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Story 9 Months Ki 26th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Alia doubts leads her to Faheem

Story 9 Months Ki 26th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kamleshwari telling Alia that she will come with her and can’t leave her alone. They go behind Police jeep to some scrap factory. Alia thinks if Sarangdhar is near. Inspector asks the constables to get ready, and says if they have kidnapped Sarangdhar for money. They don’t find anyone there and find just his phone. Alia cries. Kamleshwari asks her not to lose hope and tells that she shall tell Police about doubting Brij Mohan. Alia says then it will be a problem for Mr. Pandey. Kamleshwari says I just want Sarangdhar, you and kids get together. Gautam also tries to trace Sarangdhar and tells Nandini that Alia is not picking the call. Nandini says she is not picking my calls too. She calls Rabia and informs her that sarangdhar is missing. Rabia says Alia didn’t tell me and tells about the complication in her pregnancy.

Kusum comes home and tells Pavan that there was drama in office, but Sarangdhar didn’t come today. Pavan says he was alone at home. She asks him to find a job. Pavan opens the door and finds Brij Mohan fallen inside injured. Kusum shouts Papa. Doctor comes and tells that he has some injuries. Kamleshwari asks if he has any deep injury. Doctor says no. Kamleshwari shares her concern with Police that he might get himself attacked, to relieve our doubts. Alia asks why will he do this. Kamleshwari says you don’t know that he can become shakaal. Alia appreciates Kamleshwari for keeping the family united. Inspector tells Alia that he will talk to other Inspector who checked in her office theft. He talks to the Inspector and finds out that he got the lead about the theft. Alia meets him and comes to know that the theft is done by her employee as it is difficult to break your high security system. He tells that whoever broke the CCTV cam, got injury and nobody in the office knows about it. He says we will catch the thief.

Kamleshwari takes care of Brij Mohan and recalls how Sarangdhar used to make her happy. She hopes he comes home soon. Alia comes home. Rabia asks how are you? Alia goes inside the room and cries. She says I can’t believe that this is happening with me, and I feel like I am living someone’s life. Rabia gives her injection so that she sleeps for sometime. Nandini asks her not to take stress in this condition. Alia looks at Rabia. Nandini says I am your mother and was doubtful. When you didn’t pick the call, I called Rabia. She says I will not tell anyone, and don’t want to have regret that I am not with you now. Alia hugs her and says she wants to do something for her babies. She calls her Mamma and says she is missing Sarangdhar. Nandini hugs Alia. Rabia hopes today Alia reachec her mother and hopes she reaches Sarangdhar soon.

Brij Mohan gains consciousness. Bua ji asks if he is fine. Kamleshwari asks him to tell what did he do with Sarangdhar? Alia looks at all the employees and thinks who could be involved in the stealing from the Office. Param tells Alia that he is calling a meeting. Alia says fine.

Rahul tells Alia that Sarangdhar is not coming to the office and the clients are calling a lot. He tells that they shall give the work to Faheem. Faheem says I will handle. Alia thanks him. Param says Police needs to take Sarangdhar’s statement.

Kamleshwari asks Brij Mohan to tell where is Sarangdhar? Bua ji scolds her. Alia asks Param do you want to say that Sarangdhar has stolen in his own locker. Param says no. Alia says Sarangdhar is out for some work and says whoever wants to talk about him, shall talk to her. Faheem tells Param that something is wrong and Alia is hiding something.

Kamleshwari tells Kusum what Brij Mohan had said. She asks him to tell where is Sarangdhar? Elaichi brings Doctor there. Inspector calls Alia and tells that they came to know about the guy whom Sarangdhar dropped in the auto and then he got a call and left from there.

Alia thinks of Sarangdhar’s poetry and cries. Faheem washes his injury in the bathroom and ties the bandage. Rahul knocks on the door and asks him to give presentation. Faheem comes out and smirks seeing Sarangdhar’s cabin and thinks you are good wherever you are. He comes and gives presentation. Alia looks at his injury as blood comes out and asks him to show his injury. Faheem says it is old injury. Alia asks Rahul to call the Police.

Precap: Inspector tells that the case has become special as Gautam shroff name is related.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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