cross Shri Hanuman who chants Shri Ram’s name retaliating him.
Ganeshji narrates Pushpadant that Mata sat for meditation continuously while Shridhar was also under meditation for Mata.
Bhairav is keeping on attacking Shri Hanuman but again & again unable to cross hence he uses his quick vanishing powers & jumps towards Mata & Shri Hanuman feels invisible watching him fly but remembers about Mata had told him if he moves away then it’s his end while Mata realizes & gets up from meditation.
Ganeshji narrates that when evil becomes blind whom he is facing then he loses everything.
Bhairav reaches near Mata & attacks her to squeeze her powers while Mata is also watching him in anger hence shoots her sword towards him which destroys Bhairav’s weapon & moves towards him in speed while he reminds about he getting beheaded & gets scared of not losing his life but he gets beheaded as body flies & head falls down on the ground.
Shri Hanuman says behaving evil & egoistic towards Mata gets such terrible punishment & Ganeshji also narrates this way Bhairav got his punishment.
Shridhar & his wife realizes Mata’s emergence & sees Mata who is in her actual form hence he praises her along with Shri Hanuman too from other side.
Bhairav is pleading Mata saying that forget this son of yours also who never left his ego & went on behaving weird challenging you hence give me your blessings too & Mata tells him that you have accepted & called me Mata hence you will get something from me.
Shri Hanuman appreciates Mata for her great form & forgiving even evil who tried to challenge her.
Mata asks Shridhar that you have become great & ultimate devotee of me hence ask me what you wish but he instead tells her that you always keep your eyes on me to make me happy hence I do not have any wish but to keep all of us happy watching us & give powers to keep meditating to you forever.
Mata is shocked wondering that her devotee isn’t wishing anything from her as Shri Ram had told her that this devotee of her will be the reason to build your temple for spreading your devotion to this world.
Shri Hanuman thinks saying that if Mata’s devotee doesn’t ask anything then how will Mata be known in this world.
Mata tells Shridhar that if this is it then I bless you & have to leave now but Shridhar while seeing that Mata is leaving gets emotional & he calls her back & Mata stops hence Shridhar tells her that can’t you stay forever here as you had blessed me that I’ll build your temple here then please bless me to build your temple here forever staying with me so that I’ll spread your devotion in this world to bless all the children’s of yours & Mata gets delighted & emotional hence blesses him with building her temple on this Trikut mountain & will always be besides him.

Precap: Mata blesses Bhairav for accepting his mistake of egoistic behaviour towards her hence will be known as Bhairavnath’s temple in future by the people in this world. Mata also asks Shridhar that I have given you your wish then will you give me something while Shridhar is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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